Its a numbers game

It’s a numbers game

And don’t you feel it when you are the client!

At it’s worst point you know that you are one of 50 calls that rep is making that day. They talk ‘at’ you, hardly take a breather and would be astonished if you actually bought something. They have a target to reach and that target is number of calls. And that’s where the theory falls apart.

Having your team focus on this is missing the bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve.

Yes, more calls will result in more business- but some companies the focus is on the amount of calls when it should be on the quality of those calls.

Focus on the number is not only detrimental to their well being (negative and expecting a ‘no’) but actually really bad for business as every time a client actually catches your company name they are associating it with a company who cares about themselves (and not on the client).

Get your team to understand how to qualify.  Then the focus needs to shift of number and onto the client. Being truely client focused and genuinely finding a need from your client is far more successful. It’s obvious and even though companies who agree to this solution and nod readily when I talk to them -still get their team to make ‘so and so’ number of calls a day. Ask yourself do you fall into this trap? Equipping your team with tools and methods to get more out of the call would be a better outcome for the bottom line.