Consultative selling

We make it easy for your team to engage and emotionally connect with families.

Professional sales training that equips your team with practical methods to help them easily sell with integrity.

Selling is just communication – the family has a need and you have the resources.

We teach how to understand these needs, how to align with each family/customer and deliver your solution effectively. 

We make selling easy and comfortable 

After each workshop our participants say ‘that was so easy, I can engage with a family like that, that has total integrity’. 

Key Takeaways From Our Training

Know what the family/customer needs and expects from you

Know how each person measures value

How to put forward your organisations key points effectively 

How to understand and convey your suite of offerings (recognise other opportunities)

How to read what your family/customer is saying 

Understand what the family values

How to keep leads warm

How to be professional

How to be the trusted advisor 

How to answer the phone and what information to elicit which will aid you in assisting that family

Conversion rate: how to increase this comfortably

How to easily get them to sign with you (with integrity)

Present – however ‘presenting’ is to you (by phone, on site) we assist your team in knowing how to conduct themselves in such a way that the family signs up 

How to build rapport

How to be an expert

How to nurture warm leads

Know what to say and how to say it 

Choice – how to be the choice provider (with integrity)

 How to  manage expectations

How to have conversations that focus on the families need (and not just doing an ‘information dump ‘ of your offering)

How to close 

How to give your team confidence in how to handle all situations with the family

How to amend mindset of the team to be more commercially savvy

How to build relationships with referrers (or 3rd parties)

Recent Participants Said…

  • Very relevant information delivered in this workshop such as asking more questions so that you can offer the customer solutions that align with their interests.  Take responsibility, we are 100% responsible for what the customer understands.

    Vicki Maidment IRT, September 2018
  • Moving forward I'm going to train my staff to observe & adapt so we all listen more, find out what our customers care about, also to create interactive presentations!

    Karen Denny IRT
  • This has helped me understand the difference in communication styles.  Thank you!  It's always been there I just didn't know what it was before.

    Kathy Loeser IRT, September 2018
  • Amazing, well paced course on how to be a partner, understand and provide an individualised solution. Eye-opening, couple of days with a great take-home training book!

    Tracey Clark Allied Health
  • Observe and listen without making assumptions. Make it easier for the client to be honest.

    Johanna Korkalainen Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Very informative and eye opening course. Charmaine is very enthusiastic in her delivery. The course was insightful and relevant!

    Natasha Nixon PRP Diagnostic Imaging
  • Being in my first sales role coming from a nursing background, Smarter Selling and Charmaine have given me extremely valuable insight into where I can learn more and improve in my new role. Doing this course has given me more confidence and put me in a better mindset to be able to achieve my goals.

    Ivan Nuguid Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
  • Not everyone is like me; sales is about listening.

    Michele Rooney Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Do not assume that the client will retain the information you have raised, touch base with them and follow up post meeting.

    Amy Kranz Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Welcome feedback!  This workshop showed me the importance of feedback and of asking more questions.

    Cherie Scrivener IRT, September 2018
  • We've learnt that the Exploration Process allows the customer to spend 90% of the time talking: questions are power! It's also really got me thinking about alternatives- and what sets us apart.

    Colin Hill IRT
  • Going forward I'm now going to let the client do 90% of the talking, so I can fill my Question Funnel with questions to ascertain as much information as possible, check what they need (recap) and align my solution with their needs.

    David Rawson IRT
  • Asking the client questions and letting them talk will provide information that will make the service/experience fit their values and priorities.

    Sally Chaplin Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • The biggest thing I learnt from this workshop is the importance of pushing my comfort zone in order to stay ahead.

    Karen O'Donoghue IRT, September 2018
  • Be natural and confident when discussing service options and service delivery fees.

    Sophie Reynolds Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Listen, Listen, Listen- You can only change yourself.

    Sandi Bordenaro IRT QLD, March 2018
  • There is value in asking my clients questions and being unapologetic about selling our services.

    Shilo Preston-Stanley Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I leant skills on how to have and maintain successful relationships with the customer.

    Leisa Thomas IRT, September 2018
  • I learnt techniques to ask the right questions!

