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We recently conducted a sales training program across 50 of our sales representatives across Australia, New Zealand and International… This is one of the best sales programs I have attended. It delivered some fantastic outcomes for our company and our sales representatives… Charmaine’s depth of sales experience and her ability to engage and motivate, was critically important – I would highly recommend Smarter Selling to any company looking to develop their sales teams.

Paul Mitchell, Group General Manager Sales & Marketing, Modern Star

Paul Keating brought 7 of his team along (the second team he has brought along).

He has a mixed ability team with some very senior people and some newer. Within one day he saw the effect. Less discounting and more profit.

Charmaine has a wealth of knowledge that she draws upon from years of sales, she also a very experience NLP Trainer,

Paul Keating, GM, Audio Visual Events. 

Charmaine has a method where the information that you get is easily remembered.

Jonathan Meillon, Audio Visual Events

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What Directors Have to Say

Tristan Peters, National Sales Manager - Eurolinx Pty Ltd

Results immediately, that’s what we got after our team of 17 completed their two, very practical, days of training. The next day they were tweaking emails and immediately got positive responses (clients agreeing to meet them) and were calling on new opportunities (potential clients reacted positively).

Charmaine kept the team engaged, interested, focused and inspired. We all learnt so much which we were able to put into place immediately. Charmaine’s depth of sales experience was evident as she weaves us through ‘real life’ examples/variables, was able to answer everything and make everything 100% relevant to our day to day. Her passion for sales is evident (and infectious)! She made it fun, upbeat and easy. She trains your team to be the best and that comes from her high standards. Charmaine and her team spent time understanding our business, team and goal. They reached out to individuals so they knew exactly how to best support us. Very impressive.

Yvonne Dallman, National Training Coordinator, Aidacare

Our company has just completed x3 workshops with Charmaine in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. With over 70 Equipment Specialists in our sales team, with varying degrees of sales experience, Charmaine’s workshops were structured so that everyone left with additional knowledge, tips and tricks.. She was highly interactive and engaging – not a dull or quiet moment. Not only that…. no death by PowerPoint! In fact- no PowerPoint! Amazing! She took time to get to know our business, meaning that our workshops were highly relevant and completely in line with our “internal language”. We look forward to continuing to work with Charmaine and would have no hesitation in recommending her and her team.

Melissa Simpson, Chief Customer Officer, Feros Care

I have a team of over 40. I used Charmaine because I needed her to help me “create” a sales team from existing team. Her pre work and investment of her personal time and energy was unbelievable. She went to incredible lengths to understand me , my managers, our business, each of the individuals so that on the day she knew all of the nuances of the business and the team members. Charmaine delivers the content so that it is fun, enjoyable and with credibility because of her incredible preparation. And of course her experience means she adapts as the day rolls along. I would recommend Charmaine without hesitation.

Mike Benson-Glyn MD, Glyn High Tech Distribution

We engaged Charmaine and Smarter Selling for our team of 7 across NZ and Australia. Charmaine took time to understand our business, its intricacies and our goal. She also reached out to each member of the team, to understand them and get them in the right ‘mindset’ for growth. The workshop assisted both the team and management in what a professional sales team should look like and how it needs to operate for ultimate success. Smarter Selling has post workshop interaction with the team and also with the leaders about how to drive the business forward.

Charmaine’s work ethic runs very high and that shows across her and her team with the standards they place on themselves and expect of others.

Always easy to engage with we found her professional, insightful, a inspiring motivational trainer and above all extremely knowledgeable about sales/tactics/neuro science.

Mark De La Mare Group Head of Sales at IRT Group

I have just had training for my sales team of 36 with Charmaine. I found this training useful, easy to understand, practical and relevant. Charmaine went to a great deal of effort to understand a very complex business model and adapted and tailed her training accordingly. Charmaine has fantastic stories and examples to drive the message home, her energy is infectious and she really brings the crowd to life. The team are now empowered, and confident.

Ben Walker CEO Shopper Media

We have a dynamic growing team of 20+ sales people and Charmaine kept them engaged, learning, laughing and calibrated their mindset for success. She gets the team in the headspace for performing your best every day and being accountable. I’ve attended the session and thoroughly enjoyed it. Every time we have a new starter in the team I send them on the course and you know it’s good when they come back raving about the course claiming they can now sell anything!

David Campbell Owner Audio Visual Effects

I have had two teams go through Charmaines training and the results were immediate.  Charmaine helped my team understand the priorities of their roles, understanding the customer at a deeper level so they can help them. Ultimately help us recognise (and create) opportunities and structure our day for growth. I find Charmaine to be professional, passionate about sales and totally dedicated to helping her clients find business easily. Very easy to get on with, she also makes the time together practical and fun, with thought provoking exercises and peppered with laughs amongst the insights.

Mike Uriarte HR Manager Latam Airlines

We had a wonderful course with Smarter Selling. So informative, inspirational and motivational. The Smarter Selling team took our goals and vision seriously, they spent time getting to understand us.

The workshop itself was very informative, a lot of fun for the team and lots of ‘ah ha’! moments. The evaluation feedback forms all rated the workshop a success with 5 stars.

What really stood out was Charmaine’s sales experience and the professional way she weaved every day scenarios into the program.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a uplifting team experience whilst learning how to really master a commercial mindset.

Many thanks and congratulation for the great job!

Chantel Gattellari, NSW & QLD Sales Manager, GC Dental

Highly Recommend Smarter Selling workshops for an immediate team result! RESULTS! That is what we saw immediately after the Smarter Selling Training. We sent one of our team who came back with a spring in her step, confident in her stride and eye on the ball, more prospecting and business development mindset. In fact in her first week she presented to 14 new clients resulting in 13 new pieces of business! We are now sending our team on the training. Charmaines training is tailored to all individuals in the room with a heavy focus on mindset (i.e recognise your baggage and limited beliefs) and the results speak for themselves. Thank you very much Charmaine and all the team at Smarter Selling.

We’re so excited and happy with our sales team’s response to the training that we’re implementing a quarterly session. I think that speaks for itself.

Joel Bowerman Sales Director & Head of Marketing Ramsay Health Care

We hired Charmaine and Smarter Selling to inspire and motivate our team of 34. She went to great efforts to understand our business, goals, focus areas and outcome. The workshop hit all our requirements. She makes personal development and sales training fun while getting the desired message across.

Dan Singh Director Live Group

From the very first time I met Charmaine she left a lasting impression. We ended up hiring Smarter Selling for our telesales team at Live group. The Smarter Selling team engaged all of my sales staff personally to get to know them and our business. Charmaine then devised a program which exceed those goals. My team quickly learnt how set themselves up for success, ask the important questions, convert and be accountable. She answered all questions thrown at her, was able to make the time interesting, fun & informative. My team was motivated and ready to hit the phones. I was very impressed. Since then she has been in touch and assisted us with further guidance and support. Hire her if you want top performance and accountability!

Tracey Holland Customer Relationship Manager IRT Group

My team of 9 have just had 2 days of sales and customer engagement training. We are the first port of call for any current or potential customer.
Charmaine assisted the team into understanding how to engage with the customers professionally, how to build trust, how to best look after them, how to ask questions and listen effectively.
Her upbeat, inspiring manner got them thinking about how they go about their day to day and how to be more effective.

Jo Benson Director Glyn High Tech Distribution

Smarter selling with Charmaine has been a highlight for our company this year. The course has supported our team to focus on the best techniques to sell, reflect on this process and take accountability for what we aim to achieve. The most valuable time has been from follow up with Charmaine. They are there to nurture the managers and team through these new steps, via phone, skype and these discussions help to keep the motivation and focus needed to implement fully the smarter selling methodology. Our team at Glyn highly recommend Smarter selling.

Colin Hill Head Strategy, Innovation CX IRT

In February 2017 Home Care services for seniors changed significantly forcing providers to consider how they identify, attract, convert and retain customers. To continue to grow our business we knew we had to accelerate the existing “selling and marketing” capabilities of our team.
To adjust quickly we needed an outside expert to help us. After meeting Charmaine from Smarter Selling (who kindly phoned me back whilst on an international business trip) I knew that the content of her programs, her personal experience and ability to match our team needs to her programs I had found the outside expert to help us.

Within the last twelve months Charmaine has delivered four programs to several areas of our business. Many staff still talk about both Charmaine and the content of her training. It is the only training where at 5pm on Day 3 of training I’ve witnessed the entire group all wanting more of Charmaine’s knowledge and training. I’d describe Charmaine’s workshops as fun, very interactive, engaging and very adaptable based on the group needs.
The added bonus with Smarter Selling is Charmaine does not become a stranger once the training concludes. Recently Charmaine has launched her online training portals to supplement or refresh the workshop consent so skills are not lost, an option we definitely went with to keep momentum going.
One misconception could be that the Smarter Selling programs is only for sales peoples. The realisation I came to after attending the training was is the skills are applicable to a much broader audience wanting to improve or refresh their customer engagement skills.
Charmaine and her team have added huge value to our team and I am confident any organisation wanting new and or happier existing customers then Smarter Selling has the program and trainers that will add value.

Lucy Batt Regional Sales Manager Metra Weather

I have recently been fortunate to partake in the full suite of Smarter Selling courses; from ‘Sales Accelerator’ right through to ‘Sales Mastery’ and ‘Leadership’. My full team are now progressing through Charmaines programs.

From the outset, even before locking in dates, the Smarter Selling team were professional and showed exceptional attention to detail. They provided guidance and material prior to the sessions to ensure that each attendee got every ounce of benefit possible. The content was intuitive, the courses well-structured and engaging, and Charmaine’s enthusiasm is absolutely infectious!

Charmaine has delightful and relevant anecdotes for just about any sales situation, and will inspire you to ask more questions and adopt a truly inquisitive approach to sales.

These courses are suitable for sellers of all levels and experience, as well as leaders of sellers.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Smarter Selling to anyone wishing to achieve business growth. The results speak for themselves. Fantastic.

Paul Keating GM Audio Visual Effects

Charmaine’s Smarter Selling course is a great investment in your team and business, it delivers practical and actionable learnings in a fun and relevant way. Charmaine has hands-on experience as a successful salesperson, she’s incredibly down to earth and knows how to engage a room full of people of different ages and sales skills. Plus, her material’s spot on and her approach is fresh and engaging.

Darren Matthews APEC Sales Director CBSI

As a sales professional with 27 years experience; I was admittedly dubious of the value that yet another sales training session would deliver.

I thought I’d heard everything about ‘active listening’, could have written and sold a book about ‘buying behaviour’ and would receive a thumbs up if ever there was a test about reading ‘body language’.

How wrong I was.

Charmaine delivered new information on these topics in a informative and uniquely engaging way and did so while explaining the neurological effect of her methods which helped my team and I truly understand their value.

I would recommend Charmaine to any sales professional regardless of their perceived knowledge and look forward to implementing her teachings in the years to come.

Lindsay Roy, The Photo Studio

Charmaine has helped me grow my business through her exceptional sales training and training resources. Leading a team of over 20 sales consultants I know how important it is to guide them and coach them in the most effective way possible.

Charmaine achieved that with my team; her training courses were both motivational and practical, delivered with passion and a depth of sales understanding that you would only get after being ‘in the field’ for such a length of time. My staff applied her strategies immediately and I have since used her tools in my own training.

I also participated in Charmaine’s Leadership program which has helped me to lead my teams more effectively and given me insights into my skills gaps as well as develop the right mindset to succeed.

Charmaine’s care factor is obvious with the attention she takes before, during and post a program. I’ve just had a post workshop coaching session with Charmaine and am totally inspired with some great tools to shape my team so we have the best performing year yet!

Chris NcNaughton Team Leader uno Home Loans

Charmaine has just trained our team of 27. She has a clear process of getting to know the business and our goals for the training, engaging with the senior team before, during and post the workshop. Her team also reached out to each person to understand their individual needs. This meant she customised a program for us. Bright, inspiring, motivating and over all – extremely practical -she assisted the team with the skills to help them engage more easily and effectively with their customers. The results were immediate with the team happy to be at work and on the phone (quicker)! having meaningful conversations. Highly recommend for up skilling of all levels.

Karen Thomas, Director, Get Smart

I’ve had Charmaine train teams since 2017. She is an excellent trainer and just knows how to get your team thinking commercially.

