Sales Secret 3: Stop talking, start listening.

Those who have attended my sales training courses will know this is pivotal to our approach with clients. You should be only talking no more than 10% and your client should be talking 90% of the time.

To ensure you listening effectively here are some tips to learn this skill!

1. Be present Focus, do not interrupt your client talking, and allow them to use the opportunity be heard with their obstacles. You absorb what they are saying. Prepare for you client bu clearing all distractions so you are 100% focus on them.

2. Make them feel heard Ensure clarity on what your client has said. Repeat back to them, in their words.

3. Observe Be aware if the message your sending by observing their body language and facial expressions. Eye and ears open! EVERYTHING the client says and does is critical information.

4. Aligning Now they have told you everything – YOU give them a solution that’s aligns with their values, motivation, desires, like and dislikes.

5. Be quiet Recognise when your client is sold. Pause. Wait for them to process in their mind what they want to say/do next.

💥What are some effective ways you implement to remain present?💥


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