I wish my team would articulate and convey the VALUE of our solution

I wish my team would articulate and convey the VALUE of our solution

When Directors are enquiring about training these are common statements I’m told:

  1. My team don’t sell enough
  2. My team discount too often
  3. My team are not out doing enough appointments
  4. My team are not making enough calls
  5. I wish my team were more confident


In answer to all these I ask this question:

‘When it comes to the value of your solution do your team know it? I mean – really know it?’


Because if they don’t know why your Solution X is what it is, Who is the ideal client, what ‘Potential client A would be experiencing to want to buy Solution X, what Solution X really does for that client, how it differs from other solutions that the client could use, why Solution X it’s the price it is, (and on it goes)… then yep, they are not going to be eager to run out and find potential client A and with enthusiasm know that his solution X really is going to save time, money… that it differs to other solutions in that… a,b,c….


So, really some time needs to be dedicated to explaining, thorough the value of your solution. Get your team intrinsically motivated to want to help others and see the difference in their drive, appointments and consequently in their results.



Top tips for conveying the value of your solution


Internal training that’s comprehensive in that the solution is explained thoroughly. Take them through the journey from the customers point of view, what is happening with the customer, why this is important, how it helps, what the alternative is if they don’t get it fixed etc.  Think about this as it’s a carefully crafted induction. Make it easy for them to understand. This is a good reminder of how people take in and understand information – in this instance it’s a member of staff – but it could easily be a client. ;-).


Put on visuals for them to understand the big picture then delve into detail. You may draw this as you talk. Someone’s cup gets full after just a few minutes so ensure you are not overloading them with detail and in particular, with jargon. Put the abbreviations down on a piece of paper so they can refer to them.


Remember whilst they are absorbing and ‘compartmentalising’ what you have said they are not actually listening to the next sentence so slow down and be ‘present’. Watch them, see their eyes move as they process and make it all fit. Slow down. Do they know where this all fits in – does it make chronological sense? Have I broken it down into bite sized bits, so they get to ‘think’ then ‘work out’ then ‘ask questions’ then ‘repeat back’.


Get that member of staff to present back to you as though you are new to the job.

Resist temptation to butt in – smile, make notes and let them go with their natural flow. Remember if they didn’t understand your offer and the value that communication falls with you not being clear and making it easy for them to learn. Hear what they say and then you can observe what they get and what they don’t get.  It’s important for you to hear and feel what they got, what they didn’t mention, what they mentioned which is incorrect etc.


Discuss of all the client’s alternatives (competitive SWOT- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Be honest, ensure they have a clear understanding of where else the client could solve their problem.


Few ‘Polite reminders’ Be polite about the client and the competitor. Be factual, Be sincere.

Don’t use ‘we are the best’ unless you have proof that you are, and exactly what are you the ‘best’ in? (bragging)?  Ha ha.

It takes time to digest, keep your employee time to absorb it all. When they ask you questions, be delighted they are asking. Don’t get annoyed. If they are asking, then it means you didn’t explain it in that persons style.


Remember, if they are not SOLD on your solution, your client sure as hell won’t be.


Our graduates smiling because they are 100% congruent in their offering and know exactly how to convey that to their clients.  

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