Are you smashing your goals? Here are our top five sales tips to get you on your way!

Success starts and ends with your thinking, change your thinking and you change your results.


1. Sales = helping

There are people that need something solved. These people may need what you have. If you don’t let them know you can help them you are doing them a disservice!

2. Understand your customer

Stop trying to sell and persuade. Move your focus to ‘understanding’ your client and how your solution can help them. Questions keep your client talking about what they need.

3. Stop talking, start listening
The only talking you should be doing is asking your arsenal of open questions. 90% of the time the client should be talking. You are listening.

4. Do what others won’t do

If you do what everyone else has done you’ll get what everyone else has got. Business development is about adding value to ‘get in the door’.

5. Success begins and ends with your mindset. If you think that client won’t buy you are right. If you think the market is buoyant, you are right.

Q: What’s your top sales tip?

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