How is Sales like Yoga? Life Lesson within!

Sales is like Yoga

Something very interesting happened in yoga today. An insight, a breakthrough.

We were attempting a position. It was one of those ‘wrap yourself in this position and your left hand goes around and you lift your weight…’ confused and frustrated, I was startled that it was even possible. A handful could do it. Most couldn’t. Those that couldn’t were ‘resigned’ to thinking  ‘my body isn’t like theirs’, or ‘I’m not fit/ flexible enough’ or they run their strategy for giving up. We were all giving ourselves reasons (i.e. excuses).

Then the instructor said something interesting.  He quoted a yoga master that said this is about WILL not about ability. Getting into these positions and your ability to do so is all in your head. Either you will WILL yourself to do it or WILL yourself not.

Interesting, hey?  We all went in again with a new attitude. We were all ‘yes we can do it, today will be the day’ and there we go. I also decided to glance over at other students, not at the ultra-flexible experienced students, but at the others like me. The slightly larger ones. The ones with tighter hips. Those that had had an exasperated face and maybe had laughed at the thought of it. (another behaviour that I also show when embarrassed).

So this was me giving it a go. I thought to myself if someone were watching judging my attempt was I really giving it everything I’ve got? Was I really giving it 100% effort?

What followed was quite incredible – I actually managed to swing into the position for a millisecond. Others for seconds. Incredible. In fact everyone managed it.  The spirit in the room lifted. You could taste it in the air. The taste of determination and pay off. As far as I was concerned a millisecond means I know what to do- next time it might be half a second, then a second then more…

Success Mindset is our mantra. In life. It’s the attitude and determination that we grasp.  We agree here – we see many successful sales people and others whom seem very similar in skill set – but the missing ingredients is the thoughts nestling in their heads.

Are their thoughts empowering ‘I can, I will, it’s easy, just give it a go’ or are they crippled with a disease called self-doubt, don’t want to look stupid or ‘show myself up’. Best not to go into uncomfortable territory, best to stay just here in my comfort zone…

This is what separates an over achiever from someone fundamentally good at sales but isn’t smashing it. (When they easily could).

The voice in your head.  The thoughts you allow yourself to run.

So, flex that mindset. Push yourself every day. Stretch that comfort zone as when its stretched there is no shrinking back.

As for me, I’m determined to master that position.

Charmaine is Director of Success Mindset Academy Pty Ltd, parent company of Smarter Selling. Selling with mindset at its core.