Everyone in your organisation is in sales

The client doesn’t care about the job titles of the people they deal with.

They just notice whether everybody in the organisation is in synch with the brand or not.

You want to make sure every single person – regardless of their job title – understands how to communicate effectively with clients to ensure the client wants to continue doing business with them. You need your technicians, your engineers – whoever is ‘on the floor’ with them – to understand some highly skilled communication techniques.

Things they would find simple to implement.

Our tagline is stop talking and start listening. Most people not in a sales role are relieved to hear this.

  • They realise they don’t have to do all the talking.
  • They just have to ask intelligent questions, listen and find opportunities.
  • They understand how to look out for, and create, more business.
  • They realise if they don’t – they’re doing the client a disservice.

My question to you…who in your company doesn’t understand they have a sales role and what will you do/say to open their mind?

Watch our video on why everyone is in sales and how they can align and embrace this!