Why is sales is just like dating?

Let’s set the scene. You are in a bar and the good-looking person is over there. So, choose which person you are. Person A. Things run through your head: they won’t want to talk to me, they are [...]

Where do more opportunities come from?

Are you looking for opportunities? I am always asked by Directors ‘I want my team to find opportunities’. So, here is my comprehensive detailed guide to finding opportunities. If it’s a current [...]

  The client says they don’t have the money.   First up, please recognise. It’s never money. I have never known the client not to have the money. Ever. Think of it like this. Has [...]

Top 5 questions to ask

What are the top five questions to ask your client? When you are asking the right questions it: Demonstrates to that client that you are seeking to understand them- you care more about them that [...]

Case Study: Live Eftpos

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” – the legendary Warren Buffet The team from Live eftpos left with big smiles after their training – they know that by [...]