She cuts to the core of whats needed. No messing around. Always a pleasure to work with she takes time and effort to understand our goal. The team learn so much and put it to practice immediately. It’s very practical and each scenario is relevant to our business. We now have Charmaine coach our team every 3 months to build on their skill and keep them evolving, motivated and polished.

I’ve now taking 2 teams on Smarter Sellings course. The programs are very thorough, totally hit the target of getting your team motivated, on the front foot and commercially minded. Charmaine herself has a wealth of sales and mindset knowledge, she shares that in such a way that it’s empowering and enlightening. She also has a way of making it very easy to sell and to embrace selling as a great career. A year on and they remember the philosophy and methodology.

We’re so excited and happy with our sales team’s response to the training that we’re implementing a quarterly session. I think that speaks for itself.


  • Charmaine just spoke at our Industry body’s national conference of 200 people. Charmaine delivered an upbeat and engaging workshop which will make an immediate impact on our members business's. She had everyone actively involved; writing and laughing throughout. Charmaine is clearly a veteran on stage with the way she dealt with some challenging questions moments; a true professional. It was a joy to be in the room and see the value it brought to our partners and members. Charmaine had come highly recommended and it’s evident why, she made it all about us. Her pre-event research ensured she was on the money from the outset and highly relevant to our group. We're hoping you're available next year Charmaine, would love to book you again!

    Adam Hobill BDAA
  • The most informative training I have ever had. Charmaine is greatly engaging and had our full attention, not an easy thing to do! Thank you Charmaine!

    Jason Perry Eurolinx
  • I come from a clinical background, so the business mindset is completely new to me. However, Smarter Selling (and particularly Charmaine) has changed my perspective on sales and helped me realise the importance of sales in all aspects of business and life. Charmaine has also helped to make sales seem less intimidating and given me key skills to change the way I approach situations and better understand my customer/client.

    Anya Lindsay Fisher and Paykel Healhcare
  • Amazing, engaging and incredibly fun training. I have found a new passion for sales and no longer fear it! Charmaine is very engaging, brilliant, ,insightful and energetic. I would highly recommend Smarter Selling to anyone looking to grow!

    Donald Nand Don Nand Photography
  • Charmaine is a vibrant and passionate speaker/presenter with a great philosophy to share.

    Elizabeth Clements CQUniversity
  • It is a goldmine - a great tool for business and individuals of all levels and stages, and above all FUN!

    Petelo Pega Biox
  • Amazing, well paced course on how to be a partner, understand and provide an individualised solution. Eye-opening, couple of days with a great take-home training book!

    Tracey Clark Allied Health
  • Engaging, useful content. So many great takeaways, most of which are simple to implement.

    Fiona Devine CQUniversity
  • Good mix of tools, theory and exercises! Helpful at several levels, accessible to relatively inexperienced people through to 'veterans'. Packed with useful information and concepts.

    Ben Finnin Miltenyi Biotec
  • Lots of great content delivered over two days! Enjoyed the stories that Charmaine shared with us: really made the session interesting!

    Evonne Ong CQ University
  • A training program with useful tips, good methodology and ideas. Thank You 🙂

    Manpreet Kaur CQ University
  • The course/training is engaging, covers all aspects of the business of selling and helps us to have a positive mindset.

    Nadia Stojan Proludic
  • Taking time to reflect and improve your selling skills is a fantastic opportunity to find better ways to exceed targets.

    Alison Gutierrez-Salamanca CQ University
  • Smarter Selling takes you on a journey to better appreciate why its important to seek to understand clients.

    Regina Milanes CQ University
  • I learnt many sales techniques I was unaware of - very detailed and a very valuable 2 days!

    Alex Hanlon CQ University
  • A great course with good content. I learned a lot that will help me not only in sales but in every day life!

    Alex Milevski CQ University
  • If you need to elevate your understanding of sales - do the course. A great contextualisation of the finer points of sales techniques we overlook each and every day.

    Robert Gee CQ University
  • Absolutely the best two professional training days I have ever undertaken - thank you so much!

    Andrea Takacs Eurolinx
  • Best selling course I have ever done! I learnt new steps and left focussed and motivates to improve myself as a salesperson!

    Rob Rennie Eurolinx
  • This invaluable training helps you to understand your customer and business better as well as yourself!

    Christine Palmer Eurolinx
  • Its worth doing, eye opening, refreshing.

    Lisa Jury Eurolinx
  • The most informative training I have ever had. Charmaine is greatly engaging and had our full attention, not an easy thing to do! Thank you Charmaine!

    Jason Perry Eurolinx
  • Made me think deeply about what I do and why I do it. Mind blowing realising I get sucked into negative questions.

    Courtney Strongman Eurolinx
  • Extensive insight and depth of content related to all aspects of sales. Great for any stage in a sales career.

    Rachael O'Brien Eurolinx
  • It is informative and has assisted in pointing out flaws in things I thought I was good at!

    Daniel Bertuccio Eurolinx
  • I loved it! Opened my eyes, my mind, my thoughts, feel more confident, smarter and have more clarity of who I am and where I can go.

    Neecia Pinkster Eurolinx
  • Good course, very packed 2 days - a lot of points were refreshers rather than ground breaking. I will definitely be considering the future steps!

    Josh Gray Blis
  • Smarter Selling has simplified how we communicate in business and made me more aware of it. I was presented to great, simple techniques to help with day to day business life.

    Donald Saw Blis
  • Everyone can get something out of this course!

    Alicia Cook Emerson Health
  • Good opportunity to shift your mindset and learn great interesting ways to improve sales strategy

    Grace Parker Blis
  • The course was relevant, informative and structured. Thank you Charmaine!

    Amy Gardener Urban Hotels
  • Amazing! Charmaine is highly engaging. Most attention-maintaining course I have ever attended. So many actionable items that will improve our business. 100% worth the investment!

    Emma Reece Sapphire Services
  • Fantastic - Great practical information; not one size fits all. Very adaptive style!

    Chris Reece Sapphire Services
  • Question more! Being present! Awareness of baggage. Learnt somuch over the two days. I know what I want out of an Interaction. I know how to help my client. I know what to do and how to do it.learning human behaviour at this level was great.

    Jeremy Hansen Blis
  • Thank you Charmaine for normalising the sales experience, being so professional and prepared to understand your client and really unpack some amazing insights into our own client nurture journey - the momentum we’ve been able to create in 2 days will set us up for success. Thank you!

    Jaime Johnston-Smith Feros Care
  • Being in my first sales role coming from a nursing background, Smarter Selling and Charmaine have given me extremely valuable insight into where I can learn more and improve in my new role. Doing this course has given me more confidence and put me in a better mindset to be able to achieve my goals.

    Ivan Nuguid Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
  • The course has made me re-think my approach to customers. I’m listening more and asking relevant/Intelligent questions. I find myself asking “Why?” a lot more than I used to and surprisingly customers respond. Hands down one of the best practical courses I have ever done which will benefit me now and in the future! Thank you Charmaine

    Faz Syed Equipment Specialist, Aidacare
  • Thank you Charmaine! The training was fantastic the way it is presented with so many useful tips and ways to learn how to engage with my clients and focusing on listening more to their needs, requirements, inquires and situations with asking the correct questions and asking more and more and more questions!

    Denis Shirley Sales representative, Aidacare
  • On the workshop I found confidence in how to initiate and conduct a sale, plus a strong reminder to assume nothing... and... ASK MORE QUESTIONS

    Lucy Korts Aida Care
  • Charmaine, you helped me regain my focus on questions and reminded me to always be seeking to understand my clients and work with a commercial focus - that I drive the conversations I have!

    Liz Cummins Feros Care
  • It is most important to seek to understand the client before anything else.

    Julia Pettett Feros Care
  • What did I learn on the workshop?
    A more focussed way of communicating, understanding and moving forward to a solution.
    Techniques to enable me to understand what the client needs, wants, is all about!
    Drop the baggage! You don't have to carry it. and its a barrier!
    I can be a solution provider!
    Jeanette Jackson Feros Care
  • On the workshop I learnt and understood that selling is not about persuading, it's about asking more questions to seek understanding to find the relevant solution for the individual!

    Jessie Woolley Feros Care
  • Fun, insightful way to learn better, efficient and more engaging sales skills... while incidentally learning life skills!

    Kye Grech GC Dental Australasia
  • Very upbeat course with a lot of useful information. I am looking forward to taking what I have learnt out into the field!

    Malorie Eggins GC Dental
  • I found the 2 day course a great resource/refresher in the art of understanding a customers business through their eyes... not my agenda

    Chris Wind Fisher and Paykel Healthcare
  • You will learn about things that you not have ever considered before, as well as things that are obvious but overlooked!!

    Jack Stanley Audio Network
  • The course is thought provoking, great use of stories to demonstrate learning. Good blend of listening and interaction (actually nearly all interactive) which was great!  

    John Rogan Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • Smarter Selling should be mandatory for any sales person. I wish I had done this earlier in my time in this new role!!

    Ivan Nuguid Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • GREAT course!

    Richard Story Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • It's practical, easy to understand, fun and interactive!

    Andrea Brooks Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • YES! I would recommend Smarter Selling to everyone in ALL aspects of business!!!

    Josie Maher Edencraft
  • Smarter Selling is very applicable for anyone involved with clients. It has a great pace and a great lateral approach to the selling environment

    Dylan Grant Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • You must do this course!!! Charmaine will open your mind to limitless opportunities within your business, other businesses and life!

    Kerri Maher MD - Edencraft
  • Try it! A great learning experience to rid complacency!

    Jordan Dalgleish Bohaul Express
  • Smarter Selling is all about mindset and making sales easy; understanding the importance of questions and deeply understanding the client.

    Paul Higgins CEO - Build Live Give
  • Very insightful and engaging! Love Charmaine's energy and passion for sales, teaching, negotiation, story telling and so much more. A great experience for beginners and advanced sales people alike!

    Juan Lopez Elabor8
  • Charmaine has helped me understand the areas where improvement is needed most, and she has transformed the way I approach sales as a result. I now feel more than equipped to take on any present and future challenges in my career, and I will definitely be back to further enhance my skill set.

    Audrey Taylor CentreRED
  • Very informative and eye opening course. Charmaine is very enthusiastic in her delivery. The course was insightful and relevant!

    Natasha Nixon PRP Diagnostic Imaging
  • Pleasantly surprised! I have been to many sales courses over the years and was quite hesitant about coming to this one. The content is so relevant! Charmaine is engaging and full of energy. She captured my attention from the start. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Sarah Jones IRT
  • This course is not a typical sales/selling workshop. It gave me tools to use in todays world. It met my expectations and more!

    Cathy Lloyd-Prowse Mums the Word Fitness, Owner
  • It really changed my attitude to aspects of business processes and interactions that I didn't think carried weight. It showed me that small changes can have huge benefits.

    Tom Reid Shopper Media
  • It is a more genuine way of learning how to sell/help people with what your business does.

    Kay Hillan PRP Imaging
  • The Sales Accelerator is a good course for learning about rethinking your preconceived ideas about selling; changing mindset (positive growth mindset) and learning to ask meaningful questions to gain client commitment.

    Ruth Blake PRP Imaging
  • Smarter Selling changed my sales mindset and set my focus in the right areas in the sales process.

    James Groom Savage Design
  • I would recommend anyone to do this course! This is the best selling course I've been to, this really helps you understand How to sell and techniques and strategies in all aspects.

    Chris Blakeley ATS Awnings and Extensions
  • It is a spectacular way to learn different methods and techniques in sales. HIGHLY recommend.

    Derolan Pillay EmergingIT
  • Very eye opening and engaging. Such an interesting way to rethink how we think we sell and what people want.

    Jen Ross PRP Imaging
  • Smarter Selling are personal and very engaging - two days flies by in no time. Thoughts and learnings apply to more than just your career.

    Yew Eng Ng Solar Analytics
  • I took away from the workshop a refresh on the importance of discipline and consistency to stick to a plan that prioritises calls/sales opportunities and leave other stuff behind

    Valeria Latam Airlines
  • Thank you Charmaine for helping me understand that I need to focus on the TOP contributors, ask more open questions, and step back to re-think and re-set - especially when busy!

