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We help businesses by teaching practical sales techniques that ensure an increase in business.


Our workshops teach powerful techniques, practical and motivational your team will enjoy rapid advancement of their skills and capabilities.
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Bespoke training tailored to your company’s needs. Participants emerge fully equipped with both the practical application and the confidence. See immediate behavioural difference in their capabilities, motivation and attitude.

Smarter Selling Stages of Development

Options: Public workshops/Company Workshop 


You, or your team attend a pumped up, powerful ‘Public’ two day sales workshop.

Option 1. Expand your knowledge through our public workshops

Sales Accelerator course
  • 2 Day Workshop
  • 7 foundations of sales. How to find, create and convert a sale FAST.
  • Rapidly up skill your sales people and get them confident and ahead of the game.
  • Techniques that win business.

You want to be the Expert? Known as the Professional? Get deals that you thought were pipe dreams? This course is what will get you them. Most popular workshop – great for quickly up skilling your team to hit the ground running with powerful techniques across all the essentials of finding, creating and converting a sale. Expansion of skills to sharpen the tools and expand the knowledge of even the most experienced sales person.

Topic 1: Exploration & Selling
Why do people buy? How to effectively sell your product, service or idea.  How to be the expert. How to be professional.  Essential underpinning to every business transaction, critical to the success of the business.

TOPIC 2: Listening
The backbone of all communication. Understand active listening.

TOPIC 3: Objections
Understanding what this really means and how to convert into a sale.

TOPIC 4: Negotiation
Successful negotiators are created not born. Shift the focus off price and onto aligning the perfect solution. Learn great tactics.

TOPIC 5: Managing clients’ expectations
Service excellence. Managing tricky situations.

TOPIC 6: Business Development/Prospecting
Essential to the growth of your business. How to make prospecting easy and comfortable. Be someone who embraces prospecting with a clear head, consistency and genuine enthusiasm.

TOPIC 7: Presenting

Structure to ensure seamless delivery of your message. Be a powerful presenter who understands how to embed a message (that makes sense to your ‘audience’) with clarity.

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Second stage: Presenting 2 Day Course

Learn to communicate your message effectively and understand what makes a powerful presentation that influences your customer. 

Powerful presentations that get clarity and results.

Two day FAST TRACK: Learn the essentials to being a powerful presenter. 

It will get you completely ahead of the game when it comes to knowing how to present.


Plan & Prepare
Techniques and Styles

Which, how, when, why

What you are saying, why, how
Body Language
Satir Categories

Whats your message
Follow up

Who, what, why
4 Mat System

Choose your Date and Secure your Place

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Option 2. Company Tailored Workshop

  • We find out what your company needs and tailor a program that exceeds those goals.

Presenting Resources


  • Engage your audience by only presenting information that they care about

    Wesley Lim Seepex
  • Make sure you know your audience before preparing a presentation

    Kathleen Smith Mary Mary African Label
  • Be present, be confident and know your audience

    Tom Patterson Kyzen Group
  • Funnelling their needs before your present is important as you need to fully understand your customers needs and wants in order to tailor the solution response.

    Patrick Hone Kademi
  • Convey positivity and enthusiasm

    Michael De Angelis Ac Industries
  • After presenting, clarify with the client what they got from the presentation.

    Voula Mallios Consolidated
  • Drop anything that's not relevant to your client and tie back to what's important to them.

    Fiona Church Hoverscape- September 2017
  • Make your presentation adaptable

    Daniel Yip Audio Visual Events
  • Make sure your presentation is offering solutions not bragging about your business

    Derek Wensor EIR Group
  • Speak slowly so the customer can process what you are presenting

    Eric Spencer Audio Visual Events
  • Be outward focused, it’s about the customer and not about you or your presentation

    Fiona Hipkiss Flordis
  • I understand the importance of amending a presentation to ensure it is covering key points that are meaningful to the client.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • Practice your presentation enough times so that you can be outward focused and responsive

    Kate Boorer Young Professional Women Australia
  • Be present and outward focused with the customer

    Natalia Niewiadomska Harbourside Decorators
  • Don’t sacrifice making the presentation relevant because you want to squeeze in lots of information

    Sarah Schofield Empire Bridal, May 2017
  • Make a plan, practice and follow it.

    Ty Chapman Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • I learnt a simple structure for presenting which makes it easy.

    Patrick Hone Kademi
  • Understanding the needs of your client allows you to fulfil their needs concisely and in a lanague familiar ato the client. One size does not fit all!
    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • Create flexible content so it’s easy to recut if needed.

    Kim Ballestrin Elabor8
  • Make sure the purpose of my presentations are clear.

    Simon Butler Woodpecker, March 2017
  • Moving forward I'm going to train my staff to observe & adapt so we all listen more, find out what our customers care about, also to create interactive presentations!