    Jo Ford Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • It's not about the issue, but how I manage that issue in a positive way that focuses on the client. I also learnt that it's important to be more proactive with following up on and prioritising new clients.

    Ronda Shehata Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • By being positive within myself, my residents will benefit from the outcome.

    Raph Prasetyo IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I learnt to look at complaints as feedback to improve my response to present and future clients.

    Kylie Harvey Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • What I got out of this course?  The importance of open ended questions and having your questions prepared beforehand. And the importance of positive words.

    Mary Heslin IRT, September 2018
  • Everyone can get something out of this course!

    Alicia Cook Emerson Health
  • Pleasantly surprised! I have been to many sales courses over the years and was quite hesitant about coming to this one. The content is so relevant! Charmaine is engaging and full of energy. She captured my attention from the start. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Sarah Jones IRT
  • The course has made me re-think my approach to customers. I’m listening more and asking relevant/Intelligent questions. I find myself asking “Why?” a lot more than I used to and surprisingly customers respond. Hands down one of the best practical courses I have ever done which will benefit me now and in the future! Thank you Charmaine

    Faz Syed Equipment Specialist, Aidacare
  • I learned new ways to change my language to better deal with objections and care for our clients.

    James Rickards IRT QLD, March 2018
  • The customer should do 90% of the talking - information is power.

    Ally Addison Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Gave me skills to engage with the customer the right way from the start.

    Olivia Rodrigues IRT, September 2018
  • This workshop will improve the way you think, respond, engage and understand the customer. I learnt a great deal on how to meet the customers needs.

    Margaret Bourne IRT, September 2018
  • Focus on Growth - Mentality Exploration - The Funnel Energy/Effort vs Outcome

    Doug Langley-Rouessart R82, June 2018
  • This workshop gives you the time out for self reflection on how you communicate with your customers.  And gives you practical skills on how to improve that communication by asking more questions and listening.

    Roz Dunn IRT, September 2018
  • Charmaine points out that listening to the customer is most important.  All areas of the company will benefit from listening and staying positive.

    Elizabeth MacDonald IRT, September 2018
  • I learnt to work off my clients' terms and language and encourage feedback if something isn't working.

    Rita Mastrangelo Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • What I will take away from the workshop is to work on questions and be present.

    Joy Pennington IRT, September 2018
  • Be present and remember everyone is doing the best they can do!

    Belinda IRT, September 2018
  • 2 steps I'm going to take from here are: Roll out my plan and set aside weekly time out of the office for business development.

    Raelene Lewis IRT
  • Going forward, I'm going to upsell more (but at the end!) and focus on the customer (not me) - I've learnt that people are communicating and we should be constantly adapting to our customers.

    Kimberley Preedy IRT
  • Sales Accelerator gives you the opportunity to refocus on what you're doing. To reflect on the questions you ask clients and how well you gather information from them.

    Felicity Parkinson R82, June 2018
  • Don't let negativity bring me down.

    Deb Frederickson IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I learnt to ask my clients lots of 'why' questions and to emphasise that their enquiry is a priority.

    Michael Ho Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I learnt to ask more open questions. I'm looking forward to building stronger relationships.

    Ellie Weber Cerebral Palsy Alliance, June 2018
  • I now understand that it's important to ask more questions and listen to what the client is saying. I also learnt that it's good to ask the client for feedback so I can do better.

    Michelle Bartlett Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • By changing my mindset, I can engage with residents on a deeper level.

    Bernadette Howell IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I learnt the importance of valuing the organisation, service and myself - to be confident about being able to sell the service.

    Martina Wonderlay Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • My biggest take outs from the workshop is to observe and adapt to the customer.  Listen more, talk less in order to understand the customers needs.

    Shabana Rafik IRT, September 2018
  • Take action consistently, and always follow-up with clients.

    Alissa Griffithis CPA, March 2018
  • I have learnt to be aware of my key accounts' expectations, to invest my time in them and keep them happy: I'm going to spend more time connecting and planning and setting targets!

    Zeffy Delnas IRT
  • To learn more about the customer and find out what they think and want, ask more questions; get them talking.

    Fiona Morgan IRT, September 2018
  • It's important to align to the client's needs to make it easier for them to say yes.

