Why your Mindset matters more than your sales tactics


You’d know if you’ve been on one of our Sales Accelerator sales training courses, just how much we LOVE Negotiation!

It’s our favourite topic: why? Because if there’s ONE topic which shines a light on your skillset and mindset, it’s negotiation. If you went to a client thinking “We could move on this, discount on that…” – you’ve already projected a drop in value and begun negotiating before you need to. And you may not need to.

No amount of clever sales tactics matter if you are not approaching situations with a peak performance or growth mindset. When you understand the value of your offering in the market, amidst your competitors, and how it relates to your customer, when you prime your mindset from a place of belief, purpose and energy, only then are you ready to negotiate. We can train you to relate to customers, to sell, to upset and add-on, but the power to change mindset lies within you.

WATCH: Charmaine explains the value of mindset before any sales or negotiation process >>

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