Remote Selling -part one

Leaders are currently facing added and unprecedented challenges managing teams (and clients!). While striving to keep everyone sharp and in a productive, proactive, focused and success-driven [...]

Handling Objections

Sales leaders often identify ‘handling objections’ as one of the top 5 skills they want their team to learn, so we thought it might be a good idea to share some actionable pointers so you can [...]

How do I get more business?

The key to a good salesperson, one who continuously drives business, is really summed up in this sentence ‘Do what others will not do’. The client says ‘no’. So what? Learn, be resilient and move [...]

How to motivate your team

You want to know how to motivate your team to sell more and get them sold on what they are selling. Get them sold And I mean really sold. They need to be truly sold on the solution and sold on [...]

Know how to approach prospects

If your true intent is to help someone, then internally you would be keen to get on and engage with people so that you can assist them. If you need to summon that feeling, then a strategy may be [...]

Work Smart

Working smart starts with planning. You may have heard of the sentence “failing to plan, is planning to fail”. It’s true. Planning means you know who to target, when, how much time it will take. [...]

Be aware of your value

What value do you bring to the table? What does your product, solution or service offer? Why would someone want it and what does it mean for them? How could it benefit them? Often, we get caught [...]


Success, your opinion of the world and how you operate, all starts in your own head. It starts with how you decide to view the world. What lens are you going to use? Empowered are those that have [...]

Be a market expert

A successful Business Development person knows the playing field of their industry. They understand the ebbs and flows of the market. They know the key players and their respective unique selling [...]

Mind your language

Competitors: Let’s start with language referring to your competitors. Clients are after a sophisticated, intelligent sale where you are out for their best interests. If you are referring to the [...]

Sales Leaders-You’ve Got This

This starts with you. Are you behaving everyday as a leader would? Are you always ‘turning up’ showing the best version of yourself? Are you respectful and kind, are you tuned in to when a rep [...]

How to master video conferencing, part 1

Mastering video conferencing opens up all sorts of opportunities. It puts us ahead of those that only use the telephone. Indisputably ‘seeing’ a client makes it easier to build rapport, easier to [...]

Drive a high performing team

Having the brightest talent engaged, focused and self-motivated makes the difference between feeling like you are winning every day versus feeling like you are a hamster in a cage, or, at best in [...]

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