Are your team using the CRM?

The beauty of a CRM

CRM systems and technology stacks have been buzzwords for a while. Each year sees improvements in their simplicity, ease of use and efficiencies.

Leaders of sales teams are overjoyed at the data available and the transparency these tools provide. Despite this, there are some salespeople who are reluctant to use them.

A customer is the most valuable asset you have – so the information in the CRM if used effectively – helps your business grow. The CRM is only as powerful as the information it is ‘given’. Everyone – including sales – needs to be committed to entering accurate, timely and useful information.

When sales success is still dependent on one key thing – communication – having the right insights in the CRM and knowing how to leverage them is a true competitive advantage.

The salespeople who are not embracing their CRM – and the opportunities it provides – will be one step behind those that do.

Q: How do you motivate your team (or yourself!) to keep your CRM current?

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