    Anna Latam Airlines
  • The workshop made me realise I need to ask more open questions,  avoid directive and high risk questions, and be in charge of my mindset.

    Shaline Sabar Latam Airlines
  • What did I get out of today?

    • What makes me a better sales person and how to best apply such techniques
    • How to ask better questions and the power of such questions

    Chris Latam Airlines
  • I learnt how to ask the right questions, have discipline, change my mindset and have hooks to go with

    Jo Latam Airlines
  • The workshop showed me how to effectively plan and self-discipline to prioritise workload

    Kath Mason Latam Airlines
  • The workshop reminded me of the difference between influential verses literal language skills, and to be adaptive to customers needs! It promoted 'growth mindset' to be a masterful salesperson.

    Michelle Witos Latam Airlines
  • The workshop was useful; informative; engaging; FUN; meaningful

    Omar Ikrais
  • This has helped me understand the difference in communication styles.  Thank you!  It's always been there I just didn't know what it was before.

    Kathy Loeser IRT, September 2018
  • What I will take away from the workshop is to work on questions and be present.

    Joy Pennington IRT, September 2018
  • My key take-outs from this workshop were the importance of positive communication,  to ask more questions and to listen, plan and take action.

    David O'Toole IRT, September 2018
  • Gave me skills to engage with the customer the right way from the start.

    Olivia Rodrigues IRT, September 2018
  • Great workshop you'll learn really practical skills about how we communicate and the importance of being able to ask the right questions, observe and listen to the customer and adapt in order to provide the best solutions.

    Glenn Gardiner IRT, September 2018
  • Great to be reminded to focus on what's important to the customer.  Ask the right questions and listen carefully.

    Rob Strickland IRT, September 2018
  • Develop a list of open questions to engage with customers more.

    Breana IRT, September 2018
  • Ask more questions to understand the customer and keep focused on what they want.  It's all about the customer.

    Helen Quinn IRT, September 2018
  • The biggest thing I learnt from this workshop is the importance of pushing my comfort zone in order to stay ahead.

    Karen O'Donoghue IRT, September 2018
  • Be present and remember everyone is doing the best they can do!

    Belinda IRT, September 2018
  • I found it interesting to learn the different ways that customers process information and how I need to adapt to whether a customer processes inwardly or outwardly.  Observe and adapt. Very helpful.

    Rachel Hopper IRT, September 2018
  • Very relevant information delivered in this workshop such as asking more questions so that you can offer the customer solutions that align with their interests.  Take responsibility, we are 100% responsible for what the customer understands.

    Vicki Maidment IRT, September 2018
  • This workshop was excellent!  I really felt it related to my work and home life - very positive and useful information.  I loved the section about listening and learning about focus.

    Donna IRT, September 2018
  • Welcome feedback!  This workshop showed me the importance of feedback and of asking more questions.

    Cherie Scrivener IRT, September 2018
  • What I got out of this course?  The importance of open ended questions and having your questions prepared beforehand. And the importance of positive words.

    Mary Heslin IRT, September 2018
  • Let the customers do the talking and listen.

    Bev Downie IRT, September 2018
  • I now have a better understanding of myself after attending this workshop.

    Helen IRT, September 2018
  • I came away with some wonderful insights: Leave my baggage the door and be more present with the customer.

    Veronika Bozinovski IRT, September 2018
  • I leant skills on how to have and maintain successful relationships with the customer.

    Leisa Thomas IRT, September 2018
  • This workshop gives you the time out for self reflection on how you communicate with your customers.  And gives you practical skills on how to improve that communication by asking more questions and listening.

    Roz Dunn IRT, September 2018
  • Observe and adapt to the customers way of thinking.  Get the whole story by asking more questions.   Let the customer talk 90% of the time.

    Celia Watkins IRT, September 2018
  • I got a great deal from the workshop that has helped me with handling objections.  It's all in the way I choose to react.  Great insight!

    Julie-Ann Matic IRT, September 2018
  • My biggest take outs from the workshop is to observe and adapt to the customer.  Listen more, talk less in order to understand the customers needs.

    Shabana Rafik IRT, September 2018
  • To learn more about the customer and find out what they think and want, ask more questions; get them talking.

    Fiona Morgan IRT, September 2018
  • This workshop will improve the way you think, respond, engage and understand the customer. I learnt a great deal on how to meet the customers needs.

    Margaret Bourne IRT, September 2018
  • This workshop reminds you that anything is possible! Push your comfort Zone and ask more questions.

    Bruce Mitchell IRT, September 2018
  • Charmaine points out that listening to the customer is most important.  All areas of the company will benefit from listening and staying positive.

    Elizabeth MacDonald IRT, September 2018
  • Charmaine reiterates that selling is not rocket science, it's questioning, listening, understanding and having a positive mindset.

    Tallis Piehler McPherson's Ltd, September 2018
  • This is very thorough training that gives you great insights into the process and also the psychology of selling.

    Kim Louey-Gung Audio Visual Events, September 2018
  • Completely different and original approach to training.  Awesome!

    Wojciech Sleczek Charles River Labs, September 2018
  • The Sales Accelerator Workshop is informative, relatable and empowering.  I would highly recommend getting yourself there.

    Nick Ratcliffe R82, September 2018
  • The workshop highlighted for me that questions are the key to successful selling. Remove limiting beliefs!  This is an amazing thing to have learned & recognised, not only professionally but also in my personal life.

    Leonie De-Bellis GC Australasia Dental Pty Ltd, September 2018
  • The Sales Accelerator Workshop gives you an insight into how we process information and that we don't all communicate in the same way.  The training is interactive and Charmaine has a great energy.

    Emily-Jane Joyce McPherson's Ltd, September 2018
  • You'll be surprised how you can recognise your baggage and learn to let go of it.

    Jessica Impas September 2018
  • Smarter Selling Sales Accelerator workshop provides tools to be a better person and improve you outlook on life

    James Cowell RubberTree Limited, September 2018
  • This is a great workshop.  Very engaging and energetic.  I learnt that mindset is crucial to selling and problems are opportunities for growth.

    Shane Dawson Hedweld, September 2018
  • Very Pragmatic, realistic, rich insights from vast experience, delivered in a compelling, enjoyable format.  The embedding of learning is soooo useful.  The accountability component invaluable.  Charm-aine is very charming!  And a great teacher.  She is driven to ensure everyone has understood each element.

    Gemma Garratt Crafty Kids Club, August 2018
  • The team at Smarter Selling are amazing.  The strategies Charmaine teaches will help any business improve their selling.  I'm a big fan!

    Elliot Grumont Georges Cameras, August 2018
  • An excellent course.  Charmaine is an exceptional teacher of all facets of selling.   I came away feeling a lot more confident that my results will improve.

    Emilio Maschio The Drain Man, August 2018
  • Solid, relevant training.  Well organised, insightful.

    Fletcher Crebert Georges Cameras, August 2018
  • A brilliant couple of days!! Comprehensive coverage of techniques delivered in a simple, engaging way and applicable in a real, immediate sense. I can't wait to get out there, armed with everything I've learned from Charmaine.

    Frankie Bolter Shopper Media, August 2018
  • A fantastic workshop to help you focus on the end goal.  Making it all about the customer.

    Danielle Wilby Neild & Co Pty Ltd, August 2018
  • This is training that is positive, inclusive, easy to follow and understand. My questions were answered.

    Selda Cemali SDN, August 2018
  • Really useful information and techniques. Very enjoyable - Charmaine is a force of nature and keeps you very engaged Relevant, lots of information and all very understandable and actionable

    Kent Boehm Hoverscape, August 2018
  • Passionate team that LOVE sales.  The way they go about the training is interesting and exciting and always keeps you involved.  I will be coming back again to further my skills set. Thanks for all your efforts.

    James Davies Jak Max, June 2018
  • The course is easy to understand and adaptable across industries, while staying high energy from start to finish.

    Thomas Hunt GC Leasing (Grenke), June 2018
  • A great chance to focus on the business.

    Andrew Donald Jak Max, June 2018
  • Excellent presenters with industry experience and genuine care in instilling current and meaningful sales techniques. Charmaine has been the best sales trainer I have ever seen.  Very impressed.

    Daniel Hrvatin Shopper Media, June 2018
  • Take action consistently.

    Mario Siebrecht Jak Max, June 2018
  • The Sales Accelerator course was interesting and very easy to understand.

    Steve Varlet Jak Max, June 2018
  • Smarter Selling will change the way you sell and challenge you to sell more.

    Mark Scott Jak Max, June 2018
  • Sales Accelerator gives you the opportunity to refocus on what you're doing. To reflect on the questions you ask clients and how well you gather information from them.

    Felicity Parkinson R82, June 2018
  • Make sure the customer completely understands before moving forward. Listen and relate the benefits of our products to what the customer wants.  Ask more questions.

    Rhys Stirling-Cameron The Drain Man, June 2018
  • I learnt to ask more open questions. I'm looking forward to building stronger relationships.

    Ellie Weber Cerebral Palsy Alliance, June 2018
  • Focus on Growth - Mentality Exploration - The Funnel Energy/Effort vs Outcome

    Doug Langley-Rouessart R82, June 2018
  • Work more closely with clients before by asking more questions. Mindset

    Frederico Fraga-Matos Raine & Horne Petersham, June 2018
  • The customer isn’t you and you should never assume anything as a result of this. Questions are useless without active listening and understanding.

    James Sunwoo, Live Group Live Group, June 2018
  • Growth is my job!

    Natalie Williams Live Group, June 2018
  • “Seek to Understand”. Seek to understand everything about the customers business. The more information I have, the better the solution I can provide to them .

    Dan Singh Live Group, June 2018
  • My biggest take out was acknowledging that we're all different.  I can't assume the client wants what I think they want.

    Sokha Pawson SDN, June 2018
  • Establish a genuine relationship with the client by engaging with them and asking questions.  Then really listen!

    Deb Morrison SDN, June 2018
  • Be positive in all your dealings with the client.

    Michelle King SDN, June 2018
  • Find out what the client wants /thinks. Adapt to them.

    Belinda MacMahon SDN, June 2018
  • Find some way to relate to your client.

    Therese Hastle SDN, June 2018
  • Ask questions! Listen!

    Allana Ellis SDN, June 2018
  • It was good to remember that everyone is different.  The client isn't me!  I need ask more questions so that I can understand the clients point of view and find solutions best tailored to them.

    Tracey Brunton SDN, June 2018
  • Follow the clients lead. Never assume

    Cassie Irvine SDN, June 2018
  • I've learnt to listen to what the client cares about and not to assume their wants.

    Karlie Wise SDN, June 2018
  • I learnt the importance of listening and the need to ask more open ended questions.

    Sarah Pacey SDN, June 2018
  • I am 100% responsible for communication. Be positive.

    Brooke Emery SDN, June 2018
  • Ask more open ended questions. Things change all the time. Seek to understand!

    Doreen Levensmith SDN, June 2018
  • I need to devote more effort to developing proposals. Planning with top-tier clients will lead to more business!

    Glyn April, 2018
  • Ask more questions! Questions lead to answers!

    Dean Sarelius Glyn, April 2018
  • I learnt about the importance of creating and driving a successful sales led organisation.  It's important to understand my staff's motivations.

    Mike Benson Glyn, April 2018
  • I need to isolate myself from the noise and focus on new projects so that I can focus on targeting new customers.

    Leo Haloob Glynn, April 2018
  • I need to get into the habit of presenting regular content to clients, asking them more questions and completing a sales plan with actions and goals to pursue.

    David Newman Glyn, April 2018
  • I need to consider all the people involved that need to be sold, not just the person I'm directly dealing with from the company.  Never fall back on decreasing the price for a customer straight away. The issue doesn't always come down to the price of our hardware and software service. We need to dig deeper with questions!

    Guil Rees Glyn, April 2018
  • I need to employ LinkedIn, emails and phone calls more effectively to add value to customers.

    Alan Suyko Glyn, April 2018
  • I have learnt the importance of prioritising my current and prospective target clients and how to make an action plan.

    Payam Salehi Uponor, April 2018
  • Business development and sales require consistent dedication.  I need to spend time identifying my clients, asking them lots of questions and then adapting my correspondence and calls.

