Is your sales team fired up to exceed their targets this year?

What conversations are you having with your team before the break? Will they be ‘hitting the ground’ running on their return?

Make sure your team are fired up after the break by:
1. Congratulating them on the great year that’s been. Thank them for their efforts.
2. Asking them to make appointments now to see clients as early as possible next year. They’ll have a fresh frame of mind too. Who knows what new opportunities await them!
3. Asking them to review the sales plan with a fresh frame of mind and continue to edit.
4. Encouraging them to set up meetings with their team to discuss changes and be ready to present back to the team leader.
5. Setting their daily habits again.
6. Asking them to have their call list ready.
7. Making sure the CRM is updated before they go!
8. Be quick off the mark. Do what others won’t do. (Use ‘the force’) 😎

✨Question: What other suggestions do you have to ensure your sales team are fired up?


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