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Essential to the growth of your business. Providing you with great Business Development skills ensure your business is sustainable and thriving.

Two day FAST TRACK: Learn the essentials of successful business development!

It will get you completely ahead of the game when it comes to successfully building your business. Be someone who embraces prospecting with a clear head, consistency and genuine enthusiasm.

Knowing the best time to reach out

How to create business opportunities
Target clients 80/20
Plan, prepare, execute
Different approaches
How to get in the door
What to do via email, what not to do
Cold calling
Phone calls
Covering techniques

How to make it happen!
Keep moving forward with volition!

Research, meaningful, creating a need

How to be creative
Opening lines
Structure of your call/email/meeting
What’s your message? Why you reaching out? What solution does this provide the client?
Inductive/ Deductive

Being mentally ready ensures success
Learn how to be bullet proof in your offering
Taking action!

Finer Details: 

Program: Business Development

Dates: Sydney (Thursday and Friday the 9th and 10th November)

Timing: (Registration at 8am – 8:15am) 8:30am to 4:30pm

Location: Adina Apartment Hotel, 359 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 (there is on site parking at $30 a day flat fee or Central Station is 20 minute walk).

Dress code: Casual

Refreshments: Refreshments served all day. Please email for us any special dietary requirements.

Needed on the day: Just a curious you!


For now, to assist me in understanding how you work, could you collate some information about how you currently do business.

1. Your name
2. Your position
3. Your company
4. What business are you in?
5. Website address
6. What do you sell?
7. Who are you selling to?
8. Do you call them clients or customers?
9. What is it that you want to learn more about?
10. What are your biggest challenges with customers?
11. How do you currently grow your business?
12. Do you have to present and if so, to how many people?
13. Do you have room to negotiate? What do you negotiate on?
14. How much of your time is face to face verses phone?
15. How much of your time is business development?
16. What is your elevator pitch? (A short and to the point description of what you do if somebody asks)

Business Development Specific
1. How much time is spent on Buiness development?
2. When do you actively do business development and what do you do?
3. What opportunities are there for up selling/ cross selling and how often does that happen?
4. What do you find easy/ enjoy in relation to business development?
5. What do you find challenging?

Please email our team these ASAP (we need them 10 days out of the workshop). Send to, in the subject put Business Development: 9th and 10th November- Sydney.


  • Don’t come in with an “underdog” attitude; be neutral about price with a positive mindset about the outcome.

    Voula Mallios Consolidated
  • I will push my comfort zone by re-framing consistently and ensure I am always projecting positivity.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • Treat existing clients the same as when you first brought them on, ask them how they want to be look after and don’t get caught thinking that they won’t leave.  

    Grace Farrell Audio Network
  • Ask about their vision

    David Campbell Audio Visual Events
  • Now before I see a customer I will ask myself, ‘What is relevant and meaningful for them?

    Kylie Lenton Avery
  • I’m going to grow my business by making it all about the client/prospect, be more consistent and make my interactions meaningful and relevant.  

    Jason Dammon Woodpecker
  • You as the sales person is responsible for ensuring the message is heard and understood by the client

    Mark Williamson Audio Visual Events
  • I need to focus on the right customers and spend less time on those who don’t spend.

    Jason Bishop Neild & Co
  • Recognise your current clients importance

    Eric Spencer Audio Visual Events
  • Make use of business tools (ie linkedin) to connect with big targets.

    Fan Chen Corum
  • Be accessible to your clients

    Victoria Cullen Savvy Brides
  • I’ve learnt that consistency and discipline are key to business development.

    Ruth Blake PRP Imaging
  • I'm going to grow the business by allocating intentional time to business development

    Sam Young Kyzen Group
  • Accept feedback to build your relationship.

