TAILORED customised coaching for your team helps guide them to get results fast!


Combined with our online program you have a blended learning program consisting of Coaching (face-to-face via video conferencing) plus online.


Your team learns the material at their own pace from the online modules then have coaching to expand on what they have learned.

Why is coaching so relevant now? 

The current situation with teams working from home means they are facing additional challenges:

Face to Face

You get to engage with a sales expert who will direct you/you and your team on how to be focused, in charge of your mindset and manage the coming months.

The common challenges are:


  • Leader: teams look to leaders for direction- keep everyone focused 
  • Leaders drive it internally: how to use the online to drive performance daily


  • Working from home: How to keep productive structure, discipline, care, proactivity, accountable
  • Mindset: The right mindset means you keep driving calls all day, you are able to reframe clients, you are able to keep charge of your ‘state’
  • Running at 200%: Your team have to be polished, on the front foot, proactive and determined.
  • Resourceful: This is the time to step into problems, find work arounds, create different ways of connecting with clients
  • Innovation: how to get your team step into creativity
  • Telephone skills: Professional telephone manner: learn how to convey your message with clarity and with a successful outcome
  • Zoom skills: How to master telephone conferencing to bridge the gap
  • Professional Sales Techniques and Methodology on how to conduct effective sales conversations and conversions

“We utilizing Coaching via zoom with Charmaine since 2018. It’s like having Charmaine in the room!

There is a clear structure and framework to each session (based on our outcomes). The team love it, they get fully involved, participate – ask questions are 100% involved.

I would recommend coaching as a way to keep a common focus and ‘reset’ so that their mindset and skills are polished.”

Karen Thomas, Get Smart Promotional Products

Blended Learning Program: Online + Coaching (face to face via video conferencing)

Smarter Selling Academy

Learn more about the Blended programs.

We are running our key programs as blended learning. Your team enjoy learning from the online modules, then they have interactive coaching face-to-face through video conferencing.


Conducted: Charmaine Keegan interactive – live face to face video conference coaching with Q&A

Topics: The program of your choice (i.e the Sales Accelerator)

Duration: 1/2 day sessions

Frequency: Sales Essentials 1 x half day | Sales Accelerator 2 x half days


Topics:  The program of your choice
i.e. The Sales Accelerator program

•Over 400 minutes of learnings
•Worksheets, check lists, download content

Video lengths: 2–6 mins each

Timing to completion: 1 day on a full-time basis or in bite sized chunks over 2 weeks

Membership access: 12 weeks

Coaching packages include individual, group and team.

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