    Kristen Murray Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Be careful of making presumptions regarding what your client wants, how much they have to spend and what is important to them -  ask lots of questions and listen to your client!

    Sue Cook Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I learnt about the importance of mindset- if I set my mindset to positive thinking, I believe that the things I want out of life are within my reach!

    Rosemarie VanEck IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I found it interesting to learn the different ways that customers process information and how I need to adapt to whether a customer processes inwardly or outwardly.  Observe and adapt. Very helpful.

    Rachel Hopper IRT, September 2018
  • Wow - I've been selling to myself ie thinking everyone else is like me and has my needs and selling the same way! Now I'm going to really find out what they want, aligning with their needs and create supportive nurturing relationships.

    David O'Toole IRT
  • I learnt to ask more questions, observe and adapt to my clients needs.

    Glenn Wright Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • The course was very powerful and filled with lots of positive information- thank you!

    Samantha Austin IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I've learnt to see opportunities to upsell other packages which I wouldn't have thought of before and meet more of their needs.

    Tracey IRT
  • I had an awesome day and loved the course- thank you!

    Leeanne Jackson IRT QLD, March 2018
  • Have a positive mindset and help clients to see the value in your service.

    Anuja Sawant SDN Children's Services, 2018
  • I've learnt to observe EVERYTHING around the client: non-verbal cues, environment; to be adaptable: use different styles or techniques for every different situation and person.

    Lisa Lawrence IRT
  • This workshop has allowed me to recognise that the language I use and the conclusions I sometimes make on behalf of clients is anti-productive.

    Mark Liberatore Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I am my own power, I will take on my life with gutso!

    Thea Anderson IRT QLD, March 2018
  • It is a goldmine - a great tool for business and individuals of all levels and stages, and above all FUN!

    Petelo Pega Biox
  • I learned the importance of mindset- how to change my way of thinking to best help our residents.

    Heather Barker IRT QLD, March 2018
  • Make the service all about the client and not about me or Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

    Lisa Turrell Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I learnt how to better understand my residents' needs by becoming more aware of mindset, listening and asking relavant questions.

    Peter Canavan IRT QLD, March 2018
  • Asking the client for clarification is OK and essential for both the client and me.  It's how we gather better information.

    Amy Currant Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • This workshop reminds you that anything is possible! Push your comfort Zone and ask more questions.

    Bruce Mitchell IRT, September 2018
  • What I got out of the workshop: make it easy to get feedback, don't cut relationships when they get too hard and be comfortable with knowing how much services cost.

    Jane Crawford, Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • The course reset my way of thinking so I'm now in control of my thoughts and understanding my residents better.

    Fay Scobie IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I built on my knowledge and understanding of the power of positivity on your energy and thoughts. I changed my life on these beliefs and was empowered more today- THANK YOU!!

    Lynn Scholl IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I need to ask more questions: not to be complacent and think I know what the customers want: everyone's different. I think I could also improve asking customers how I can help look after or manage them. Using the 80/20 rule is a good one!

    Helen Spence IRT
  • I come from a clinical background, so the business mindset is completely new to me. However, Smarter Selling (and particularly Charmaine) has changed my perspective on sales and helped me realise the importance of sales in all aspects of business and life. Charmaine has also helped to make sales seem less intimidating and given me key skills to change the way I approach situations and better understand my customer/client.

    Anya Lindsay Fisher and Paykel Healhcare
  • Ask more questions to understand the customer and keep focused on what they want.  It's all about the customer.

    Helen Quinn IRT, September 2018
  • This is training that is positive, inclusive, easy to follow and understand. My questions were answered.

    Selda Cemali SDN, August 2018
  • Gather more information before jumping to offer a solution.

    Diane Oates Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Thank you Charmaine for normalising the sales experience, being so professional and prepared to understand your client and really unpack some amazing insights into our own client nurture journey - the momentum we’ve been able to create in 2 days will set us up for success. Thank you!

    Jaime Johnston-Smith Feros Care
  • Thank you Charmaine! The training was fantastic the way it is presented with so many useful tips and ways to learn how to engage with my clients and focusing on listening more to their needs, requirements, inquires and situations with asking the correct questions and asking more and more and more questions!

