When is the best time for Business Development?


I’m often asked this question.

I’m asked… ‘is it 8am on a Monday’ ‘Is it lunchtime’ ‘is it 5pm on a Wednesday’ and so on…


Well there really is only one really best time and that’s THEIR best time.

Remember it’s not about you – it’s about them.

So, if you know of the person then have a think about when the best time is.

Do you know if they are into a certain hobby and there team has just scored a win so they are upbeat and happy – can you use that – would that be appropriate? Look the person up. Research a bit.

Because I would say, along with relevance of your solution – timing is crucial.


Lets say you’ve never got through to ‘Sarah’ but you are lucky enough to get a gate keeper then embrace that – build fabulous rapport and ask them ‘when is a time to send /avoid sending Sarah a idea from me’.


Lets say you don’t know anything about Sarah, never spoken to her gatekeeper, so basically you know nothing about her. Then I would say – avoid times when they may be preoccupied.

As with everything – all people are different and we all do our own thing. In my experience meetings tend to start at 10am so I never call at 9.45am or 10.45am or before lunch (grumpy hungry person isn’t in the right frame of mind to talk to you) or quarter to any hour.


If your reason was to connect then maybe before a long weekend when, depending on your industry and the prospects situation, they might be more in a ‘chatty, I’m winding down’ frame of mind and open to giving you my time.


And remember, its not about you – it’s about them. Look up, be calm and mature and speak normal speed!