    Karen Denny IRT
  • Create a dialogue between you and the prospect, don’t just present AT them.

    Jason Dammon Woodpecker
  • Keep powerpoints behind you in a supporting role. The presentation should be led by you not by the powerpoint

    Karen Thomas The Glove Company
  • I loved the focus on preparing for meetings and practicing what I need to present; that it's all about the client (let them talk for 90% of the time!) and WE should set the value (so they see it too).

    Georgia Roberts Audio Visual Events
  • If you are unable to ‘funnel’ their needs and it ends up being a ‘one way’ dialogue I learnt techniques like the 4 Mat system to ensure all learning styles are engaged.

    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • Convey your belief in the product

    Matt Howle Mayfield Garden
  • I learnt how to gather wants, needs, motivation, goals and so much more! All needed before you present.

    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • Have a structure and agenda that is adaptable to the audience

    Hamza Alamine Royals Hair and Beauty
  • Connect with your audience

    David Campbell Audio Visual Events
  • Materials and aids should add to the story not replace or direct it.

    Matthew Sell Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • Use language that the customer is comfortable with and they will take on more of the information you are providing

    Eric Spencer Audio Visual Events
  • I learnt how to frame, pitch, question, clarifying, how to expand on the perfect solution.

    Daniele Montgomery
  • The purpose of your presentation is to present solutions based on your

    Kylie Lenton Avery, May 2017
  • Focus forward on the customer, not back on the presentation.

    Paul Hy STM Brands, March 2018
  • Gathering information from a client is essential to providing a relevant proposal. More information needs to be discovered as early as possible to endure you hit the target.

    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • I learned how to structure a presentation. Always tailoring it to the clients needs. Whats of value and priority.

    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • Engage and make contact with the audience throughout your presentation

    John Meillon Audio Visual Events
  • Keep the focus on what your service can do for them

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • We need to be observant to pick up on information and cues and adapt our presentation/communication style/content.

    Amy Renae Shift8
  • Prepare, Practise and have Purpose- stay at the same pace as your client so to demonstrate you understand your audience.

    Karen Thomas Get Smart Promotional Products- September 2017
  • You need to funnel their needs before you present so you know what matters to the person or people you are presenting to - what are their values, needs and priorities.

    Daniele Montgomery
  • Be able to expand or contract your solutions based on time available

    Marie Kitchin Mayfield Garden
  • Embed positive messages within your presentation

    Victoria Cullen Savvy Brides
  • Don’t take for granted that you know what the client wants. Their needs may have changed in between preparing the presentation and giving the presentation

    Lisa Walker The Glove Company
  • Evaluate my presentations after the event and ask; Did I add value to their company and their life? Did I get the right result? How can I do better next time?

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker
  • How relevant are you making it?

    Mitchell Stanger Sunrise Medical
  • In presenting your solution I learnt about two way dialogue, its not about you - it’s about THEM!

    Daniele Montgomery
  • Make your presentation clear and concise

    Thomas Cox Audio Visual Events
  • Practice, give it purpose and focus on the customer.

    Soulla Dionysiou Woodpecker, 2017
  • Presentations should be both personalised and professional

    Sam Young Kyzen Group
  • I realise I made it more about us in the past and not enough about them.

    Brad Watson Woodpecker
  • Use materials only to add something you can’t.

    Jennifer Allen ScanBrands / Baby Bjorn
  • Be engaging, relevant and well spoken.

    Joshua Clarke Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • Knowing how to tailor the content for maximum effect.

    Amy Renae Shift8
  • An opportunity to present is another opportunity to funnel

    Ben Saunders B Online Learning

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Where is the location?

Sydney’s location is Adina Apartments, 359 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW 2010.

Melbourne’s location is Karskens, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000.

What's included in the cost?

All refreshments, all day and lunch. Workbook & Certification.

Do we get a certificate or recognition?

Yes, if you do a set program and you answer the information in full in the last afternoon you get a certificate to show you are proficient in those subjects.

What if I need to cancel or move dates?

If you give 21 days notice you can either move your booking to a different date or have a full refund. Anything less than 21 days then there is no refund.

What if I have a number of people on my team attend?

Yes, we often have many from the same company attend and offer discounts for groups over 8 people.

“This course was opened my eyes to sales. I now feel proud of being a sales person!

I realised that sales was about understanding the client (and not pushing my own agenda)! I know exactly how to find out and listen to what my potential client wants, know how to quickly work out how they want to be communicated with and how to align my solution in a way that makes sense to them. It is so obvious!

My abilities and confidence since the course has skyrocketed and I’m more away of people selling to me badly! (jumping to all sorts of conclusions about what they think I need).

Dara Donnelly,
Business Owner, Sydney.


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