    Denis Shirley Sales representative, Aidacare
  • I'm definitely going to get in front of more people and plan my business development better. And of course ask more questions so I can understand our customers and offer more value.

    Dominic Kennedy IRT
  • Stop presuming we know what our clients want. Listen more, do not talk so much, silence is OK.

    Amanda Thompson Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I've learnt some new techniques around asking more questions, re-framing, how to recognise when a customer is sold - also to give them time to process the information. I'm now going to plan for 2 hours every week and focus on the top 20% of clients

    Melissa Naylor IRT
  • Observe and adapt to the customers way of thinking.  Get the whole story by asking more questions.   Let the customer talk 90% of the time.

    Celia Watkins IRT, September 2018
  • We are not selling to ourselves! Observe & adapt is so important to understand our customers' needs.

    Loretta Szentirmay IRT
  • Understand an individual's pace and stick to it.

    Teigan Butchers Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I learnt the importance of following up on clients ASAP to keep momentum going and turn them into active clients.

    Renee Doolan Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I'm not a planner, but I now will be as a result of training with Smarter Selling - time to make every opportunity count!

    Ric Cabita IRT
  • This workshop has helped me focus on what the key parts of customer engagement are.

    Kate Booth Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I got a great deal from the workshop that has helped me with handling objections.  It's all in the way I choose to react.  Great insight!

    Julie-Ann Matic IRT, September 2018
  • I learnt how to welcome feedback and manage my emotional response.

    Robyn Cummins Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • My key take-outs from this workshop were the importance of positive communication,  to ask more questions and to listen, plan and take action.

    David O'Toole IRT, September 2018
  • Great workshop you'll learn really practical skills about how we communicate and the importance of being able to ask the right questions, observe and listen to the customer and adapt in order to provide the best solutions.

    Glenn Gardiner IRT, September 2018
  • I now know it's beneficial to listen to my clients and then identify the benefits they want rather than just listing all our services.

    Jodie Howitt Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I came away with some wonderful insights: Leave my baggage the door and be more present with the customer.

    Veronika Bozinovski IRT, September 2018
  • This workshop was excellent!  I really felt it related to my work and home life - very positive and useful information.  I loved the section about listening and learning about focus.

    Donna IRT, September 2018
  • I had some key learning around my emails & calls: making it more about the customers, be more focused: considering the outcome and purpose of the email and what results I want to see - if I understand what the customer wants to get out of it, I'll get a better result.

    Wendy Pepper IRT
  • I learnt the importance of getting to know the families by asking them questions and reading their responses. This leads to upselling in the future.

    Anne-Marie Bell Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I learnt that if the Client is almost sold on the product, this is a magic period where added/extra benefits can be sold to them, but you have to be present, observe where they are and adapt to them constantly.

    Jenni Ennor IRT
  • I now have a better understanding of myself after attending this workshop.

    Helen IRT, September 2018
  • By bringing a focus to the client's needs I can generate more sales.

    Dyranda Hortle Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • A client should do 90% of the talking.

    Angela Tiedeman Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Great to be reminded to focus on what's important to the customer.  Ask the right questions and listen carefully.

    Rob Strickland IRT, September 2018
  • Do not make assumptions when listening to families, pay attention and clarify what they're saying.    

    Angela Taylor Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Let the customers do the talking and listen.

    Bev Downie IRT, September 2018
  • Develop a list of open questions to engage with customers more.

    Breana IRT, September 2018

Aged care

Are your team skilled in having deep, meaningful conversations with families and stakeholders?

Are these questions you may find yourself asking..

  • Can anyone sell? What if they have never sold before?
  • Can you have integrity as well as a commercial mindset?
  • What does it mean to sell?
  • How do we build trust with a client?
  • How can we be seen as the Leader?
  • How to handle a resistant team who are wary of ‘sales?’ Is it possible for them to even enjoy it – embrace it?
  • What are the 3 key things I need to do today to amend our culture and lean into sales?

