So you’ve created next year’s sales plan. Great. Now what’s the marketing team up to?

Does ‘the left hand’ know what ‘the right’ is doing?  For the sales plan and the marketing plan to succeed they must be developed in partnership.

The risks when both plans are developed in isolation is marketing generates leads that the sales team:

1. aren’t equipped to nurture or convert or,

2. believe are not the quality or type they need. As a result, leads are burned and all parties efforts are wasted.

Here’s a better way.

1. Sales and marketing meet as a group. Ensure mutual understanding of the 2020 business goals.

2. Each team discuss the top 3 ways to address the goals AND ensure agreement of the ideal client.

3. Each team presents to the other to understand their topline strategies – see where there is conflict and alignment.

4. Go away as individual teams to address the detailed plan.

5. Present detailed plan to each other, refine and finalise.

Question: How do you ensure your sales and marketing activities are aligned? 


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