Remote Selling -part one

Leaders are currently facing added and unprecedented challenges managing teams (and clients!). While striving to keep everyone sharp and in a productive, proactive, focused and success-driven [...]


Success, your opinion of the world and how you operate, all starts in your own head. It starts with how you decide to view the world. What lens are you going to use? Empowered are those that have [...]

How to be a Successful Sales Leader

BE CALM Being calm around the team brings an air of control. The calmness means the team are able to better process what you are saying. Scattergun or knee-jerk reactions bring unrest. You don’t [...]

Less talking and more listening

I’m being asked all the time ‘How can I motivate my client to buy when engaging on the telephone’ What a great question, this is one of the tips we share in our 30 Telephone [...]

How to motivate your client to buy

I’m being asked all the time ‘How can I motivate my client to buy’ What a great question, follow these steps to get into the right mindset for how to do that   How to [...]

The first minute makes or breaks you

The prospect is either open to you and what you have to offer – or not! If they’re not – you spend the rest of the meeting trying to persuade them you are right for them or you [...]

  The client says they don’t have the money.   First up, please recognise. It’s never money. I have never known the client not to have the money. Ever. Think of it like this. Has [...]

Top 5 questions to ask

What are the top five questions to ask your client? When you are asking the right questions it: Demonstrates to that client that you are seeking to understand them- you care more about them that [...]