Telephone sales tips: know your intent for the call

Is your intent to serve them or to serve you?


1. Know your intent for the call

Before you dial get clear on what exactly is your purpose for the call.

  • Are you trying to build a long-term relationship?
  • Create credibility?
  • Help the customer to buy from you today?

Whatever it is, make sure your intent is rooted in understanding them better and their needs, so you can help them. To do this, picture yourself next to them, on the same side as them. This visualisation helps set your motivation for the call to being one of integrity and genuine help. You’ll naturally emit that sincerity to your client through your words and tone of voice. They will see you as the trusted advisor and the solution provider.

A client can pick up on intent, they know if you in it for them (or in it for you)! They can tell by your tone, voice, pitch – they can tell by your interest level. The curiosity you have for them and in your understanding about them and their situation.

Summary: Set clear intentions before every call.


2. Recognise that mindset is essential and commit to working on it every day

Before we talk about specific telephone sales techniques, we need to talk about mindset. Because, a strong mindset is the foundation of everything you do.

Once you genuinely come from the right mindset, all these techniques will be easy.

That said, let’s identify the techniques. That way, you’ll be conscious of when you’re not using them… and when you are aware of that, you’ll recognise it as a sign that you actually need to revisit your mindset, rather than force the technique.

But how, exactly, do you work on your mindset?

Make a point of acknowledging the importance of your mindset. Don’t just think about it in the moments before you sit down to make a call – focus on it the rest of the time too. Think of your mindset as being the bubble for your day-to-day life.

So, are you generally a positive person? Do you focus on the things you’re grateful for? If so, great. But if you tend to be cynical and negative, pointing out the downside of any situation, you’ll need to work harder to generate a positive mindset before you get on the phone. And trust me: your client will know immediately if you try to fake this.

Cultivate a positive mindset by:

  • Being grateful for what you have
  • Developing a thick skin so the word ‘No’ doesn’t flatten you
  • Remembering what lights you up about what you do
  • With calling out on a cold call, be bold and courageous thinking ‘well what’s the worst that could happen? Optimistically thinking “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Embrace your positive mindset to start your day.   There will of course always be ups and downs, yet it’s how you choose to react to those challenges that will strengthen your resilience and therefore heighten your positive mindset.

Summary: Embrace your positive mindset, it determines everything.

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