Doing good at the heart of what we do

Doing good at the heart of what we do

Our businesses and our sales teams need to evolve so it is clear they are operating with a clear intention to help and care about customers, suppliers, employees, the community AND the planet.

Think of it as ‘heart-centred’ sales.

Making profits and doing good at a micro and macro level can go hand in hand.

If you have company values around responsibility and accountability – do you have a Mission Statement to reflect this?

Ensure the team understands how these values should influence how they operate with colleagues in your business and outside the business.

Clients should be able to see how the business is remaining accountable to these values. Your sales team need to be able to articulate them and at a relevant time, share them with clients.

Q: What ‘heart-centred’ values does your business live by and are they written anywhere for staff?

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