The gate keeper

Getting past gatekeeper

How sad. Again it’s the wording ‘getting past’ it implies they are IN THE WAY. Making our life difficult. How about ‘embracing the gatekeeper’ ‘respecting the gatekeeper’ and ultimately ‘making the most of the gatekeeper’.

In my sessions I help clients work out what they can ask to the gatekeeper and avoid the ‘going around them’ attitude so often drummed into us.

Firstly lets appreciate they have a job to do. Secondly lets assume it could be potentially easier to get information out of the gatekeeper than it is from the decision maker.  How about treating them with respect and asking them about how you can go about your approach. Ask them what the company is planning for this year. Ask them who is moving where and why.

I use to get to appointments up to an hour early so I could sit in reception and chat to the receptionist. This was usually such a good use of time as the information I gained was invaluable.