You own a company. You wear every hat. You have got the business where it is by hard work and effort. You’ve now reached a stage that having extra support would benefit you.

I am here to support you. Help you work out how to understand your clients better so you could better service them – and therefore reap the rewards in terms of return business, more loyalty, referrals and a higher profit margin.

Tips on making a business profitable – for example: – how to put up prices, know exactly what’s making your clients happy (and unhappy), motivating staff, how to pitch yourself, how to win business etc.

You want to: –

✔ Foster a healthy office environment
✔ Get more customers
✔ Get more profit
✔ Understand your customers
✔ Gain some advanced sales skills
✔ Get repeat business
✔ Know how to manage difficult situations
✔ Help foster solution driven staff
You don’t have much time…you’re jugging the whole business.

What you need is:-

Someone who can come in once a month, hear your situation. Listen to your thoughts on how to improve business. Then straight up tell it like it is, in a language you understand, with tools and methods you can use immediately. (Which don’t include spending more money).