Do what others will not do

Do what others will not do

One day I was blueberry picking with my 6-year-old.

He said ‘Mum let’s go through the middle of the row’ which looked difficult. When I asked him why his response was ‘If you do what everyone else has done you will get what everyone else has got’.

That’s what business development is about – finding other ways around a problem. Three ways to stand out from your competitors

1. Plan
Business Development professionals know how much time needs to be dedicated to growing the business. They know how many calls and meetings they need to do to exceed targets.

2. Take action consistently
You don’t get thin by eating one healthy meal – and you don’t grow the business doing business development once. Put times in your diary and stick to it.

3. Follow Up
The average follow up needed is 12. Most sales people give up after 3. The hard work has already taken place. Learn to add value with your follow ups so it’s not a ‘I’m just following up’ conversation.

Q: How do you add value on the follow up call?

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Know how to motivate your team so they are driven to do what others do not want to do.

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