Creating new habits using ‘anchors’

Substantial, continuous business growth stems from the right habits repeated so consistently they become unconscious.

Anchoring them with a consistent action or activity helps to trigger the habit.


7 ways to create new habits

1. Recognise things can be better You know more business is out there waiting for you. There’s always more to learn.

2. Create the desire to do something about it! Sales is about taking action whatever the weather. Desire comes from knowing how it will affect your life.

3. Focus on specific outcomes Get them crystal clear. “More money” doesn’t cut it. Would you be happy with $1 more or $1m?

4. Take action What do you need to do daily, weekly, monthly to make it happen?

5. Create a trigger If your action is to call prospects every morning – create an ‘anchor’ around it. e.g. coffee then call.

6. Use that muscle Use it or loose it. Flex that ‘habit muscle.’ Commit.

7. Measure your results Have check in points to measure how you are tracking. Review every month.

Q: What new habit are you planning to master for 2020?



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