    Phillip Hunt Super Ratings, April 2018
  • Energy & effort- use them effectively to get to the desired outcome.

    Veronica Hunter Safe T Stop, April 2018
  • Know my message and be confident with clients.

    Richard Gartner Safe T Stop, April 2018
  • Be creative to find a zebra, and make opportunities. Be consistent to become efficient.

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical, April 2018
  • Turn up more, and ask more questions!

    Mark Wilson Rapid Automatic, April 2018
  • Keep fires burning and make the most of EVERY opportunity!

    Michael Donaldson Uponor, April 2018
  • The difference in being a good BDM and a great BDM is mindset.

    Heather Clavell Mark Sensing, April 2018
  • Use the funnel- ask questions!!

    Rachel Blomeyer Fisher & Paykel, March 2018
  • Be honest and open- and firm in negotiation!

    Nathan O'Brolchain Global Data, March 2018
  • Use positive language! Have intentions with every word.

    Lily Feng Fisher & Paykel, March 2018
  • Anchor questions to things that the client cares about.

    Andy Yap BPA, March 2018
  • Mindset is so important- approach new Business Development opportunities with your own strengths. Don't get caught up in the detail, look at the bigger picture.

    Jayshil Parmar STM Brands, March 2018
  • With existing customers, you don't always need a reason to see them. Turn up more and be more visible.

    Rachel Woods STM Brands, March 2018
  • I will make a conscious effort to go in with a positive mindset and remember not to carry limiting beliefs into a meeting.

    Varun Purushothan Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, March 2018
  • Align with the customer. Always.

    Stephen Richards Amphenol, March 2018
  • Structure your week and set clear expectations- make sure you have a good mindset before calling clients.

    Julian Haub Grenke, March 2018
  • There's no cookie-cutter approach for sales.

    Paul Hy STM Brands, March 2018
  • Have aclear mind, be positive and take action!

    Peter Graham Amphenol, March 2018
  • Step outside the comfort zone more often,and take action consistantly.

    Yeshan Ekanayake Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, March 2018
  • Think about how I can add value each time I visit a customer.

    Cheena Rao Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, March 2018
  • Always have a touch point plan- and a positive mindset!

    Matt Ieraci Grenke, March 2018
  • Ask more questions, and make client interactions only about them.

    Paul Guthrie Hexaware Technologies, March 2018
  • Have a clear strategy for each client, top accounts and new business.

    Julius Maniago Amphenol, March 2018
  • I took from the course the importance of language- tailor every conversation to be in alignment with the client.

    Cheryl Birch Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, March 2018
  • Ask more questions!!! Plan more and take action- just do it!

    Shailee Rathod Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, March 2018
  • Be comfortable with silence- ask questions and listen. Always embed positivity and add value to your clients,

    Julia Lee Skinner Sales Accelerator, March 2018
  • Ask questions!

    Paul Curtis Sales Accelerator, March 2018
  • To be present, planned & purposeful in regular and methodical contact with my clients.

    Mark Edwards Elite Agent, March 2018
  • Know your clients best possible solution and strive to achieve it.

    Jason Reed Audio Visual Events, March 2018
  • My main take-outs from the course were to listen and ask questions, and pay attention to the details. Try to shift the conversation to the customer via the use of framing.

    Philip Saunders Radiation Saunders, March 2018
  • Have a positive mindset and help clients to see the value in your service.

    Anuja Sawant SDN Children's Services, 2018
  • Take action consistently, and always follow-up with clients.

    Alissa Griffithis CPA, March 2018
  • When presenting, make sure you have a clear purpose- prepare the relevant information and practice your presentation so you can have presence. Make sure you engage with your client beforehand so you can make the content meaningful.

    Shaun Hill Uponor, March 2018
  • Ask more questions to gain greater information/insights to  business needs.

    Anne Wilkinson Financial Educational Professionals, March 2018
  • My main take out from the course is to have the integrity in myself to continue the practice of sales.

    Patrick Hone Kademi, March 2018
  • By being positive within myself, my residents will benefit from the outcome.

    Raph Prasetyo IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I had an awesome day and loved the course- thank you!

    Leeanne Jackson IRT QLD, March 2018
  • The course was very powerful and filled with lots of positive information- thank you!

    Samantha Austin IRT QLD, March 2018
  • The course reset my way of thinking so I'm now in control of my thoughts and understanding my residents better.

    Fay Scobie IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I am my own power, I will take on my life with gutso!

    Thea Anderson IRT QLD, March 2018
  • Don't let negativity bring me down.

    Deb Frederickson IRT QLD, March 2018
  • Listen, Listen, Listen- You can only change yourself.

    Sandi Bordenaro IRT QLD, March 2018
  • By changing my mindset, I can engage with residents on a deeper level.

    Bernadette Howell IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I built on my knowledge and understanding of the power of positivity on your energy and thoughts. I changed my life on these beliefs and was empowered more today- THANK YOU!!

    Lynn Scholl IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I learnt how to better understand my residents' needs by becoming more aware of mindset, listening and asking relavant questions.

    Peter Canavan IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I learnt about the importance of mindset- if I set my mindset to positive thinking, I believe that the things I want out of life are within my reach!

    Rosemarie VanEck IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I learned new ways to change my language to better deal with objections and care for our clients.

    James Rickards IRT QLD, March 2018
  • I learned the importance of mindset- how to change my way of thinking to best help our residents.

    Heather Barker IRT QLD, March 2018
  • Ask more questions, listen to the client and never assume!

    Dean Gleeson Safe T Stop
  • Always take clients to the best-case scenario.

    Teagan Ridgwell Shopper Media, February 2018
  • Observe and adapt to your client, it's not about you and what you want to sell.

    Victoria Primrose Shopper Media, February 2018
  • Do a little more than others, and always demonstrate what's in it for the client.

    Samantha Barron Shopper Media, February 2018
  • Know your unique selling points.

    Laura Wall Shopper Media, February 2018
  • Ask clients open questions about what they are working on so you can tailor your response to what is relevant to them.

    Sam Rolfe Shopper Media, February 2018
  • Don't assume just because one person is sold that ALL stakeholders are sold.

    Ben Walker Shopper Media, February 2018
  • Make sure the information you are delivering is relevant to the person you're delivering it to. Your mindset determines your success!

    Florence Edmond Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Review, Review. Improve, Improve. We need to be regularly reviewing our questions- are they current, relevant & meaningful?

    Rebecca Sliva Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Build and frame questions.

    Diane Cherrier Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Get customers talking by asking more relevant questions.

    Emmanuelle Baylongue Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Don't assume, ask more questions!!

    Matt Lew Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Presumptions and assumptions need to be put in check!

    Joanne Muller Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Use the funnel technique to align with customers.

    Bernadette Terry Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Use frames to make education relevant to customers.

    Janis McNichols Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • As a trainer, I need to check my customer's understanding by asking them the RIGHT questions!

    Belinda Gibson Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Set the frame and ask questions.

    Tatiana Agaformera Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Be present- adapt language and approach to individual customers.

    Dellice Hill Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Observe, adapt and be relevant through asking questions

    Lisa Wohnsdorf Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Everybody makes assumptions- asking customers the right questions will ensure you don't have to.

    Kellie Lyons Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • What drives your customer- observe and adapt, and you'll know!

    Karen Carr Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Ask the right questions, and listen and observe- don't assume your customers process information at the speed you talk.

    Bec Daughtry Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Outstanding techniques- Observe & Adapt.

    Leana Reyvolds Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • Your mindset controls your success!

    Donna Day Pierre Fabre, February 2018
  • There is value in asking my clients questions and being unapologetic about selling our services.

    Shilo Preston-Stanley Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I learnt the importance of valuing the organisation, service and myself - to be confident about being able to sell the service.

    Martina Wonderlay Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Stop presuming we know what our clients want. Listen more, do not talk so much, silence is OK.

    Amanda Thompson Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • The customer should do 90% of the talking - information is power.

    Ally Addison Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Be natural and confident when discussing service options and service delivery fees.

    Sophie Reynolds Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I learnt the importance of getting to know the families by asking them questions and reading their responses. This leads to upselling in the future.

    Anne-Marie Bell Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Observe and listen without making assumptions. Make it easier for the client to be honest.

    Johanna Korkalainen Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Make the service all about the client and not about me or Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

    Lisa Turrell Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I now know it's beneficial to listen to my clients and then identify the benefits they want rather than just listing all our services.

    Jodie Howitt Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I now understand that it's important to ask more questions and listen to what the client is saying. I also learnt that it's good to ask the client for feedback so I can do better.

    Michelle Bartlett Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I learnt to ask more questions, observe and adapt to my clients needs.

    Glenn Wright Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I got a lot out of Charmaine's presentation. Having been a salesperson for over 20 years, I have been calling on clients selling the products - now, I will be selling the benefits that will add value to them.

    Julia Martin Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • The Smarter Selling course has opened my eyes to more cues and opportunities to focus on with my clients.

    Kirrilie Newcombe Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Be accessible and available to customers, and recognise opportunities - always be thinking of the next steps!

    Leanne Port Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Targets - know who they are, think about them and research as much as you can. Focus leads to reality!

    Jodie Anderson Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Questions: ask MORE questions, ask BETTER questions!

    Karen Mihail Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Keep asking questions - they provide information. Ask the customer to take you through what is important to them. NEVER ASSUME!

    Wendy Duddridge Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Be prepared and maximise every opportunity. Presumption can throw a spanner in the works and break the trance whilst your customer is making decisions.  

    Hessa Robinson Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Leverage opportunities - ask questions and observe responses, allowing time for processing, upselling and add-ons. Adapt to your clients!

    Joanne Burk Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • My main take out:

    • Turn up more, and ask more questions
    • Find reasons to see customers that will offer value to them - I want to be valuable to them, their go-to person
    • Be prepared
    • Don't just assume

    Donna Breen Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I refined skills and became more aware of the processes - focus on customers before any pitch and ask more questions!

    Frank De Rooy Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • The main thing I gained from the workshop is a solid understanding of how to ask questions that will allow me to better serve my clients by presenting them products relevant to their needs.

    James Dwyer Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • My main take out is how powerful questioning is - I consider myself as someone who does ask a lot of questions, but I realise what I was asking was just a small portion of what I COULD be asking. The funnel is a powerful tool that I will be using!

    Julie O'Keeffe Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • My main take out from the course has been about outward focus:

    • On getting more information with questions
    • Getting to know my customer's values
    • On target customers
    • Giving more focus
    • Relevant and meaningful value adding

    Tenneille Dawson Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I realised that we constantly make assumptions - these assumptions limit our desire to unearth new information and seek new ways to add value to our customers. By removing these assumptions and shifting the focus on to the customer, we become 'partners' who are focused solely on how we can help.

    Matt Maker Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Questions are the key to offer your client relevant and meaningful resources.

    Carolyn Jorgenson Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Clarity! I have learned so much, mostly it should always be about the customer - never assume/presume! Questions - knowledge of where the customer is at and how I can help and assist them.

    Janelle Atley Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • See more people in the one meeting - make it all about them, look after your top customers and don't ever be complacent. Most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS!

    Emma Horgan Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Questions are the key - don't assume you know your clients. because they will evolve and change according to the needs of their business. Be accessible and available to your clients to better leverage the opportunities.

    Joyce Cowden Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Observation, information gathering, adaption, accessibility and how to framework a discussion/negotiation is critical to the outcome of any customer interaction.

    Natalie Sella Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Have high expectations of yourself and be prepared accordingly - work to a partnership mentality with customers, know who the key people are and align with them by fully understanding their needs and maximising face-time with them.

    Chris Todd Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • When I was told we would be having sales training at the conference I was quite skeptical, having had several in the past that weren't good. BUT... after 33 years in this industry, THANK YOU CHARMAINE - you have opened my eyes to so many more possibilities in increasing sales!!!!!

    Harry Hoogenhout Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • The key points I took out of our training were:

    • Always ask questions
    • Information is key
    • Don't assume who/what/why
    • Always look after my customers
    • Recognise who the key people are

    Dave Presser Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I realised that we spend more time making assumptions, and not enough time investigating and asking questions.

    Melissa Peace Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Observe and adapt, ask more questions and focus on the customer.

    Jen Sheahan Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I learnt the importance of adapting to my customer, and the power of information.

    Madeleine Harkema Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I got new ideas on how to motivate, manage and find additional revenue in long-term employees and customers.