What Directors Say…

Melissa Simpson, Chief Customer Officer, Feros Care

I  have a team of over 40. I used Charmaine because I needed her to help me “create” a sales team from existing team. Her pre work and investment of her personal time and energy was unbelievable. She went to incredible lengths to understand me , my managers, our business, each of the individuals so that on the day she knew all of the nuances of the business and the team members. Charmaine delivers the content so that it is fun, enjoyable and with credibility because of her incredible preparation. And of course her experience means she adapts as the day rolls along. I would recommend Charmaine without hesitation.

Mark De La Mare, Group Head of Sales at IRT Group

I have just had training for my sales team of 36 with Charmaine. I found this training useful, easy to understand, practical and relevant. Charmaine went to a great deal of effort to understand a very complex business model and adapted and tailored her training accordingly. Charmaine has fantastic stories and examples to drive the message home, her energy is infectious and she really brings the crowd to life. The team are now empowered, and confident.

Adrienne Jerram, Director, Marketing and Customer Experience, SDN Children services

We have engaged Charmaine’s services since June 2017 and have had over 90 staff through her programs. I found Charmaine to be passionate about sales and communication and that passion was passed onto our teams as she took them through topics/lessons and scenarios which were relevant to them. From a management point of view Charmaine is professional, cares about your outcomes/focus areas and goals and plans a detailed, thorough program accordingly. She is a thorough, respected Sales Trainer who has such a positive influence on the group. She has a great method and approach which gets them engaged, involved and accountable. From the teams point of view they love the positive energy in the room, are inspired by a motivational leader and learn so much more than they expected. We continue to engage Charmaine’s services through blended learning (face to face and on line) as we evolve our organisation and continue to improve our communication to our clients.

Yvonne Dallman, National Training Coordinator, Aidacare

Our company has just completed x3 workshops with Charmaine in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. With over 70 Equipment Specialists in our sales team, with varying degrees of sales experience, Charmaine’s workshops were structured so that everyone left with additional knowledge, tips and tricks. She was highly interactive and engaging – not a dull or quiet moment. Not only that…. no death by PowerPoint! In fact- no PowerPoint! Amazing! She took time to get to know our business, meaning that our workshops were highly relevant and completely in line with our “internal language”. We look forward to continuing to work with Charmaine and would have no hesitation in recommending her and her team.

Colin Hills, Head of Strategy and Innovation, IRT

In February 2017 Home Care services for seniors changed significantly forcing providers to consider how they identify, attract, convert and retain customers. To continue to grow our business we knew we had to accelerate the existing “selling and marketing” capabilities of our team.

To adjust quickly we needed an outside expert to help us. After meeting Charmaine from Smarter Selling (who kindly phoned me back whilst on an international business trip) I knew that the content of her programs, her personal experience and ability to match our team needs to her programs I had found the outside expert to help us.

Within the last twelve months Charmaine has delivered four programs to several areas of our business. Many staff still talk about both Charmaine and the content of her training. It is the only training where at 5pm on Day 3 of training I’ve witnessed the entire group all wanting more of Charmaine’s knowledge and training. I’d describe Charmaine’s workshops as fun, very interactive, engaging and very adaptable based on the group needs.

The added bonus with Smarter Selling is Charmaine does not become a stranger once the training concludes. Recently Charmaine has launched her online training portals to supplement or refresh the workshop content so skills are not lost, an option we definitely went with to keep momentum going.

One misconception could be that the Smarter Selling programs is only for sales peoples. The realisation I came to after attending the training was that the skills are applicable to a much broader audience wanting to improve or refresh their customer engagement skills.

Charmaine and her team have added huge value to our team and I am confident any organisation wanting new and or happier existing customers then Smarter Selling has the program and trainers that will add value.

Tracey Holland, Customer Relations Manager, IRT

My team of 9 have just had 2 days of sales and customer engagement training. We are the first port of call for any current or potential customer.

Charmaine lead the team to understand how to engage with the customers professionally, how to build trust, how to best look after them, how to ask questions and listen effectively.

Her upbeat, inspiring manner got them thinking about how they go about their day to day and how to be more effective.


Learn a simple process that’s easy to adopt, easy to implement and has immediate results.

We look forward to hearing from you.