Sales Accelerator 2 Day Course Melbourne – October 19 & 20

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1-7 people $1295/pp | 8+ people $995/pp
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Rapid business growth through sales training 

Summary: This two day sales Accelerator course will take you through 7 fundamentals of finding and converting a sale. How to conduct it professionally and with integrity.

  1. Exploration✔
  2. Listening✔
  3. Objections✔
  4. Negotiation✔
  5. Managing Clients’ Expectations ✔
  6. Business Development✔
  7. Presenting✔

TOPIC 1: Exploration & Selling

Why do people buy? Who to effectively sell your product, service or idea.  How to be the expert. How to be professional.

Essential underpinning to every business transaction, critical to the success of the business.

Covering: Exploration like you’ve never known it before. Mind-shift on how to elicit information from your client.  Exploration of the clients needs, by framing and questions that keep that client discussing what they need –  which arm you with more than 20 core areas of information including:-  information, needs, drivers, trust, value, beliefs, Internal Representations, how to be creative… (and more)!

Once elicited this puts your sales person in the most professional, powerful position imagined.   Allowing you to then which, once covered mean you simply and easily respond by feeding back the right solution in their language and style in a way that makes sense to them.

Outcome: Total confidence in ability to put forward a solution (delivered in the clients style) which is so perfectly aligned that you get the business. You are the professional. You are the Expert. Your solution is the one that is now obvious. Get that contract out there and then. The deal is done.

TOPIC 2: Listening

The backbone of all communication.

Covering: We are all listening aren’t we? Exercises that shake up that theory.

Outcome: Awareness of when I’m actively listening and when I’m in default mode. How your client listens and what to do to ensure they hear what you are saying in the way you want them to.

TOPIC 3: Objections

Understanding what this really means and how to convert into a sale.

Covering: Different types of objections. Understanding what the objection means. What about if the potential client keeps smiling and saying ‘I’ll be in touch’ but that doesn’t happen – those that can’t be straight with you…

Insight to how we feel and react to feedback and objections.

Outcome: Embracing objections and using them to forge more meaningful relationships that get the sale.

TOPIC 4: Negotiation

Successful negotiators are created not born.

Covering: Preparation, techniques, styles, mindset.

Outcome: Confident, successful negotiators who have a plan of action and all bases covered. Professionals who shift the focus off price and onto aligning the perfect solution (watch how the price negotiation just disintegrates or becomes less important to the client).


TOPIC 5: Managing clients’ expectations

Service excellence. Managing tricky situations.

Covering: Servicing excellence, communication styles. Buying Signals. Building client relationships. How to ensure your client is sold on all your products all the time.  How to manage them their way. What to do if it’s all unravelling and the wheels are falling off…

Outcome: Understanding what is motivating your client and how they want to be communicated with. Effective use of emails, phone calls and meetings.

TOPIC 6: Business Development/Prospecting

How to make prospecting easy and comfortable.

Covering: Energy. Mindset, Who to target, when, how, what to say, what to do? How to convert. Relevance. Timing. Emails, calls, networking.

Outcome: Someone who embraces prospecting with a clear head, consistency and genuine enthusiasm.

TOPIC 7: Presenting

Structure to ensure seamless delivery of your message.

Covering: Plan, prepare and execute. Structure, purpose and clients expectations. Observing and adapting. Next Steps.

Outcome: Powerful presenters who understand how to embed a message (that makes sense to your ‘audience’) with clarity.

Finer Details: 

Program: Sales Accelerator

Dates: Melbourne (Thursday 19th and Friday 20th October, 2017)

Timing: (Registration at 8am – 8:15am) 8:30am to 4:30pm

Location: Karstens Melbourne, Level 9, 123 Queen Street , Melbourne, VIC 3000

Dress code: Casual

Refreshments: Refreshments served all day. Please email for us any special dietary requirements.

Needed on the day: Just a curious you!


For now, to assist me in understanding how you work, could you collate some information about how you currently do business.

1. Your name
2. Your position
3. Your company
4. What business are you in?
5. Website address
6. What do you sell?
7. Who are you selling to?
8. Do you call them clients or customers?
9. Why would a customer need you? What does your product/service/solution do for them?
10. If they didn’t buy of you what is their alternative?
11. Your customers: Why do they buy of you? (as appose to using current method/alternative place to buy)
12. Those that don’t buy of you- why? (i.e do they go elsewhere – who to and why)?
13. How much of your time is managing current business verses finding new business?
14. What are your biggest challenges with customers?
15. How do you currently grow your business?
16. Briefly explain the ‘chain of events’ that happens. Ie do you call out, then go and see someone… or does someone enquire inbound and you respond.. etc. please explain who gets involved when. 
17. Do you have to present and if so, to how many people?
18. Do you have room to negotiate? What do you negotiate on?
19. How much of your time is face to face verses phone? (%)
20. How much of your time is business development? (% of your week)
21. What is it that you want to learn more about?
22. What is your elevator pitch? (A short and to the point description of what you do if somebody asks)

Please email your answers to our team within one week of booking. Send to, in the subject put Sales Accelerator: 19/20 October – Melbourne.

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b) We require at least 21 days notice to either move your booking to a different date or issue a full refund. We are unable to issue a refund with less than 21 days notice. Should we cancel for any reason, you will be given the choice of another date or full refund. (This has never happened)!
c) This training and the training methods taught are for personal use only. Should you want to train others in our method, contact us to find about our “Train The Facilitator” and “Train The Trainer” Programs.
d)  We reserve the right to film and photograph our live training sessions. These images may be used on Social Media, Website, as well as Media and Advertising Materials of various formats.  
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  • Sales Accelerator 2 Day Course Melbourne – October 19 & 20
    October 19, 2017 - October 20, 2017
    8:00 am - 4:30 pm
    - 1-7 people $1295/pp | 8+ people $1095/pp


Level 9, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne, 3000, Australia