Quality content is key for sales engagement

Quality content is key for sales engagement

Does your content align with each step of the buyer journey? Does it address their pain points at each stage in various formats?

There is content created to generate leads vs content to convert leads into customers. For sales success, the team needs access to the right content to support conversations in establishing trust and thought leadership.

Sales people are at the ‘coalface’. They know the FAQs and the language prospects use. Sales teams need to collaborate with the content creation teams – to ensure they have the tools to evolve the sales conversation as they lead the prospect to conversion.

Later buyer journey content includes detailed brochures, video, webinars, case studies, Linkedin articles and posts

It’s critical to produce high quality, thought leadership content to educate your prospect about why your solution is the best available.

Q: What type of thought leadership content do you have for those responsible for selling?

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