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Powerful, impactful sales training that’s tailored to your teams needs

Grow your business FAST!

We help you and your team to

W Enjoy rapid up skilling

W Learn practical skills

W Powerful Sales Skills learned easily

W Be motivated, raring to go

W Immediate behavioral change

W Embrace a simple formula for finding and converting clients

W Be confident in ability

W Know how to win more business

W Effortlessly sell with integrity

W Professional

W Understand and implement a simple structure that is so obvious its applied immediately


Totally tailored to you and your companies needs.


  • Allowing the customer to talk to pin point needs, requirements and whats important. Being able to adapt to customers needs, requirements, interested and personality.

    Grant Williams Gemini Industries
  • Interesting, fun, engaging, enlightening - these are some of the words that come to mind about our sales workshop run by Charmaine for CBS Interactive (UK). Totally practical and incredibly powerful. The team had fun, learnt invaluable skills, left confident and with the know how on how to grow their client business further!

    Chris Cannon UK & EMEA Business Insider
  • I learnt the process of communication. How to uncover their needs and SO much more which will assist me in assisting them.

    Magdalena Kus CBSI
  • I learnt about 'framing' and how that 'frame' makes it relevant to the client so that they explain more about what they need.

    Jody Podbury Elabor8
  • I learned to ask lots of questions, give the customer every opportunity to talk.

    Anna Ydreos Fisher & Paykel
  • Because every person, situation and product is different it's important to observe and adapt your approach.

    Greg Shield Elabor8


“As a sales professional with 27 years experience; I was admittedly dubious of the value that yet another sales training session would deliver.

I thought I’d heard everything about ‘active listening’, could have written and sold a book about ‘buying behaviour’ and would receive a thumbs up if ever there was a test about reading ‘body language’. How wrong I was.

Charmaine delivered new information on these topics in a informative and uniquely engaging way and did so while explaining the neurological effect of her methods which helped my team and I truly understand their value.

I would recommend Charmaine to any sales professional regardless of their perceived knowledge and look forward to implementing her teachings in the years to come.”

Darren Matthews
APAC Sales Director at CBS Interactive

We are leaders when it comes to Sales Workshops.


Each workshop has been specially designed to get maximum take out


We constantly evolve and adapt our workshops bringing in the most powerful latest techniques assist you in your sales role.

We bring in NLP, Hypnotherapy and a host of other modules so that you are ahead of the pack with understanding and skills.

All About You

We want to know what your objective is, how you currently operate, what challenges you face.


Your success is our success.  Each participant evolves to a new state of positivity and empowerment.


Invested from the beginning participants enjoy tasking, this is where they start to look at how they work ‘on the business’ rather than ‘in the business’; also it helps us know where else we can layer support and embed certain messages.

“I’m not sales”

We have engineers, nurses, designers, creative, musicians, secretaries, mechanics, environmentalists, the list is endless:-

If you are taking money for anything, be it a concept, idea, solution, product or service you are selling. This is about an intelligent sale where the client ends up asking you ‘where do I sign?’.

“I have different skills on my team”

Most teams do! We specialise in taking your group and ensuring that everyone is stretched.


Great for rapidly up skilling. Engaging and fun the exercises ensure everyone quickly picks up practical skills.

See immediate behavioural different in the participant capabilities, motivation and attitude.


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