The first minute makes or breaks you

The prospect is either open to you and what you have to offer – or not!

If they’re not – you spend the rest of the meeting trying to persuade them you are right for them or you have the right solution.

💥Set your opening up for success. Be prepared.💥

– How are you going to make the most impact in those first few minutes?

– What questions will you to ask to find out what is going on with them and their business right now?

– What questions will demonstrate to them immediately that they are being heard and understood

– that YOU are the trusted advisor to help them find the right solution.

– Being prepared means you never waste those first minutes – you set the scene to and create the opening for productive dialogue where they know they are being helped to solve their challenges and not being sold to or manipulated towards your own agenda.

💥When the beginning is prepared – a successful ‘closing’ takes care of itself.💥

🧲Are there any changes you make now when you first meet a prospect when you understand how vital to your success the 1st minutes are?



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