    Richard McGilvray Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • My main take outs:

    • Don't assume
    • Ask more questions

    Abbey Labagnara Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I learnt about focusing more on the customer and how to gather information to gain better insight to their needs.

    Lisa Davidson Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I took from the course the importance of asking good questions, the use of positive language and the need to adapt to the customer.

    Janine Thompson Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I can increase my value in the eyes of my customer by asking questions, taking careful notes and by not making assumptions.

    Jason Kadri Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • Questions are key when communicating with my customers.

    Dave Beake Modern Teaching Aids, January 2018
  • I learnt to look at complaints as feedback to improve my response to present and future clients.

    Kylie Harvey Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • Asking the client for clarification is OK and essential for both the client and me.  It's how we gather better information.

    Amy Currant Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • It's important to align to the client's needs to make it easier for them to say yes.

    Kristen Murray Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • I learnt to ask my clients lots of 'why' questions and to emphasise that their enquiry is a priority.

    Michael Ho Cerebral Palsy Alliance, January 2018
  • What I got out of the workshop: make it easy to get feedback, don't cut relationships when they get too hard and be comfortable with knowing how much services cost.

    Jane Crawford, Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • By bringing a focus to the client's needs I can generate more sales.

    Dyranda Hortle Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I learnt the importance of following up on clients ASAP to keep momentum going and turn them into active clients.

    Renee Doolan Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Do not assume that the client will retain the information you have raised, touch base with them and follow up post meeting.

    Amy Kranz Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Not everyone is like me; sales is about listening.

    Michele Rooney Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • It's not about the issue, but how I manage that issue in a positive way that focuses on the client. I also learnt that it's important to be more proactive with following up on and prioritising new clients.

    Ronda Shehata Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • This workshop has allowed me to recognise that the language I use and the conclusions I sometimes make on behalf of clients is anti-productive.

    Mark Liberatore Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I learnt to work off my clients' terms and language and encourage feedback if something isn't working.

    Rita Mastrangelo Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • This workshop has helped me focus on what the key parts of customer engagement are.

    Kate Booth Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I need to ask questions before I present a product so I can show clients what is relevant to them, demonstrating that I have a strong understanding of their business's needs.

    Chris Dona Modern Teaching Aids- January 2018
  • By focusing on the client and asking the right questions, their minds open up to other products and services that they may not have initially been receptive to.

    Julie McCann Modern Teaching Aids- January 2018
  • Asking the client questions and letting them talk will provide information that will make the service/experience fit their values and priorities.

    Sally Chaplin Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • I learnt techniques to ask the right questions!

    Jo Ford Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Adding value to the client isn't necessarily about product - it's also about really listening to the client to fully understand their needs.

    Louise Papadopoulos Modern Teaching Aids- January 2018
  • I was reminded to constantly challenge myself on my assumptions.

    Marco de Geus Modern Teaching Aids- January 2018
  • Be careful of making presumptions regarding what your client wants, how much they have to spend and what is important to them -  ask lots of questions and listen to your client!

    Sue Cook Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Reach for the stars, aim high and seize the day - you are adding value to your client's business.

    Emma-Jane Molan Modern Teaching Aids- January 2018
  • I learnt how to welcome feedback and manage my emotional response.

    Robyn Cummins Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Gather more information before jumping to offer a solution.

    Diane Oates Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • A client should do 90% of the talking.

    Angela Tiedeman Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Understand an individual's pace and stick to it.

    Teigan Butchers Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Listen and ask questions to source critical information that will enable me to provide solutions for my customers.

    Naaman Ward Modern Teaching Aids- January 2018
  • Do not make assumptions when listening to families, pay attention and clarify what they're saying.    

    Angela Taylor Cerebral Palsy Alliance - January 2018
  • Be available, be accessible!

    Anna Ricciuti Modern Teaching Aids - January 2018
  • The customer's needs are important. Ask your client questions and keep them talking. It's important to know more about them.

    Jacob Zhang, Compass Global Markets Compass Global Market - December 2017
  • Ask more questions and listen more. Take action!

    Patrick Downes Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • Get current and prospective customers to do the talking.

    Andora Neelaya Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • I better understand the sales process and how to engage with clients. This workshop was relevant to my communication with vendors and external parties.

    Jordan York Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • It's about the customer - not me! Listen more, talk less!

    Andrew Yiangou Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • I learnt to have a plan to take care of current clients and develop a more diversified approach to prospective clients.

    Ellie Le Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • This workshop was a great refresher on sales, sometimes you have been in business for so long that actions become automatic. This workshop got me to rethink old ways of regenerating sales and back to basics.  I've been encouraged to think outside the square for new avenues.

    Howard Chui Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • Ask more tailored questions based on the type of client I'm speaking to.

    Daniel Watts Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • Sell by listening!

    Angus Paull Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • Make your clients feel like you understand their situation and care about them as a unique client.

    Ben Lui Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • Information is power and remember they're buying you!

    Tony Boyadjian Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • I learnt to observe and adapt to the customer and ask more questions!

    Scott Cavanough Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • I learnt about the importance of adapting and mirroring the client.

    Nick Crisci Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • Speak to more clients and dealers about their needs.

    Chris Daley Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • I learnt that it's important to maintain ties with your clients.

    Leo Bui Compass Global Markets - December 2017

    Keegan York Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • I learnt that I need to listen more to my clients and mirror how they behave.

    Mark D'Alessandro Compass Global Markets - December 2017
  • It's all about the customer - remain calm, keep positive and make sure you only use relevant information that caters to the individual client.

    Gina Kelly Get Smart Promotional Products
  • My main take outs were:

    1. Focus on EXISTING clients and continue to get to know them and their business better
    2. Listen and keep questions relevant
    3. Be consistent with all clients!

    Jenny Singleton Get Smart Promotional Products
  • I now know to ask questions, observe and adapt!

    Felicity Hamilton Get Smart Promotional Products
  • My main take out today was not to project my own feelings and assumptions onto clients when selling.

    Ali Brewer CBSi
  • Take outs: listen, ask more questions and make it about them- not you!

    Neil CBSi
  • Today equipped me with the skills to become a better communicator.

    Lilia CBSi
  • KEY TAKE OUT: Don't always include full details, sometimes less is better.   Thank you for a great day, Smarter Selling!

    Isabella CBSi
  • Sales are about growth- and you need to ask questions to make the sales.

    Beatriz CBSi
  • Do something different and you'll get something different in return!

    Josh CBSi
  • Leave your preconceptions and anchors at the door- always listen and the answers will reveal themselves.

    Julien CBSi
  • I'm going to focus on creating more engagement during meetings to get clients talking.

    Laura Summers CBSi
  • I learned to be more aware of the triggers, strategies and processes others use to buy!

    James Cullinane CBSi
  • "Growth" should be an 'always-on' activity and mindset!

    Vivian Cheah CBSi
  • I learned to focus on questions that properly steer the conversation towards a customer's needs.

    Katelyn Tsiauos CBSi
  • Go a step above your competitors - ask more questions, drop in more, send more emails: this will give you more information about what the client wants and leave you able to service them better.

    Kayleigh Bendall Naked Wines, November 2017
  • Listen to what customers are saying, not just what you want to hear.

    Mick Donaldson Uponor, November 2017
  • The best time for your customer is the best time for you - be relevant and aware of their needs.

    Andrew Walter-Girout Uponor, November 2017
  • Don't embed negative language - it's all about mindset!!!!

    Carina Anderson Naked Wines, November 2017
  • People don't buy on price - stay focused on what's important to them, and ask solid questions to tailor a solution.

    Jen Galama Traffic Act, October 2017
  • Reflect on what and how your clients are thinking, and what they value - adapt yourself to work within these frames.

    Phil Cassegrain Lee Hect Harrison, November 2017
  • I've learnt to see opportunities to upsell other packages which I wouldn't have thought of before and meet more of their needs.

    Tracey IRT
  • I need to ask more questions: not to be complacent and think I know what the customers want: everyone's different. I think I could also improve asking customers how I can help look after or manage them. Using the 80/20 rule is a good one!

    Helen Spence IRT
  • We are not selling to ourselves! Observe & adapt is so important to understand our customers' needs.

    Loretta Szentirmay IRT
  • I'm not a planner, but I now will be as a result of training with Smarter Selling - time to make every opportunity count!

    Ric Cabita IRT
  • I'm definitely going to get in front of more people and plan my business development better. And of course ask more questions so I can understand our customers and offer more value.

    Dominic Kennedy IRT
  • Going forward I'm now going to let the client do 90% of the talking, so I can fill my Question Funnel with questions to ascertain as much information as possible, check what they need (recap) and align my solution with their needs.

    David Rawson IRT
  • I have learnt to be aware of my key accounts' expectations, to invest my time in them and keep them happy: I'm going to spend more time connecting and planning and setting targets!

    Zeffy Delnas IRT
  • I learnt that if the Client is almost sold on the product, this is a magic period where added/extra benefits can be sold to them, but you have to be present, observe where they are and adapt to them constantly.

    Jenni Ennor IRT
  • We've learnt that the Exploration Process allows the customer to spend 90% of the time talking: questions are power! It's also really got me thinking about alternatives- and what sets us apart.

    Colin Hill IRT
  • I had some key learning around my emails & calls: making it more about the customers, be more focused: considering the outcome and purpose of the email and what results I want to see - if I understand what the customer wants to get out of it, I'll get a better result.

    Wendy Pepper IRT
  • Moving forward I'm going to train my staff to observe & adapt so we all listen more, find out what our customers care about, also to create interactive presentations!

    Karen Denny IRT
  • Wow - I've been selling to myself ie thinking everyone else is like me and has my needs and selling the same way! Now I'm going to really find out what they want, aligning with their needs and create supportive nurturing relationships.

    David O'Toole IRT
  • 2 steps I'm going to take from here are: Roll out my plan and set aside weekly time out of the office for business development.

    Raelene Lewis IRT
  • Going forward, I'm going to upsell more (but at the end!) and focus on the customer (not me) - I've learnt that people are communicating and we should be constantly adapting to our customers.

    Kimberley Preedy IRT
  • I've learnt some new techniques around asking more questions, re-framing, how to recognise when a customer is sold - also to give them time to process the information. I'm now going to plan for 2 hours every week and focus on the top 20% of clients

    Melissa Naylor IRT
  • I've learnt to observe EVERYTHING around the client: non-verbal cues, environment; to be adaptable: use different styles or techniques for every different situation and person.

    Lisa Lawrence IRT
  • As sales people, we tend to assume too much even when we think that we aren't: our focus should be on being as relevant to the client as possible to create sustainable partnerships and future growth.

    Ernest Lapornik CPS Conveyors
  • I'm now going to use the question funnel to find out the client's key interests using the observing and adapting. I've learn to be consistent, have a purpose, and that less is more so I have to ADD VALUE!

    Julien Durand CBSi
  • I'm looking forward to adding value for my customers every time I go to see them. Looking after the person who makes the decisions and giving them new ideas makes the difference!

    Boey Alam Logistical Freight Solutions
  • I have learnt to observe and use my skills in order to understand the customers' needs (example: not dumping irrelevant information on them!)

    Jack Bell Shearwater
  • I've realised we should look after the top clients, that I need to identify my Biz dev targets, plan better and concentrate on their value.

    Harley Economou Audio Visual Events
  • I loved the focus on preparing for meetings and practicing what I need to present; that it's all about the client (let them talk for 90% of the time!) and WE should set the value (so they see it too).

    Georgia Roberts Audio Visual Events
  • I've learnt to ask customers how they like to be looked after, to plan more, have consistency in my approach. I appreciate the importance of questions, to 'funnel' and reflect on what/how clients may be thinking (what they value).

    Phil Cassegrain Lee Hect Harrison
  • I learnt that I'm not selling to myself: to observe & adapt to what the customer needs, in their language. I plan now to take a step back, listen, and believe I can really help/serve!

    Kayleigh Bendall Naked Wines Australia
  • I'm now going to be more organised, ask more questions, listen to the answers (for the buying signals and clues) and use our CRM! I enjoyed learning about mindset, to observe & adapt and find out more about their business.

    Michael Donaldson Uponor Australia
  • I enjoyed learning how to ask way more questions to tailor a solution: people don't buy just on price - stay focused on what's relevant to them. I now feel more confident to upsell sooner and ask for the business.

