Sales Secret #4: Stand out from the crowd!

Blueberry picking with my 6-year-old one day we stood looking at the rows of dense bushes. He wanted to fill the buckets as fast as possible. He said ‘Mum, let’s go through the middle of the row.’ When I asked him why – his response was ‘If you do what everyone else has done you will get what everyone else has got’.

Do what other’s wont.

Business development is all about finding alternative approachs and strategies to seek and utilise more opportunities. When you find an approach that your competitors won’t take – this is what distinguishes you.

Plan and take action CONSISTENTLY

When approaching business growth this takes discipline. Daily actioning of phone calls, emails, and meetings. Put in the time to follow up with existing clients, then plan for your new clients.

The average number of follow ups to convert a sale is 12. Most people give up after three. The hard work has already been done and then a competitor wins the business because they did more follow up that you. High performing sales people know how many calls and meetings they need to do to exceed their targets.

What’s your key step each morning for business development?

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