Sales Secret #5: Take charge of your STATE OF MIND.

Success starts and ends with your mindset. If you hesistate on your own product/service that your offering, how can your client see the value if you cannot.

If you think you can only make 20 calls a day- you are right

If you think you can make 40 calls day and it is easy to do…….. you are right!

The difference – your mindset!

You act out the sum of your thoughts everyday. It all stems from your mindset, and how you approach everyday.

💥 Reframe
One of the easiest ways to flip any negative mindset is to do a reframe. Quickly think of something worse. I read once that if we all wrote our problems on a piece of paper and threw them in a hat, once we saw what others have written we would soon grab our own out again.


💥 Positive anchor
Think about the client who said “thank you, this solution really helped.” Or an email from a happy client. Feel the feelings and hear the words of happy, contented clients.


💥 Gratitude
Start your day with gratitude. Always be grateful for what you have and acknowledge your skills that got you where you are today.


My question to you: what is one positive anchor you will do for yourself today?


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