    Brad Watson Woodpecker
  • A call to a client keeps you in their mind

    Lisa Walker The Glove Company
  • Success breeds success so make your sales calls after a big win

    Michael De Angelis Ac Industries
  • Listen for key words and phrases your customer uses so you can repeat them back when delivering a solution

    Larissa McMahon B Online Learning
  • Commercial conversations should be about how you can help the customer.

    Dean O’Sullivan O'Sullivan Safety
  • I now understand how important it is to recognise and appreciate my top client

    Hamza Alamine Royals Hair and Beauty
  • sell all the decision makers

    Daniel Yip Audio Visual Events
  • Focus on delivering what the customer wants/needs, listen more and hardball less

    Tony Wigg Ac Industries
  • Use Linkedin as a tool for further understanding your customer

    Wesley Lim Seepex
  • Regular contact should include commercial conversations

    Larissa McMahon B Online Learning
  • Tailoring your approach, language and demeanour to the customer builds rapport and trust

    John Meillon Audio Visual Events
  • Get the customer curious about your products

    Marie Kitchin Mayfield Garden
  • Business Development is all the time!

    Mark Williamson Audio Visual Events
  • What value do my products add to the buyers business

    Kathleen Smith Mary Mary African Label
  • Any time spent with a customer should be adding value

    Mitchell Stanger Sunrise Medical
  • Approach the right people by assessing who will bring in the most business

    Derek Wensor EIR Group
  • Business development includes sewing the seeds for future business

    Tom Patterson Kyzen Group
  • I’ve learnt to make more time for my big customers through time management.

    Wade Cleary Neild & Co
  • Creating a proposal to suit their needs makes the customer feel listened to, understood, valued and comfortable

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Filter the customers so you don’t spent too much time on the maybe but probably nots.

    Jacquie Miceli Woodpecker
  • Stand next to the client to show you're on the same side

    Ben Saunders B Online Learning
  • Learnt a simple structure which is a process of asking questions to build trust and gain understanding of clients needs and pain points

    Mary-Anne Amies Wise Up Marketing
  • Fish where the fish are

    Jay Collinson Right2Drive
  • Don’t anchor back to a negative email, start fresh with your solution.

    Brad Watson Woodpecker
  • Over the phone a client can hear your tone, body language and positivity.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • Be up- front and talk about what you are selling, it’s honest.

    Monica Gilbert The Glove Company
  • Make business development part of your routine

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Don’t talk too much, it doesn’t create more sales.

    Brad Watson Woodpecker
  • Recognise that your clients need to be looked after if you want to continue to receive their business

    Natalia Niewiadomska Harbourside Decorators
  • Use the positive energy from a sale to make another sale

    Matt Howle Mayfield Garden
  • I learnt the process of communication. How to uncover their needs and SO much more which will assist me in assisting them.

    Magdalena Kus CBSI
  • Know what kind of customer you want

    Fiona Hipkiss Flordis
  • Stop listening to limited beliefs, move out of my comfort zone by feeding positive energy.

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker
  • First trial your tactics on low hanging fruit and perfect it before targeting the large prospects

    Karen Thomas The Glove Company
  • Adapting your questions and ways of communication in order to treat the client as a unique individual.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • It is important that you are able to observe the behaviours of a potential client, identifying thier core needs and then adequately adapt your solution.

    Alicia Temple Wise Up Marketing
  • To be successful, it's the accurate matching of the customers requirements with a solution . It's all in the questions and observing what they do and say

    Richard Rodrigues Wontok
  • Be outward focused, don’t exaggerate, be clear on how you can add to their life and anchor back to any positive interactions.

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker
  • If you make yourself accessible and turn up, you will get more opportunities

    Kate Boorer Young Professional Women Australia
  • Make sure you have uncovered all the clients needs, uncover more opportunities, provide value

    Paul Keating Audio Visual Events
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    November 9, 2017 - November 10, 2017
    8:00 am - 4:30 pm
    - 1-7 PEOPLE $1895/PP | 8+ PEOPLE $1695/PP
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