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Successful negotiators are created not born. Shift the focus off price and onto aligning the perfect solution. Learn great tactics. 

Two day FAST TRACK: Learn the essentials to being a powerful negotiator! 

Providing you and your team with great negotiation skills sets you up for life. 

Shift the focus off price and onto aligning the perfect solution.

It will get you completely ahead of the game when it comes to knowing how to negotiate.


Plan, prepare, outcome
Build Trust
How to Align

Cartesian Coordinates

You set the value
Emotional intelligence

Buyer position
Meta programs

Observation & Adaption
How to motivate
What can move

Finer Details: 

Program: Negotiation

Dates: Sydney (Monday and Tuesday 30th and 31st October)

Timing: (Registration at 8am – 8:15am) 8:30am to 4:30pm

Location: Adina Apartment Hotel, 359 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 (there is on site parking at $30 a day flat fee or Central Station is 20 minute walk).

Dress code: Casual

Refreshments: Refreshments served all day. Please email for us any special dietary requirements.

Needed on the day: Just a curious you!


For now, to assist me in understanding how you work, could you collate some information about how you currently do business.

1. Your name
2. Your position
3. Your company
4. What business are you in?
5. Website address
6. What do you sell?
7. Who are you selling to?
8. Do you call them clients or customers?
9. What is it that you want to learn more about?
10. What are your biggest challenges with customers?
11. How do you currently grow your business?
12. Do you have to present and if so, to how many people?
13. Do you have room to negotiate? What do you negotiate on?
14. How much of your time is face to face verses phone?
15. How much of your time is business development?
16. What is your elevator pitch? (A short and to the point description of what you do if somebody asks)

Negotiation Specific
1. Please explain exactly the thinking you run before you negotiate. (I.e do you have a plan)?
2. Explain what you can move on.
3. How often do you need to negotiate?
4. What you negotiate on? Describe a typical scenario.
5. If there are other people in your business, do they negotiate differently? How? Who do you think does it well and why?
6. What do you enjoy about negotiating?
7. What do you find challenging about Negotiation?

Please email our team these ASAP (we need them 10 days out of the workshop). Send to, in the subject put Negotiation: 30th/31st October – Sydney.


  • You need to believe you're worth it in order to project you're worth to the customer

    Sam Young Kyzen Group
  • Before entering into negotiation tactics you need to consider what competitors actually have to offer that you don’t.

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker
  • Negotiation is easy if you know how to be valuable to a client.

    Kim Ballestrin Elabor8
  • A clear and positive mindset enables you to effectively negotiate

    Michael De Angelis Ac Industries
  • Focus on delivering what the customer wants/needs, listen more and hardball less

    Tony Wigg Ac Industries
  • Funnel, align through observing and adapting, consider their alternatives and then formulate negotiation tactics

    Matt Howle Mayfield Garden
  • Don't discount by default

    John Meillon Audio Visual Events
  • Understand what I am offering that my competitors aren’t before entering negotiation

    Kathleen Smith Mary Mary African Label
  • Discover their needs, adapt to their style, consider their options and run tactics

    Ben Saunders B Online Learning
  • Negotiation is not about the cheapest price but giving the client what they really want

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Negotiate on the terms rather than discounting the price

    David Campbell Audio Visual Events
  • When negotiating, pin point what is important to the customer and focus on that

    Fiona Hipkiss Flordis
  • Be aware of what you are projecting before you enter negotiation and check your language.

    Martin Hannan ScanBrands / Baby Bjorn
  • Listen, adapt, consider options and employ tactics

    Paul Keating Audio Visual Events
  • Learnt that people are complex and needs change- so observing so you can adjust style, language and solutions to meet the needs of the person you are selling to. Also, to present to them in their language

    Andrew Blain Elabor8
  • Using economies of scale as a reason to lower price is good option for both parties as we get more business and the customer gets a better deal

    Hamza Alamine Royals Hair and Beauty
  • It is important to understand the client’s alternatives before running any negotiation tactics.

    Voula Mallios Consolidated
  • Understand how you can help the customer with their business as this is a negotiation tool

    Monica Gilbert The Glove Company
  • 90% of the time you should be asking questions and listening- and observe. Listen/be quiet/ask questions + learn.

    Bruce Perry Wontok
  • It's not always about price, the customer has to see value

    Wesley Lim Seepex
  • Understand the options available to your customer

    Kate Boorer Young Professional Women Australia
  • Realising that customers are all different and they change their mind so it's important to not assume therefore the importance to observe and adapt accordingly.

    Josh Davies Taxi Box
  • I’ll now ask customers how I can save them time, not cost.

    Thomas Hain Neild & Co
  • Discount on the value add (extras) rather than the main sale

    Victoria Cullen Savvy Brides
  • Before negotiation you must use the funnel process to gather information, understand the customers state, how they operate and their alternative options.

    Karen Thomas The Glove Company
  • Find out what the customer values

    Mitch Stanger Sunrise Medical
  • Adapting your questions and ways of communication in order to treat the client as a unique individual.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • Take advantage of a customer who is in buying mode by introducing and selling other products.

    Khaled Berrahal SATO Global
  • Be aware and speak to them on their level

    Lisa Walker The Glove Company
  • Make the value of the product worth more than the cost of the product. Value is more important than money.

    Fan Chen Corum
  • Understanding the customer’s needs and adapting may narrow or eliminate competitors so there is little need to reduce price or add on.

    Jennifer Allen ScanBrands / Baby Bjorn
  • Be congruent with your offer

    Natalia Niewiadomska Harbourside Decorators
  • Add value for the customer before coming down on price

    Kylie Lenton Avery
  • Take a minute to consider your competitors and establish what more you can offer to the customer.

    Jason Dammon Woodpecker
  • Explore and weigh options available to the customer

    Thomas Cox Audio Visual Events
  • I must be cautious of my body language and be sure to adapt to my clients buying strategy rather than using my own.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
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  • NEGOTIATION 2 DAY COURSE SYDNEY - 30 & 31st October
    October 30, 2017 - October 31, 2017
    8:00 am - 4:30 pm
    - 1-7 PEOPLE $1895/PP | 8+ PEOPLE $1695/PP
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