Go on – pick up the phone!

Don’t email – Call!

This is an interesting one. Up until not long ago I would swear by this. And it concerns me when I enter a ‘sales room’ and it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Is this accounts?!  I thought sales teams were full of energy, vitality, noise, disruption even! Jumping up and down, emotional beings slamming phones down and bouncing of the walls.

The reality is most of us DO prefer an email before a call. It’s mental preparation. Of course, this all depends on the person you are contacting, your relationship with them and what you are wanting to discuss (amongst other variables). So, that brings me onto where I spend a huge chunk of my day – EMAILS! If your email stinks of copy and paste, too long, too much information, not enough information, too casual, not friendly enough… then it’s …Do they read it on their iphone, ipad, in bed, at 8am, on a huge mac? What age are they/how do they want to be communicated with? How much of this do you have to guess? Oh the pitfalls are endless and considerations vast

I can help guide on how much information is enough to make sure they are eagerly awaiting your email or better still – call you! Done well, your rep can over achieve by careful, thoughtful consideration on how they go about their everyday communication via email.