The ‘sales’ team includes everyone in the business who:

  • helps or assists the residents in every way – they are providing valuable service and care
  • is ‘client’ facing – helping the carers of the residents find the best possible care for their loved one
  • anyone who answers the phone
  • anyone who interacts at any time, in any way with residents and ‘clients’

Their care supports the residents wellbeing as well as the success and well being of your organisation. They build the positive outcomes for your business at every interaction: happy residents + happy clients = business growth = increased services.

Does your team realise they are key to growing the business?

Or do they feel like they are now pressured into a sales role that they feel uncomfortable with?

At the thought of ‘selling’ do they feeling anxious, duped or resentful? Do they say any of the following?

  • ‘I didn’t get in this to sell’
  • ‘I don’t want to put profits before purpose’
  • ‘I am not a salesperson’
  • ‘There is enough to do and now I’m asked to sell?’

They need your help to understand they have actually always been in sales – directly or indirectly.

It just hasn’t been called ‘sales’.

Here are some ways to assist your team to understand you are all in sales together and it has very positive outcomes for all concerned. It’s win-win all ’round!

This is how you, the team leader, can energise your team around the concept of helping = sales:

  1. Embrace the ‘new way’ yourself. Be upbeat and positive. You need to shift your thinking and the thinking of your team. Remove the resistance and the sense of burden or overwhelm. Explain the opportunity and positive outcomes.
  2. Language and the way you use it is very powerful. It can motivate or deflate. Think about the language you use, your intention and your tone. Amend your language to ‘We are evolving’ rather than ‘We have to change’. Avoid saying things like ‘Unfortunately, now we have to…’
  3. Establish positive conversations about the benefits for the families and how this means better service for them and the residents. Work together and list the benefits and the positive outcomes for each one.
  4. Explain that you have something – the family need something – that ‘communication’ in the middle is ‘selling’ i.e you are finding out about them and finding the right solution.
  5. Empower them with the business ‘smarts’ and the commercial realities. Helping them understand at a very simple level the business sense means costs are quickly relatable. This supports positive outcomes like less wastage, more business, more resources to expand and help more people with the best services possible.
  6. Help them see that ‘selling’ is ‘helping’. Work together and list all the ways they help residents and clients. Show them how each one relates to the function of selling or customer service.

Sales = ultimate customer care.

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