Less talking and more listening

I’m being asked all the time ‘How can I motivate my client to buy when engaging on the telephone’ What a great question, this is one of the tips we share in our 30 Telephone [...]

How to be a Successful Sales Leader

BE CALM Being calm around the team brings an air of control. The calmness means the team are able to better process what you are saying. Scattergun or knee-jerk reactions bring unrest. You don’t [...]

How to motivate your team

You want to know how to motivate your team to sell more, get them sold on what they are selling. And I mean really sold. In fact, so sold that they just can’t wait to get on the ‘blower’ and [...]

To sell without selling

We often hear the terms ‘the honest sale’, ‘the authentic sale’, the consultative approach. When a salesperson proves they are an authority – like a ‘doctor’ makes a diagnosis and [...]

Do what others will not do

Do what others will not do One day I was blueberry picking with my 6-year-old. He said ‘Mum let’s go through the middle of the row’ which looked difficult. When I asked him why his response was [...]

Are your team using the CRM?

The beauty of a CRM CRM systems and technology stacks have been buzzwords for a while. Each year sees improvements in their simplicity, ease of use and efficiencies. Leaders of sales teams are [...]

Choose your words wisely

The language you use impacts the outcomes of your sales conversations. Welcome to Language! I just love discussing this. In Australia, as in the UK (my birthplace) we are pretty negative with our [...]