Exceptional Account Management that gets results

Business Development through Exceptional Account Management   We split Business Development into ‘Account Management’ (getting more business out of current clients) and Business Development [...]

10 step Business Development check list

Business Development   Business Development is continuously evolving. Business Development is split into: ‘Account Management’ (getting more business out of current clients) and ‘Business [...]

Customer service versus customer experience

Exceptional Customer Service My 10 year old, Jack, wanted an Akubra hat, so I googled and emailed a store to ask about kids’ sizes. The Chappy, Hamish, who answered the email (promptly) [...]

2021 is the year of the Modern Seller

What does that mean? To be clear: the notion of selling hasn’t really changed. I refer to the acclaimed pathways laid down by the masters of communication, like Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to win [...]

Drive a high performing team

Having the brightest talent engaged, focused and self-motivated makes the difference between feeling like you are winning every day versus feeling like you are a hamster in a cage, or, at best in [...]

What are the 7 key criteria of high performing salespeople?

What are the 7 key criteria of high performing salespeople? 1. They ask more than 20 open – and insight building – questions at each interaction – and are ‘present’ [...]

Sales Secret 3: Stop talking, start listening.

Those who have attended my sales training courses will know this is pivotal to our approach with clients. You should be only talking no more than 10% and your client should be talking 90% of the [...]

How to motivate your team

You want to know how to motivate your team to sell more, get them sold on what they are selling. And I mean really sold. In fact, so sold that they just can’t wait to get on the ‘blower’ and [...]

What’s your approach to following up on prospective business?

How many times do you follow up before you ‘give up’? Are you worried they might start to get annoyed? If you’re concerned your calls are becoming a negative experience – ask yourself [...]

To sell without selling

We often hear the terms ‘the honest sale’, ‘the authentic sale’, the consultative approach. When a salesperson proves they are an authority – like a ‘doctor’ makes a diagnosis and [...]

What’s your strategy to implement key long-lasting effects for business growth next year?

Here are some questions and tactics you can use to achieve your sales 2021 goal!   1. What are your goals for next year? Think big! • What do you want to achieve? 2. What are your specific [...]

How to be a Successful Sales Leader

BE CALM Being calm around the team brings an air of control. The calmness means the team are able to better process what you are saying. Scattergun or knee-jerk reactions bring unrest. You don’t [...]

Size of the team doesn’t count when you’re planning your sales strategy.

Your roadmap to a business plan is the same whether you are a sales team of 1 or 100. If you are a larger business – it’s important to talk to others in your company for input. If you’re a [...]

Is your sales team fired up to exceed their targets next year?

What conversations are you having with your team about next year? Ensuring they will be ‘hitting the ground’ running on their return from the Christmas break. Consider: 1. [...]

Less talking and more listening

I’m being asked all the time ‘How can I motivate my client to buy when engaging on the telephone’ What a great question, this is one of the tips we share in our 30 Telephone [...]

How to motivate your client to buy

I’m being asked all the time ‘How can I motivate my client to buy’ What a great question, follow these steps to get into the right mindset for how to do that   How to [...]

When your client is sold but just won’t book!

I’m often asked – what happens if my client is sold but they just seem ‘static’. I.e they are not going elsewhere but just won’t commit. So, they are sold, they want [...]

Do what others will not do

Do what others will not do One day I was blueberry picking with my 6-year-old. He said ‘Mum let’s go through the middle of the row’ which looked difficult. When I asked him why his response was [...]

Are your team using the CRM?

The beauty of a CRM CRM systems and technology stacks have been buzzwords for a while. Each year sees improvements in their simplicity, ease of use and efficiencies. Leaders of sales teams are [...]

Choose your words wisely

The language you use impacts the outcomes of your sales conversations. Welcome to Language! I just love discussing this. In Australia, as in the UK (my birthplace) we are pretty negative with our [...]