Self reflection fuels your emotional intelligence

Self reflection fuels your emotional intelligence.

At my sons’ school they have introduced ‘reflection’ as part of their reports.

When I received my youngest son’s report complete with two pages on his reflections I was so surprised.

The same happened a day later with my 7 and 9 year old sons’ reports.

At 5 years old they are asked to be objective and categorise:

• I feel I’m good at…
• I feel I’m doing ok…
• I feel like I need to improve…

The second page is ‘I’m really good at…’, ‘I have improved in…’.

When asked: ‘By Christmas what would you like to have accomplished?
‘ they completed ‘What I would like to be better at’.

>> Self reflection allows you and your team to be objective and look for ways to enhance your skills.

Ask yourself weekly:
• What was I good at – why?
• What was I OK at – how?
• Where could I improve?

My question to you – when was the last time you and the team did a review together that wasn’t just based on meeting targets?

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