How agile is your sales team?

How agile is your sales team?

Short timelines, quick turnarounds – that is the nature of business today.
Organisations focus on quarterly activity and long term planning is a second priority.

One of the many impacts of this is that many more major decisions are made in much shorter timeframes. The buyer may have already spent some research and by the time they speak to the seller they are on the verge of making their decision.

The lead time for your sales team is drastically reduced.

Your team needs to be agile.
Here are some tips for success:

1. Be first off the mark with a productive explorative meeting.

2. Listen carefully and ‘read’ the client.

3. Assume who they are talking to is the decision maker. Assume also there are other key decision makers/influencers.

4. Create alignment as soon as possible, clearly demonstrate the intention to help and establish trust.

It’s clear to the prospect the salesperson is the authority on XYZ.

Q: How do you establish trust with a prospect? Please answer below so we can all benefit from your experience.

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