Be a market expert

A successful Business Development person knows the playing field of their industry. They understand the ebbs and flows of the market. They know the key players and their respective unique selling points.

Most salespeople know information on their own business, but not necessarily that of the competitors whom they are up against. These are the alternatives that your prospect may be weighing up and comparing you to. When you know the fuller picture, you know what questions you need to ask, you know the types of problems the client may be encountering. You know how those problems can be fixed and which businesses (including yours) can resolve them.

As you ask better questions (and knowledgeable of the pain points and solutions) your value increases and the client see you as an industry expert.

What marketing collateral do you take out? Spend time understanding your market position (get someone to explain the marketing direction) and understand the decks (like PowerPoint presentations) to really know, ‘inside-out’, the information you are showing to clients. So many salespeople take out collateral from ‘marketing’ but unclear of the figures, sources or anything. They will become unstuck. Remember the client is looking for someone credible they can trust. By ‘knowing your stuff’ you become the trusted advisor.

If you are new to the business, then this is where you need to focus your time and attention to find and learn the key pieces of intel. For example, ask directors and the CEO what they are reading, the sources of their knowledge. What alternatives are out there for your client and what are the Unique Selling Points of each.


What to do

Be and act as thought leader of your field – be seen as the authority, i.e. comment intelligently on industry forums within Li etc.

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