    Jen Galama Traffic Act
  • Moving forward I am going to ask more questions (and really listen!), stay away from negative language and overpromising but underdelivering. Loved learning about mindset!

    Carina Anderson Naked Wines Australia
  • I learnt to make it about them, to really listen and not just dump information on them and I will now be asking lots of questions to find out their needs.

    Andrew Walter-Girout Uponor Australia
  • Moving forward I aim to now be more open-minded, ask more questions and know the signs of being sold and to start upselling.

    Nancy Bathroom Products Australia
  • I now know to ask as many questions as possible in order to obtain the knowledge from my client as to what they need - ascertain the key points important to them and check in on these points to provide a solution.

    Sam Hollis R82
  • I learnt to observe and adapt to my customers, ask more questions to find out what's important to them and really believe in the value I have to offer.

    Ivana Stokanovia R82
  • I'm now going to PLAN and FOCUS more by being more proactive and unafraid to reach out to customers and prospects.

    Lucy Batt Metra Weather Service
  • I enjoyed discussing the impact that conversation has on a customer, allowing them to talk and be present. I learnt that it's important to not become complacent and continually look for opportunities to satisfy the needs of the customer.

    Kristy Cooling Industrial Athlete
  • I love the funnel concept - finding out everything that makes the client tick, letting them talk and have free reign makes them feel understood and helps us really create the right solution.

    Richard Howarth Corum Health Services
  • Keep things conversational and follow up regularly - don't become complacent, continually look for new opportunities with exisiting clients.

    Kristy Cooking ADA, October 2017
  • My biggest take away from the course was the importance of mindset - be clear of baggage and don't assume or impose limitations when interacting with clients.

    Jayshil Parmar STM Brands, October 2017
  • Plant seeds regarding the next sale at every interaction.

    John Sciarra Tassal, October 2017
  • The tipping point is the perfect opportunity to upsell!

    Rachel Woods STM Brands, October 2017
  • Always align to the customer's needs - not everybody is always sold before you've already moved on.

    Robert Hands R & J Batteries, October 2017
  • Expand on key points that align with the customer's values and preferable outcomes.

    Fran Hefferman MTC, October 2017
  • Before negotiation, check your mindset by assessing the client's needs and options.

    Jimmy Vass Hille's Home Extensions, October 2017
  • Sometimes you hear only what you want to hear - be on the client's side, and do things for their benefit.

    Chris Vosti Hille's Home Extensions, October 2017
  • Adapt to what's important to the individual - you are not selling you!

    Steff Leatch Hille's Home Extensions, October 2017
  • Take your clients to their best possible outcome, and suggest further add-ons when you know they are sold.

    Andrew Zaicos Empired, October 2017
  • I've learned you can never ask enough good questions because it will lead you to more solutions; it's important to have a good game plan so you have a good understanding of what you might ask or be asked. Our Mindset must be positive and have the willingness to understand the customer and their needs.

    Ben Sultana R & J Batteries, October 2017
  • I've learnt some of the key elements of negotiation include preparation and planning, asking questions and thinking about what I want to know and what they might ask and focus on best case scenario!

    Lucy Batt Metra Weather, October 2017
  • Moving forward I'm going to ask more questions, flow on from relevant answers to gain their values and find out what value they want. Prepare for best case scenarios, plan my side AND their side, get out of the detail and 'chunk up'!

    Nick Becker Kegstar, October 2017
  • My take-outs are: ask more questions, be the best prepared for the best results and always have a plan. I've learnt that not all negotiations are the same - what worked in the past may not work this time.

    Nate Harper Kegstar, October 2017
  • I'm now going to observe and adapt my behaviour more closely as it's very important and it can provide you with key motivators from the other person. More quality questions, gather intel and the 3 key elements of negotiation.

    Sam Maitland Kegstar, October 2017
  • Moving forward I will keep asking questions, understand my own negotiation style and what this means in terms of the weaknesses and strengths I may have during negotiation. How trust, honesty and empathy often play in the background but actually play a significant part in what can happen. I'll be more confident and anchor them to the best case scenario early on.

    Jane Miles Mentone Education, October 2017
  • Keep your eyes on the outcomes!

    Sarah Budd Get Smart Promotional Products, September 2017
  • Before any negotiation, you must be 100% confident with your product.

    Marion Mignere Emotrans, September 2017
  • Keep clients focused and interested by engaging thoughtfully with them.

    Brooke Withers Get Smart Promotional Products, September 2017
  • Let the client speak 90% of the time - find out what they're about, what's important to them and what they need from me.

    Warren August Biox International, September 2017
  • The key point I took from the course was the importance of asking good questions!

    Jonathon Kollaras Kollaras & Co, September 2017
  • The second sale is the easiest, so keep on selling!!

    Joshua Kwanten Futures Fins- September 2017
  • I'm going to identify key prospects within the business, and moving forward, I will always allocate time to business development.

    Wesley Chapman Audio Network- September 2017
  • To effectively understand the client's situation, it is imperative to listen for verbal and non-verbal cues to elicit information we can use to offer solutions to their problems.

    DJ Oye Shearwater- September 2017
  • Ask questions to get as much information from your customer to better understand their needs.

    Darren Radich Emotrans- September 2017
  • Call more often, send more emails, make proactive suggestions face to face- maximise your time in from of your clients so you can stay well ahead of competitors.

    Matt Rothwell Wise Up Marketing- September2017
  • Charmaine gave me the confidence to take any opportunities to meet with important clients, even though this is out of my comfort zone.

    Benson Hau Alpha XRT- September 2017
  • Drop anything that's not relevant to your client and tie back to what's important to them.

    Fiona Church Hoverscape- September 2017
  • Adapt and change, be fluid and reactive to your environment. Adjust to your customer and provide them with the best solution.

    James Warnell Platinum Mechanics- September 2017
  • Prepare, Practise and have Purpose- stay at the same pace as your client so to demonstrate you understand your audience.

    Karen Thomas Get Smart Promotional Products- September 2017
  • Excellent and interesting Sales Accelerator course.  I learned so much that I can apply in growing business.  

    Rebekah LaBar MetraWeather, February 2018
  • Business Development is all the time!

    Mark Williamson Audio Visual Events
  • You as the sales person is responsible for ensuring the message is heard and understood by the client

    Mark Williamson Audio Visual Events
  • Make your presentation clear and concise

    Thomas Cox Audio Visual Events
  • Explore and weigh options available to the customer

    Thomas Cox Audio Visual Events
  • Seek to understand the customer then check you have understood the customer

    Thomas Cox Audio Visual Events
  • Keep the focus on what your service can do for them

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Make business development part of your routine

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Negotiation is not about the cheapest price but giving the client what they really want

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Creating a proposal to suit their needs makes the customer feel listened to, understood, valued and comfortable

    Rob Brugman GCR Electrical Services
  • Tailoring your approach, language and demeanour to the customer builds rapport and trust

    John Meillon Audio Visual Events
  • Discover their needs, adapt to their style, consider their options and run tactics

    Ben Saunders B Online Learning
  • Speak slowly so the customer can process what you are presenting

    Eric Spencer Audio Visual Events
  • Use language that the customer is comfortable with and they will take on more of the information you are providing

    Eric Spencer Audio Visual Events
  • Listen for key words and phrases your customer uses so you can repeat them back when delivering a solution

    Larissa McMahon B Online Learning
  • Negotiate on the terms rather than discounting the price

    David Campbell Audio Visual Events
  • Make sure you have uncovered all the clients needs, uncover more opportunities, provide value

    Paul Keating Audio Visual Events
  • Fish where the fish are

    Jay Collinson Right2Drive
  • I've learnt to reframe a customers question so that I can understand what they want to do with the product and their requirements before I offer a solution

    Wesley Lim Seepex
  • Be congruent with your offer

    Natalia Niewiadomska Harbourside Decorators
  • Focus on delivering what the customer wants/needs, listen more and hardball less

    Tony Wigg Ac Industries
  • Business development includes sewing the seeds for future business

    Tom Patterson Kyzen Group
  • If you are a literal thinker who is talking to an inferential one, you are the one who needs to adjust and adapt

    Mitchell Stanger Sunrise Medical
  • Check the information you have noted is accurate and hits home with the customers most important needs

    Michael De Angelis Ac Industries
  • The sales person is responsible for both sides of the communication

    Kate Boorer Young Professional Women Australia
  • You need to believe you're worth it in order to project you're worth to the customer

    Sam Young Kyzen Group
  • Confidence comes from knowing your product and understanding the customer- ask the right questions!

    Kuljit Kaur Aqua Room- September 2017
  • Be mindful about dumping information on clients.

    Chloe Gionatti SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • I learnt about the importance of asking questions to find out the client's values, needs and wants, and adapting our service to the style of that client.

    Shelby Russell SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • The solution has to be based on the family's need, which is determined by the questions we ask, NOT what we value.

    Ashleigh Colombini SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • Get families talking by asking them open-ended questions, encouraging them to tell you what their needs are.

    Heather Morse SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • Talk to families in the same language they spoke to you.

    Sarah Fenn SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • A family's values, and what matters to them, will be different from our own. Our job is to figure out what is important to them, and then communicate in their own language the solutions that meet these needs.

    Ashleigh Allen SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • It important to figure out a family's needs, wants and desires. Then respond in the family's language style.

    Lisa Blackley SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • Ask more intelligent questions.

    Julia Do SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • Using the same language as families are using makes communication more effective.

    Suhasini Khan SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • Quality questions- talk less, listen more.

    Brigitte Button-Buisson SDN Children's Services- August 2017
  • There is power in knowing the right questions to ask - let the families lead.

    Kristie Garlick SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • This was great training to refresh and reinforce my sales knowledge and techniques.

    Vanessa Spence SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • You have to be interested to be interesting!

    Tiziana Lucato SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • Questions are very important!

    Ruth Wilson SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • I need to align myself with the family and see things from their perspective. This involves observing and adapting.

    Sarah Greet SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • The questions you ask separate you from your competitors.

    Melissa Fernandes SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • I learnt about the importance of adapting your service style to each different client.

    Shelby Russell SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • The solution has to be based on the family's needs which is determined by the questions we ask NOT by what we value.

    Ashleigh Colombini SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • We need to be flexible in our sales approach as every family's values and expectations are unique.

    Shashini Soysa SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • A family's values and what matters to them may be different to other families. It is our job to figure this out. Use their language.

    Ashleigh Allen SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • What I value is unconsciously projected on the family. I learnt to ask questions to make sure I understand and hear their values.

    Jessica Thambyaiyah SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • Don't tell...be curious and ask questions to dig deeper.

    Chloe Gianatti SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • This workshop made me remember the importance of listening, clarifying and tailoring information for families

    Rachel D’Ambra SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • We are all different. We are not selling to ourselves. We need to observe and adapt.

    Vicki Cox SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • I learnt about the importance of information gathering to develop a plan and relationship with the client.

    Kim Kirk SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • I noted the importance of being mindful and present when listening to a client.

    Karen Hamilton-Chan SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • I learnt the significance of matching with new families and their ideals to build rapport.

    Amanda Santos SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • Be aware not to assume.

    Ellysha Nestler SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • Stop information dumping, listen and adapt!

    Christina Americano SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • The questions you ask make the difference, ask questions and listen to understand.

    Karen Swift SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • I realised the importance of using questioning to gain insight into family values and how to reflect on those values, not my own.

    Natalie Wehbe SDN Children's Services - August 2017
  • Asking the right questions will not only give you information but also more sales opportunities

    Hamza Alamine Royals Hair and Beauty
  • Use the word 'AND' instead of 'BUT' when delivering your solution to a complaint

    Derek Wensor EIR Group
  • Prepare 1-3 solutions depending on the buyer and the information you have gathered on their needs

    Kathleen Smith Mary Mary African Label
  • Try to talk to all people who have an influence on the decision making

    Lisa Walker The Glove Company
  • A structure to selling that is flexible and variable depending on the customer

    Fiona Hipkiss Flordis
  • Asking questions making the customer feel involved, valued, confident and builds trust.

