Our team is a group of passionate, energised sales and marketing people focused on adding value to our clients.  The team is led by, Charmaine Keegan.

Charmaine Keegan – Founder, Director & Lead Trainer

International Executive Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Mindset & NLP Expert, Business Development and Performance Coach.

Charmaine believes sales should be simple, easy and fun. You have something – find someone who needs it and engage with them in an honest interaction. Know structures, methods and insights  – winning formulas will make it easier for your client to buy.

Charmaine has trained thousands of savvy sales professionals in her 30 year career.  She LOVES selling and is driven to empower others to be masters of sales and communication.

All Smarter Selling’s training programs have been developed by Charmaine and evolve as communication evolves.  Her burning desire to empower others infuses the Smarter Selling workshops.  Every workshop is fun, engaging, interactive and everyone’s development is at the core.

She has ‘walked the walk‘ so all the workshops are highly practical and focused on results.  She is also a trainer of NLP (how we operate), Hypnotherapy (unconscious communication) and Time Line Therapy (recognising your baggage and the baggage of your client and others!). Find out about Charmaine’s journey as a sale expert and how she adds value to clients in this podcast or see her background on LinkedIn

Charmaine is also a key contributor of insights and opinions on all matters sales and communications related at Head of Sales –  Australia’s leading destination for news, opinion and advice for the B2B sales profession.

Chris Muir - Trainer

Chris has been in sales, marketing, communications and training for over 30 years and has pitched and won literally billions of dollars’ worth of business all over the world. He has advised clients of all sizes, including Singapore Airlines, 3M, Sage, SC Johnson, Multiplex, NAB, Fuji Xerox, Canon Medical, Nokia, UPS, Mattel, Toshiba and Apple. He goes deep into businesses to audit, design and implement bespoke, customer centric B2B and B2C sales and leadership programs that represented transformational change not only of the sales and leadership teams, but the value propositions of the business. These programs were designed to optimise all stages of the sales cycle, the value of every lead and to build high performance sales & leadership teams.

His ‘freak factor’ is asking the right questions at the right time and coming to grips with individual business strategies, understanding what ‘hot buttons’ different audiences have, then creating unique, needs-based value propositions and persuasive arguments that get results…and let’s not forget, passing those skills on to other people.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from UTS and an MBA from Booth Business School at the University of Chicago. He is also a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (CPBA), a Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA) and a Certified Professional EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Analyst (CPEQA).

Jon Yeo - Trainer

Jon works with Leaders and Changemakers to understand the markers for incremental influence. People don’t change overnight, but our ability to strategically nudge it forward is always available to us.

Jon began his work in the mid-90’s as a young engineer trying to convince his CEO of the significance of Y2k if it was ignored. While leading TEDxMelbourne, he saw the YouTube data for, “what causes someone to pause, rewind or abandon a TED Talk?”

Through his data and exploration of influence, he designed models based on 1st principles, laws of physics and biology and on the assumption that “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But No Simpler” (attributed to Einstein)

He is more interested in the psychology of influence over the mechanics of storytelling. Known for his ability to articulate the complex simply, Jon works with CEO’s and senior leadership teams to build trust, empathy and engagement. Past clients include Salesforce, SAP, National Australia Bank, Australia Post  and Mercer.

Jon has been the Licensee for TEDxMelbourne since 2009 and is a past National President for Professional Speakers Australia.

Karen Claren – Evolution Manager

Karen brings a “world” of sales and customer experience from working in Australia, France, Germany and South Africa, across a range of industries, including travel & hospitality, recruitment and commercial film production

Karen’s focus will be to work alongside our clients’ to grow their business by helping their teams evolve their sales excellence.

Jessica Holmes - Client Success Manager

Jess is extremely passionate about personal development in all facets. She continuously develops and grows herself personally and is also committed to supporting and developing others. Jess understands the requirements of running a successful business and the commitment to having a confident and thriving team. Jess’ focus will be to work alongside our clients to grow their business by helping their teams evolve their sales excellence and develop the successful mindset enriched with confidence, value and certainty.

Abirami Ravichandra – Growth Manager

You will be chatting to me when you are attending a program. I am interested in what you do and how you do it. I will be helping you think about your goals and outcomes for your upcoming program.  I will also be chatting to you post your workshop about your key take outs and your action plan moving forward.  My background is over 20 years of running my own companies, plus marketing, publishing and administrative roles across a range of industries  LinkedIn

Edwin Lim - Sales and Relationship Consultant

Edwin has spent the majority of his career in Finance and Agriculture within a sales capacity. He adopts a high level of care by working together with clients to find the best solution for their business and team in order to achieve their desired goals.

Along with his experience in B2B and B2C sales, Edwin’s focus will be to help and support our clients’ evolution and development of sales excellence in a constantly changing environment.

Gemma Garratt – Marketing Consultant

Gemma is a B2B digital and content marketing specialist dedicated to making businesses shine. She translates business challenges into the creation of effective, fully integrated, multi-channel, agile marketing strategies. Gemma is passionate about helping small to medium business reach their sales and marketing goals through brand strategy and simple, highly effective content marketing & marketing automation programs – with clear KPIs – to maximise the sales team’s performance, creating opportunities for them to build and retain their client base and increase revenues.   Her experience spans over 27 years in Sydney and New York – with brands in the top 100 ASX including BlueScope Steel, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Singtel Optus Group.  She has her own consulting business and works with us on a regular basis.  LinkedIn

Maria Harding – Creative Director

Maria has been assisting with all the graphic design for Smarter Selling since 2011. She has over 20 years experience as a graphic design and art director and – fun fact; Charmaine and Maria both worked together at the beginning of their careers in London over 20 years ago! Maria is also a talented fine artist and works from her home studio in the Blue Mountains.