Where do more opportunities come from?

Are you looking for opportunities?

I am always asked by Directors ‘I want my team to find opportunities’.

So, here is my comprehensive detailed guide to finding opportunities.

  • If it’s a current client treat the interaction as thought it was your first – clear your mind of any history. They may well have evolved and think something different
  • Turn up more and ask more questions.

That’s actually it. No other list. If you are in a business where you are phone and not face to face then insert ‘pick up the phone more and ask more questions’.

For the sake of this article we will run with discussing it as face time.

Here is the key to opportunities… drum roll… When you are in front of your prospective client you are using your time by ASKING QUESTIONS which keep them chatting about what they need, want and desire.

You ask 10 more questions than the competitor and you will get substantially a better insight to their business and vision.

And whilst they are discussing their situation, you are PRESENT, (so you are not concentrating on your solution, or what you are going to say, or which bit of your presentation to show them in what order), when you are totally present, totally absorbed in them, they know. They feel it. They can tell.

Watch and listen to what they are saying, what they are asking, what they are interested in, where they are looking, where they get excited about.

In summary, when you are more questions and are present, opportunities present themselves.