Size of the team doesn’t count when you’re planning your sales strategy.

Your roadmap to a business plan is the same whether you are a sales team of 1 or 100.

If you are a larger business – it’s important to talk to others in your company for input. If you’re a one person band, you have a ‘virtual’ team – e.g. your suppliers, accountant. Plus you have your clients!
Ask them questions for more insights too.

To build your plan, create a template based on these ‘sources of truth’

  1. What are your goals for this year?
  2. What did & didn’t work previously?
  3. Do you have a monthly forecast?
  4. How will you plan your territory?
  5. Who are your top clients?
  6. How will you provide service excellence?
  7. Who are your prospects?
  8. What are you going to do to form a relationship with them, build trust and gain their business?
  9. What partnerships will you develop to gain traction?
  10. What does the marketing plan look like and is the sales plan aligned?
  11. How are you ensuring your team are upskilled on their solution, product/solution training?
  12. How are you developing your sales teams skill set in terms of sales skills,  keeping them focused, motivated, accountable, driven and with the right mindset?

😎Question: What other questions would you add to this list for a SALES plan?


What to do

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