Have you captured everything in your sales plan?  

It takes time to create a solid sales plan.  There are many questions to answer.

1. Has the team on the road been consulted?
Have they shared their insights on customer conversations that can assist to create new product bundles or merchandising ideas for example – showing how the business can help them more?

2. What insights are in your CRM?
Have they been mined for gold? Is everyone inputting what they learn about clients or questions the clients have that could change how the team sells to them?  Ensure the CRM is up to date.  Explain to the team how the planning process draws on this information.  When people see how the insights are being used they are more likely to input

3. Have you included a review of all the sales support materials?
Does the team have the right material to help sell your solutions?  Have you asked marketing for what you need for next year?

Q: How do you ensure your sales team are always looking for richer insights about clients AND updating the CRM?




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