    Marie Kitchin Mayfield Garden
  • Adapt to the language your customer responds to so you can sell them what they need

    Monica Gilbert The Glove Company
  • Recognising when a customer has moved to sold is vital, at this time you should no longer use persuasive language

    Karen Thomas The Glove Company
  • Funnel, align through observing and adapting, consider their alternatives and then formulate negotiation tactics

    Matt Howle Mayfield Garden
  • When a client is moving from being not sold to sold do not break the spell or unsell the product by saying anything

    Matt Howle Mayfield Garden
  • Know where your customer is at before you provide solutions to them

    Kylie Lenton Avery
  • If one person is sold don’t assume all parties are sold, there is more work to be done and more questions required.

    Brad Watson Woodpecker
  • Speak in the same terms and on the same level as your customer.

    Jason Dammon Woodpecker
  • Qualify all stakeholder needs and help them feel comfortable with the sale.

    Kim Ballestrin Elabor8
  • Get on the same wavelength as the customer and see their vision with them.

    Fan Chen Corum
  • It is important to observe the customer and notice what details they ask for or if they are in a hurry so you can adapt accordingly.

    Jacquie Miceli Woodpecker
  • Take advantage of the opportunity when your customer bypasses critical faculty during the buying process.

    Marianne Volakos Woodpecker
  • Everybody wants, needs, reacts and buys differently so you need to consider how the customer operates.

    Jennifer Allen ScanBrands / Baby Bjorn
  • I now understand the difference between literal and inferential clients and how to help them understand that change is beneficial.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • Understanding our clients overall vision is imperative. We need to adapt and apply relevance between our products and their needs to find positive solutions and build rapport.

    Amanda Newnham Woodpecker
  • More than one person may need to be convinced.

    Ty Chapman Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • Develop an armoury of key benefits based on the customer's needs. It’s important to enjoy the job. The customer can feel your energy.

    Campbell Sheppard SATO Health, March 2017
  • Engage in business during every meeting. Relationships are important but I must not forget why I’m there. Project what I want to achieve

    Joshua Clarke Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • You create a strong sale when the customer feels fulfilled because you understand their needs.

    Matthew Sell Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • Emotional intelligence helps us read our customers state.

    Soulla Dionysiou Woodpecker, March 2017
  • How to frame a question so the customer leads the conversation.

    Chris Ayshford STM Brands, March 2017
  • A customers own thoughts play an important role in driving the sale

    Simon Butler Woodpecker, March 2017
  • Be dynamic! And embed messages for additional and future sales.

    Armando Foxlee Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • Seek to understand the customer

    Owen Fuller Fisher and Paykel, March 2017
  • Repeat the customers language

    Amanda Laine Woodpecker, March 2017
  • The customer should feel positive, safe, happy, loved, important and in control during their sales experience.

    Sarah Schofield Empire Bridal, March 2017
  • I learnt that to look after my key accounts I need to keep in contact, find out how they wish to be managed and adapt and find new ways to help improve their business.

    Victoria Mallett Smarter Selling, February 2017
  • I need to focus on the right customers and spend less time on those who don’t spend.

    Jason Bishop Neild & Co
  • I’ve learnt to make more time for my big customers through time management.

    Wade Cleary Neild & Co
  • I now understand how to reframe myself so I can break through the ceiling.

    Danielle Ruhnau Neild & Co
  • Align, observe, adjust and deliver according to how a person operates.

    Leitisha Bingham Neild & Co
  • I understand that attitudes drive different responses and it is important to be observant and flexible in my delivery.

    Neil Ayres Neild & Co
  • The best approach comes from observing the customer, their circumstances and frame of mind.

    Tammy Codey Neild & Co
  • I’ve learnt how to study the customer and decide how much they are worth, where I can help them and how to manage my time with them.

    Mark Field Neild & Co
  • Never assume what the customer is thinking. Always be open to any position.

    Kim Hanson Neild & Co
  • Treat existing clients the same as when you first brought them on, ask them lots of questions and and make it about them.  

    Grace Farrell Audio Network
  • I’ve learnt that consistency and discipline are key to business development.

    Ruth Blake PRP Imaging
  • Take advantage of a customer who is in buying mode by introducing and selling other products.

    Khaled Berrahal SATO Global, February 2017
  • Calls and emails to clients should focus on their needs and wants.

    Hayden Trott Treecraft, February 2017
  • When it comes to client correspondence you should have a purpose, project confidence, remember that less is more and always make it about them.

    Alex Gerber Pro Auto Repairs, February 2018
  • Through observation and listening we can learn exactly what our clients want and need. We can then adapt our plan accordingly and give the right solution for their business.

    Tracey Nock Scanbrands/Baby Bjorn, February 2017
  • Stop trying to convince a customer that is already sold.

    Lauren Larkings PRP Imaging, February 2017
  • Adapt your solutions to align with the customer’s needs and also adapt to their style so they understand and feel more valued.

    Amy Ghataora Sydney Tower Dining, February 2017
  • I learnt to reset my goals and how to listen and better manage my customers!

    Matthew Ketterer Flordis, February 2017
  • It's important to find out what our customer really wants.  It's not about me it's about them! We have to make sure our questions are meaningful and relevant.

    Heather Clavell Mark Sensing, February 2017
  • Learning how to understand your client was essential. This was the core of the course.

    Patrick Hone Kademi
  • I learnt how to bring in USP for maximum effect.

    Amy Renae Shift8
  • I completely understand now the reason for questions and understanding the customer to that degree. How to then repeat back to them, in their language my solution.
    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • Knowing what to do if someone isn’t sold - or a partner isn’t sold. How to handle that was incredibly useful.
    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • I learned how to make the interaction about them and their needs - and not on my and my service.

    Anthony Roddy Shore Finance
  • When someone is sold, let it digest, do not interrupt. I learnt also when to use these hypnotherapy techniques to cross sell.

    Anthony Roddy Shore Financial
  • How to engage other decision makers to ensure your solution fits all.

    Daniele Montgomery Cosmediccentral.com.au
  • Learning how to observe and adapt. This is crucially important as not every person/client is the same. A onesie fits all model is not realistic or effective.

    Daniele Montgomery Cosmediccentral.com.au
  • I learnt how to ‘Frame’, how to create clues, bring in USP, and how to get other decision makers in the picture.

    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • Understanding the needs of your client allows you to fulfill their needs, concisely and in a language familiar to the client. One size doe not fit all.
    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • I learned how to provide the right solution so you can help their company, highlighting the use of features and benefits which at all times need to align with your client.
    Nicole Montgomery Trusted Surgeons
  • Framing- having the ability to create conversation even when they have seemingly shut down.

    Lorraine Jackson Fisher & Paykel
  • I learnt so much about listening, about questions, pattern interrupt...

    Lorraine Jackson Fisher & Paykel
  • Assume nothing! Clarify their needs.

    Ross King Fisher & Paykel
  • I learnt about how the client gets sold- not to interrupt a customer who is selling themselves in the product.

    Ross King Fisher & Paykel
  • I learned how to get more out of training sessions that i hold.

    Anna Ydreos Fisher & Paykel
  • Tell team members what to do and not what not to do.

    Anna Ydreos Fisher & Paykel
  • I learned to ask lots of questions, give the customer every opportunity to talk.

    Anna Ydreos Fisher & Paykel
  • How to present a solution in their language and tonality (theirs- not mine).

    Andrew Curby Street Fighter Media
  • How to provide the right questions which create rapport, understand beliefs, limitations, aspirations.

    Andrew Curby Street Fighter Media
  • Understanding exactly what the client wants.

    Andrew Curby Street Fighter Media
  • What to do when the client is in a purchasing stage! How to let them think (shut up)!

    Chantell Elliott HCI
  • Learnt how to create a mutual understanding between yourself and the client. This method assists in speaking the clients langauge (NLP).

    Chantell Elliott HCI
  • How to hold the space of the client, asking questions that ensure they articulate their needs, wants and desires, then how to clarify their message to empower them and also to confrm you're on the same page.

    Jo Martin Goldenlight Designs
  • I learned how to develop a relationship to understand what the customer actually needs and wants.

    Veronika Galjar P&N Rogers
  • Knowing what to say if there is another decision maker.

    Veronika Galjar P&N Rogers
  • Learnt a simple structure which is a process of asking questions to build trust and gain understanding of clients needs and pain points

    Mary-Anne Amies Wise Up Marketing
  • Acknowledging where a client is at today reminds us to change our approach.

    Mary-Anne Amies Wise Up Marketing
  • I learnt how to use 'Framing' which helps when someone says 'Tell me what you can do for me'.

    Alicia Temple Wise Up Marketing
  • It is important that you are able to observe the behaviours of a potential client, identifying thier core needs and then adequately adapt your solution.

    Alicia Temple Wise Up Marketing
  • 90% of the time you should be asking questions and listening- and observe. Listen/be quiet/ask questions + learn.

    Bruce Perry Wontok
  • Recognising when the customer is mentally working through her reasons in her own mind as to why she should buy- how not to interrupt this point!

    Linda Tizard The Broad Picture
  • This course is all about the customer and what she wants, how she operates, what her vision of her needs are- my response will be adapted to those (not my own needs/perceptions)

    Linda Tizard The Broad Picture
  • I learned how to observe how the client is communicating so u can best communicate back the same.

    Nemara The Propper
  • I learned how to observe everything. What the client is saying and doing. How to keep the customer discussing their needs.

    Nemara The Propper
  • I got to understand how to read the state of the customer and how to best position our USP.

    Richard Rodrigues Wontok
  • To be successful, it's the accurate matching of the customers requirements with a solution . It's all in the questions and observing what they do and say

    Richard Rodrigues Wontok
  • I learnt how to use Framing to get the client to discuss their needs willingly.

    Dan Gray Elabor8
  • How to understand your client and build trust. How to confirm you've understood and then how to communicate the tailored solution.

    Josh Centner Elabor8
  • Learnt so much, how to ask questions that are insightful, identifying patterns, what drives the purchase, how to formulate a solution and close.

    Karl Gates Elabor8
  • Totally understanding a simple structure. Enabling us to better serve out clients.

    Ryan Mckergow Elabor8
  • Understanding the flow of the sale, how to understand someones needs before proposing your solution. This way it will always match what they need.

    Risto Pearce Elabor8
  • Understanding how to bring in the relevant USP's for maximum impact.

    Paul Caon Elabor8
  • I learnt many things, some to do with understanding how to use hypnotherapy techniques which was focused on how to observe the client so you know when they are actually talking themselves into your solution.

    Paul Caon Elabor8
  • I learned about insightful questions, how to avoid tangents whilst eliciting their needs and who to present the perfect solution.

    Michael Rematch Elabor8
  • I learnt a great frame which is useful when someone says 'tell us what you do' (as i clearly don't know yet what they need).

    Marcio Sete Elabor8
  • I learnt about 'framing' and how that 'frame' makes it relevant to the client so that they explain more about what they need.

    Jody Podbury Elabor8
  • Because every person, situation and product is different it's important to observe and adapt your approach.

    Greg Shield Elabor8
  • I learnt that you can't expect others to be on board just because one person is 'sold' on your solution and how to handle that.

    Andrew Thorpe Elabor8
  • Learnt a structure for how to understand and sell to needs- but using key parts of what was elicited/inferred/detected so that a meaningful solution and outcome can be achieved for both us and the client.

    Andrew Oii Elabor8
  • Learnt that people are complex and needs change- so observing so you can adjust style, language and solutions to meet the needs of the person you are selling to. Also, to present to them in their language

    Andrew Blain Elabor8
  • Need to tailor messages to customers wants and needs. Make the customer feel important. Ensure conversations are relent. Elicit the pain and what people are trying to solve.

    Kirily Davis Elabor8
  • Each individual has their own needs. You need to observe what they are saying and doing. how they respond and adapt. Making every interaction different.

    Sandeep Bhatt Cht chemicals
  • Noting that every sale is different, observe what is going on and adapt to the situation. If someone is visual use visual aids etc. Only talk about what is relevant to the client!

    Ryan Skeggs Full House Group
  • Realising that customers are all different and they change their mind so it's important to not assume therefore the importance to observe and adapt accordingly.

    Josh Davies Taxi Box
  • It's important to ask questions and get that client talking, also just because one of your contacts is 'sold' within an organisation- don't assume the other decision makers are.

