Stage 5: Sales Leadership 

Know exactly how to drive a high performing team.

Ensure your team are dynamic, energetic, proactive,  empowered, motivated and turn up each day with a ‘can do’ attitude.


Join us for our LIVE Sales Leadership webinar about strategies on how to drive your teams performance

Tuesday 27 April | 12:15 – 1pm 

Strategies to establish yourself as a successful Sales Leader

  • Understand how your own thinking effects you and the team
  • How to motivate your team
  • How to amend your language to get better results


Topics include: All areas of Managing/Leading


●  Managing/Leading

●  Learning styles

●  Motivate individuals

●  Duties/KPI/team work

●  Recruiting

●  Empowering others

●  Setting and achieving goals

●  Delegating


●  Be the best person you can be and assist your team to be the best they can be.

●  Reframing/Sleight of Mouth

●  Modelling

●  Personality types

●  Recruitment

●  Coaching


●  Research, meaningful, creating a need

●  Motivating Team

●  Empowering Others

●  Inspiring others


● Running a team and a territory, time management

●  Team work

●  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

●  SMART Goals

●  Meetings

●  Learning styles



●  Aligning business values within the organisation


●  You are the captain, sometimes dashing below deck, rowing, but usually steering.

●  Realise that it’s your job to steer that ship. Everyone relies on you doing it well.

●  Great attitude starts from the top down. Know how to be in charge of your state.


● Completely understand how your team operate.

● Allowing you to know precisely how to assist them.

Next workshop:

Nov, 4 x 45 minutes Coaching online

Session one
Managing people

Session two
Learning Styles & Personality types

Session three
KPI’s /performance reviews
Having ‘difficult conversations’

Session four
Motivating the team
Time Management
Moving from being a colleague to a manage 

Session five
Bonus session :
Recruitment, interview, onboarding and training


Step One: Before the workshop: Performance Assessment

Pre-work: Is required for this program
1. We would like to know about your business and then specifically how you currently go about your Business Development.
A questionnaire is sent to complete.

2. Book a consultation with a Grown Manager
After you have done your questions you will speak with one of our Growth Managers.
They will delve deeper into specifics to ensure we know you goal and outcome for the workshop.

  • I learnt the process of communication. How to uncover their needs and SO much more which will assist me in assisting them.

    Magdalena Kus CBSI
  • Adapting your questions and ways of communication in order to treat the client as a unique individual.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • To be successful, it's the accurate matching of the customers requirements with a solution . It's all in the questions and observing what they do and say

    Richard Rodrigues Wontok
  • It is important that you are able to observe the behaviours of a potential client, identifying thier core needs and then adequately adapt your solution.

    Alicia Temple Wise Up Marketing
  • Learnt a simple structure which is a process of asking questions to build trust and gain understanding of clients needs and pain points

    Mary-Anne Amies Wise Up Marketing
  • I’ve learnt that consistency and discipline are key to business development.

    Ruth Blake PRP Imaging
  • Commercial conversations should be about how you can help the customer.

    Dean O’Sullivan O'Sullivan Safety
  • Treat existing clients the same as when you first brought them on, ask them lots of questions and and make it about them.  

    Grace Farrell Audio Network
  • I’ve learnt to make more time for my big customers through time management.

    Wade Cleary Neild & Co
  • I need to focus on the right customers and spend less time on those who don’t spend.

    Jason Bishop Neild & Co