How to create a bullet proof sales plan for next year

How are you going to reach your sales goals next year?

Those that have real and lasting business growth you need a solid sales plan.

A sales plan is the roadmap of the ‘who, where, why and how’ you will meet – even exceed – your goals for next year.

Be on the front foot for 2020!

8 questions to help you develop your plan

1.     What are your goals for next year? Think big!

  • What do you want to achieve?

2. What did and didn’t work in 2019?

  • What insights do you have that will inform next year’s plans

3.     Do you have a month to month forecast based on insights and results from the previous year?

  • What are your month by month actions to make this happen?
  • What needs to happen to ‘farm’ these opportunities?
  • What are the key milestones and deadlines?

4.     What are your specific niches to gain traction?

  •  Target the main ones that you can help the most and grow your business the fastest?
  • Are they already your top clients?

5.     Who are your top clients?

  • How do you plan to add more value to them in 2020?
  • What offers in your product suite are the natural next step for them to meet their goals?
  • What’s going on in their business? They too are looking for new opportunities so what can you do to help them meet their goals?

6.     Who are your prospects?

  • How do you plan to find more just like them and why?
  • Who is sitting in your CRM just waiting for some help to plan their 2020?

7.     What partnerships or joint ventures can you develop to add mutual value to each other’s client base?

8.     Are there events or tradeshows where you should have a presence?

  • If so, how will you leverage this activities?

2 tactics to be in the strongest mindset to develop your plans

1.     Remove all distractions

  • Turn email notifications off
  • Or even better – close your email down.
  • Turn your phone to silent

2.     Change your environment

  • Change your thinking by moving away from your desk
  • Sit in a quiet meeting room where no one can interrupt you
  • Take yourself out of the office

3.     An attitude of success

  • Remind yourself of the successes/wins of the previous year
  • Anchor those feelings to elevate a sense of optimism and possibility

How do and your sales team create your plan and how often do you review it once it is done? We like to have a ‘sales plan on a page’ and it’s up on the wall and it keeps us motivated and on track.



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