    James Nicholson Full House Group
  • I learnt that every client is different and they don't always want to hear the same things. It's very important to find out their individual needs and desires and then show how you can help.

    James Nicholson Full House Group
  • I understood how to get forward momentum that's used in sales.

    Michael Wickens Full House Group
  • I learnt how to really control the client and environment allowing me to adapt to the change in attitude and content so you can make the most out of your sales experience. How to stay in control.

    Michael Wickens Full House Group
  • Finding out what the client needs and wants are. (or you could be jumping the gun and offering products which they may not even need).

    Ben Sultana R&J Batteries
  • Learning to hold ourselves to each client and that one technique does not work for every situation.

    Andrew Franklin Guardright
  • I learnt that every situation & person is different. The way they buy, hear things, react, what's important to them  and you need to frame correctly and ask the questions that will benefit both parties.

    Sean Mealor Corum
  • I learnt about questions, structure, delivery, framing, closing.. so much!

    Alison Brewer CBS Interactive
  • I learnt the Smarter Selling Model of Excellence which is all about how your focus is on the customer and not on you.

    Clare Byrne lawtap
  • I learnt about the use of questions to a deep level to help me help my customer.

    Isabella Sjogren CBS International
  • I learnt a simple and highly effective Exploration Funnel. So powerful.

    Georgia Byrne Lawtap
  • Learning about the importance of questions, how that really assists you and the client.

    Aaron Broughton- Rouse Active Surgical
  • Grasping how to ask different questions to allow you to build a tailored plan.

    Thomas Bannet R&J Batteries
  • Understaning 'framing' and how to create a solution that entirely matches their needs, down to how they operate and in their language.

    Silvia Kmetova Bright Cherry
  • Need to listen to the needs of the client before you sell your solution. Get them talking, it's all about them.

    Neil O'Sullivan CBS Interactive
  • It was great to really understand how to really grow business fast by being so client focused. Understanding their needs and wants and the way they operate.

    Christian Pieler Safe T Stop
  • I leaned Hypnotherapy techniques in sales like how to 'by pass the critical faculty' and assist my customer further.

    Kalle Kortelainen Fairfax & Roberts
  • I understood how the amend my behaviour to suit the client. How to pinpoint the customers needs.

    Kalle Kortelainen Fairfax & Roberts
  • Now i know that the more they talk the more i learn. The more i learn the more i can help them.

    Ann-Marie Pieler- Walton Safe T Stop NZ
  • I learnt very quickly that sales is about understanding the other person and what they want. Not everyone thinks the same!

    Ann-Marie Pieler- Walton Safe T Stop NZ
  • I understood how to be on the same wave length as my client.

    James Bell CBS Interactive
  • Your aim is to find out as much as you can.

    James Bell CBS Interactive
  • I learnt all about different types of questions, open ended, directional and how they assist us in assisting the client.

    Katelyn Tsiavos CBS Interactive
  • I learnt how to use the clients language when repeating key points back. This way you align with their thinking.

    Katelyn Tsiavos CBS Interactive
  • How to handle secondary stake holders, how to elicit info from them and not make assumptions based on your primary contact.

    Gustavo Valencia CBS Interactive
  • Learned about tailoring solutions specific to the clients need and how to deliver it in their language and style.

    Gustavo Valencia CBS Interactive
  • I learnt how to handle situations where you might be side tracked.

    Neil O'Sullivan CBS Interactive
  • Framing is essential so the client knows that the more you know the more you can tailor a solution. Different ways of doing this.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • I learnt about 'pattern interrupt' and other NLP and Hypnosis used in sales.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • Adapting your questions and ways of communication in order to treat the client as a unique individual.

    James Wallace Critical Dental
  • The client should be doing the talking 90% of the time.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication
  • Just because your 'go to' person is sold that doesn't mean all the other parties are.. they haven't even been on a journey with you- I learnt what to do about this.

    Kylie Palmer Group HIS
  • The Buying Circle, how to know when the client is sold and what to do.

    Kylie Palmer Group HIS
  • Understanding your customer fully provides us with the critical information to help us sell. Being observant and adapting according to what's happening.

    Kylie Palmer Group HIS
  • Just because one person is sold- doesn't mean the other individuals are. How to address that.

    Jacob Son The Auto Gallery
  • How to ask questions that directly relate to their needs.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication
  • Structure to the selling process.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication
  • How to clarify you understand their needs.

    Helena Pontes Web Publication
  • How to elicit insights, information, beliefs, pain points... the list goes on.

    Neil O'Sullivan CBS Interactive
  • Asking relevant questions, easy way to find out their needs and wants, understand what is most important to the customer.

    Jacob Son The Auto Gallery
  • Stop talking! Let the customer talk!

    Eric Lai The Auto Gallery
  • Being aware of what to say and come up with a solution and play.

    Eric Lai The Auto Gallery
  • I learnt the process of communication. How to uncover their needs and SO much more which will assist me in assisting them.

    Magdalena Kus CBSI
  • How and when to bring in USP. How to keep the conversation relevant. Who to tailor it. Ensure the client feels valued.

    Christian Williams CBSI
  • I learnt how to build trust, help client feel important, understood, listened to. How to address all concerns from all stakeholders.

    Vivia Cheah CBSI
  • I learnt how to focus on their needs to ensure that the solution you provide is most relevant and delivered in the most relevant language.

    Darren Matthews CBSI
  • I learnt the basis of Smarter Selling which is about understanding what the client needs, who they are and adapting to provide the solution they need.

    James Cullinane CBSI
  • I learned how to help the client feel valued, how to understand them and how to effectively sell more that will benefit their business.

    Beatriz Perez CBSI
  • Focus on the person or agency how they use their language, how they speak, what they say.. this way you really know how you.

    Janet Amupapparadon CBSI
  • Awareness, of the client and their needs through questions and listening. So powerful!
    Josh Flint CBSI
  • I learnt how essential it is to gain information, language, ideas and trust with the client before even speaking about my product.

    Brian Chin CBSI
  • Different things are important to different people. People change. I learnt that people have different buying strategies.

    Ryan Kennett-Wilson Gemini Industries
  • Allowing the customer to talk to pin point needs, requirements and whats important. Being able to adapt to customers needs, requirements, interested and personality.

    Grant Williams Gemini Industries
  •  Understanding the need to be outward focused and not on yourself. How to observe the client. Adapting to changes and how to meet expectations.
    Chris Moffatt Gemini Industries
  • How to align with your customer and present the right offering in a manner that the customer will relate to.

    Barry Elliott Rogers Industries
  • How to observe and really listen to the client and what they are saying and not saying.
    Stuart Patterson Gemini Industries
  • How to reflect back to the customer in a positive way. How to gather information. What to do with it.

    Garry Chinn Gemini Industries
  • I learnt about how to position your solution, different techniques, like Dove tail options.

    Daniel Nebauer Gemini Industries
  • I leaned how to ask questions that open the client up to discussing everything.

    Daniel Nebauer Gemini Industries
  • I learnt what to do the moment the client is sold. How to behave. What happens neurologically.

    Geoff Wilson Gemini Industries
  • I learnt how to tailor a solution to the customers needs.

    Shelly Pike Gemini Industries
  • I learnt how to use ‘framing’ when a customer says ‘Tell me what you have’.

    Kerrod Purcell Gemini Industries
  • I learnt how to effectively read the customer, how to understand their needs and wants and how to adapt my approach to suit that need.
    Rea Heath Gemini Industries
  • I learned how to get through to a decision maker. How to build a case for a trusting/respectful conversation.

    Deepthi Ramaswamy Gemini Industries
  • Knowing how to steer the conversation so that it enables you to align your solution to your customers patterns, wants and needs.
    Geoff Wilson Gemini Industries
  • Observing to determine what questions and what the client needs.

    Dan McKay Gemini Industries
  • Knowing how to deliver a tailored, effective solution to the client based on our observation.

    Mark Howe Gemini Industries
  • The Three steps to a successful business partnership.

    David Scotter Gemini Industries
  • How to find out who is the right person who makes the decisions.
    Angelo Pansini Gemini Industries
  • How to get information and how to tie that into a solution.

    Bob Moore Gemini Industries
  • Open questions, directional questions, how to ask the right questions to allow you to look after your customer.

    Trend Davey Gemini Industries
  • Asking lots of questions to open up the customer to talking. I learnt exactly how this can assist me and the customer.

    Steve Edwards Rogers Industries
  • Knowing what to do with multiple decisions makers.

    Geoff Wilson Gemini Industries
  • Learnt how to know when a client is sold and what to do at that point.
    Stefan Loannidis Gemini Industries
  • Learnt how to get through to the decision makers.

    Phil McKercher Gemini Industries
  • How to build in your USP at the right time.

    Mark Howe Gemini Industries
  • Learnt a simple formula on how to understand my clients needs & wants.
    Byron Gemini Industries
  • I learnt how to use ‘Framing’ which allows me to get those clients discussing their needs - particularly those that say ‘show me what you’ve got’.

    David Nolan Gemini Industries
  • Understanding how to have an effective meeting.

    David Nolan Gemini Industries
  • I got great tips on how to get information from clients, how to get them talking - I learnt when to be quiet!

    Jason Cawthray Rogers Industries
  • I learned how to communicate with clients better.
    Jailed Dalgleish Gemini Industries
  • I walked away with a greater sense of confidence in myself as a sales rep than I could have ever imagined. Charmaine was engaging, enthusiastic, extermely knowledgeable and well read. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

    Megan Steiner Hospira
  • Charmaine opened our eyes to some basic mistakes that we could not see in our sales process. Within a couple of sales meetings the difference is amazing to say the least.

    Veronica Hunter Safe T Stop
  • The sales was absolutely incredible. The content was specific and relevant to my field, the techniques and theories I learned have allowed me to delve deeper into the needs of my clients in order to produce lasting results.

    Megan Steiner Hospira
  • Thoroughly insightful and informed take on doing business. Charmaine presents in a positive, educated way and has given me some fantastic tips to use in my business.

    Ben Munro Smith Real Estate 
  • I really enjoyed Charmaines approach and particularly drew from her insight into the psychology of sales.

    Darryl Coppings  Account Manager AV 24/7
  • Interesting, fun, engaging, enlightening - these are some of the words that come to mind about our sales workshop run by Charmaine for CBS Interactive (UK). Totally practical and incredibly powerful. The team had fun, learnt invaluable skills, left confident and with the know how on how to grow their client business further!

    Chris Cannon UK & EMEA Business Insider
  • The course delivers practical and actionable learnings in a fun and relevant way. Charmaine has hands-on experience as a successful salesperson, she's incredibly down to earth and knows how to engage a room full of people of different ages and sales skills. Her material's spot on and her approach is fresh and engaging.

    Paul Keating AV 24/7
  • We’ve learned how to find more business, how to communicate with the customer in the right way, therefore we are getting more closed. So, it’s helped from the beginning to the close of the sale and also in finding extra business as well.

    Richard Gartner Safe T Stop
  • I learned how to read buying signals much more effectively than before, I learned how to read people better with NLP training.

    Darren Matthews CBS Interactive
  • Each Sales Manger was motivated, up skilled. Charmaine was easy to communicate with, diligent, professional, totally flexible and delivered much more than the brief.

    Jay Patel Big W
  • Learned enormous amount on how to close the sale in a faster way. The course has helped us enormously - sales are up and the sales team are more positive.

    Richard Gartner Safe T Stop
  • The success is measured in practical terms and I've seen a massive change in my staffs abilities, they are asking more questions and using the answers to close.

    Darren Matthews CBS Interactive
  • Completely changed the way I feel about sales - I can now say I’m PROUD to be a sales person because I’m a problem solver.

    Dara Donnely Proppr Owner 
  • Make the conversation all about them and what they want from us, then supply it.

    Kay Hillan PRP Imaging 
  • My team have been talking constantly about what they’ve learnt.

    Darren Matthews CBS Interactive 
  • The style of selling that Charmaine teaches is exactly what I have been looking for, client focused and truly making it all about them and their needs

    Kay Hillan PRP Imaging
  • I learnt that it is important to ask question’s and you need to be asking the right questions and stay on the topic. Also to listen to what the client is actually saying as sometimes we don’t hear every word they say as we are thinking of what we want to hear or the next question we will ask.

    Tom Southern Wire