Questions to qualify a prospect

As anyone on my sales training courses will know – QUESTIONS – meaningful, relevant, open, intelligent, astute – are the foundation of knowing your customer and being able to help them.

  1. You’ve identified they appear to fit your ideal client profile.
  2. Your intention is to find out the problem this person is trying to solve (and other problems they don’t even know they have) and what they think they need
  3. You are 100% present – you’re ready to listen carefully to the language they are using, their communication style and any other cues they share with you.
  4. You understand THEY will be doing most of the talking
  5. You take detailed notes.

Some good questions or enquiries to get them talking are:

  • Walk me through what is going on in your business at the moment
  • How is that effecting what you are trying to achieve?
  • What has prompted you to explore solutions now?
  • What’s the ideal outcome you are looking for?

The word WHY should come up gently, and regularly, throughout the conversation.

It’s a process of “seeking to understand” rather than jumping to an immediate solution.