12 days of Christmas

When did you last look at your Champions of your business – your ambassadors, the Brand Advocates, the Influences..(How many more words can I find?)
Knowing who the main people are that drive your business from the outside is essential.  Those people that trumpet your product or service, those that refer you on – so willingly, and frankly – those that do ‘all the selling’!
I’ll keep this brief – on the 12th Day of Christmas show them some love, a call, a thank you, a present – something appropriate that shows you recognise that they are advocates.
Frame it appropriately, so focusing on the fact that you are grateful for the referral to be able to be of service to others  for example (better than ‘thanks for all the business – I made my target/paid my mortgage thanks to you!)
It also embeds the message that you care about what you offer.  After all they should refer you on because of the work you do – not because you are a mate or because you asked for a referral (more about that in a blog next year). 
BTW: Knowing whom internally at your business is also an advocate, of course, vitally important!!!  Work out their Meta program (understanding how they view recognition – call me for more details) and show them you care.