Choose your words wisely

The language you use impacts the outcomes of your sales conversations.

In the worst of cases, sales people let slip things like ‘I know its’ expensive but…’ It’s hard to move the conversation in any other direction. The client has been anchored in that thought.

As a manager there is no point telling the sales person it’s not expensive. They have to believe in their own mind where the value lies and be completely comfortable expressing that to a client. If they don’t believe in the value, no matter what you tell them to say, they will not be congruent with what they tell the client.

As a manager you can help your team by:

✔Ensuring they are 100% clear on the solution and are internally aligned

✔Discussing the reasons why a client should buy your product over another. Do they understand the value your product delivers over the competition?

✔Suggest options from your product suite they could buy instead and why.

🧲My question – how do you prepare to have conversations about price with clients/prospects?

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