5 questions to position yourself as the trusted advisor

Your intent with prospects is to show you care about them, you understand them, you want to help them.

You fear that perhaps all sales people ‘look the same’ in the prospect’s eyes.

They think they are there to sell, push or manipulate.

You feel like all the prospect cares about is price.

Do you want to stand apart from any competitor?

Do you want to show the prospect that you can add value – show you can be trusted?

Do you want to find out more about them and their business?

✔ Here are 5 questions to show you are the best person to address their challenges.

1. What is happening for you/in the business right now?

2. Why?

3. Can you walk (or take) me through this?

4. What’s your best-case scenario?

5. What do you need from us?

💥The key is to be curious – always.💥

In our workshops we show people how to prepare up to 40 open ended questions to find more opportunities with clients and prospects.

🙌My question to you is…How do you show your client that your #1 goal is to add value to them?



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