Presenting with power and a punch

Presenting with power and a punch

Not every client or prospect wants the same information in the same way – learn to align and adapt your presentations to your audience.Here’s how:

1. Purpose Why are you there? What do you want to get out of it- what do you want the client/prospect to get out of it?

2. Plan/prepare Room, equipment, back up, materials, what question to ask, what they may ask you.

3. Practice And when you have – practice 5 more times. Any new material – practice out loud in the shower or whilst driving – don’t practice in your head.

4. Keep it meaningful and relevant. Ensure you are making it about them, you are linking/tying back the key ‘solution’ to what they care about and what they need, want, desire.

5. Confidence They are buying into YOU – and then what you recommend. Stand tall and be calm, reasonable and rational.

6. Next Steps Ask them ‘where to from here?’ – or suggest it to them if it’s appropriate.

🤔 My question to you…if there’s one thing you could enhance about your presentations – what could that be?


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